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An Eagle Family

Posted on: July 10, 2019

My talented daughter lives on the beautiful west coast of Canada where she makes pottery and communes with nature.

Here are a couple of examples of her pottery.

More of her pottery can be viewed on her website https://madmudslinger.com/

She recently had an opportunity recently to observe first hand an Eagle family. She sent me pictures of this amazing nest where the Eagle parents are raising their adorable Eaglet. This is what she had to say about the youngster –

“It’s so cute, ever since he’s been big enough he peaks his head over the side while waiting for his parents to come back with food. Interesting that only one hatched this year.”

She also included some information about the nest.

“The nest has been there for years, maybe decades, but 2 years ago a series of storms crashed it to the ground. The site was abandoned until last year when the Eagle couple decided to rebuild. Building is a lot of work, it went into the season so they waited until this year to hatch another family. It’s very exciting. A celebration!”

“An Eagle nest weighs one ton and a VW Beetle can fit inside it. The adult wingspan is 8 feet so they need some room with all the comings and goings.”

She is fortunate to be able to witness this marvel of nature. I’m so happy she shared it with me.

Have you ever had a chance to view wild animals in nature?

112 Responses to "An Eagle Family"

How wonderful! ( And I love the colours of your daughter’s work!)

Thanks, Sue. She creates her own glazes and prefers natural colours.

I can see that…very talented!

Lovely pottery and what amazing eagle pictures – love them!

Thanks, Anne. The pictures are very special.

I didn’t know an Eagle’s nest weighs a ton or that its wing span is 8 feet. Very interesting!

It is interesting, isn’t it? I love when our kids teach us things.

Was about to make the same comment.

Good to see the pottery. I am not sure about calling any Eagle chick adorable but wildlife is great to watch

All babies are adorable! I thought you would like this post.

What a terrific post. I had absolutely no idea of the size of an eagle’s nest. Amazing!

Thanks so much for sharing your daughter’s eagle story and her beautiful pottery. I wish I lived in Canada, so I could order some of her lovely work.

Thanks, Barb. Her pottery is so wonderful. She ships all over the world!

You don’t have to live in Canada to get the work. Unless you do… 🙂

Your daughter is so talented, but no surprise there. Just look at her mother! And how glorious is that eagle mom and child? We have robins nesting on shrubs next to our house, and little chipmunk babies all over. Hummingbirds drink from our feeder from dawn to dusk, and now their ‘babies” almost all grown up are drinking too. Nature all over here. 🙂

Thanks, I am very proud of her. Sounds like you are living in the midst of some amazing nature yourself. How wonderful.

Your daughter is really talented! And the eaglet is adorable. I read a story on Yahoo the other day about eagles in California who are raising a baby hawk. It’s a really amazing story!

Animals never cease to amaze me. Thanks for the link and the kind words.

They amaze me too, Darlene. And you are so welcome. 🙂

What a lovely life for your daughter. Few have seen eagle nests!

She does lead a charmed life. To actually see an eagle´s nest has got to be special.

I had no idea an eagle’s nest could weigh so much. Amazing!

It is amazing, isn´t it!

I’m really impressed with the shots of the eagles. There are several live sites where you can watch a mother eagle.

Those live cams are great! She was lucky to get to see this in person and get a couple of good shots.

Darlene, I am so glad your daughter shared both her pottery and the Eagle’s nest with you and you with us. I particular love the mug and its soft and yet distinctive tones.
As to the Eagles, I am blown away. The nest, one tonne!! And the wing span. I can see why these creatures are revered and now I dream to see them.


That mug is a favourite of mine too. I have some things she made as a child with similar lines. There are many eagles off the coast of BC. We once watched an eagle catch a salmon right in front of our boat. Incredible.

Darlene, your daughter makes beautiful pottery. Seeing this family of Eagles from such close proximity must be awesome. We have been seeing few here in the North of Norway, but not so close up.

Thanks, Gilda. I am sure you have many of these noble birds where you live as well. My daughter has been working on perfecting her pottery for many years and it just gets better and better.

Darlene, thank you for sharing your daughter’s beautiful pottery and her wonderful views of the eagle nest. What a privilege to see this on a daily basis and her descriptions makes me realise the size of the nest and the eagles themselves. Incredible and well done to them for rebuilding their home … a lot of hard work!

I´m pleased you enjoyed this, Annika. Animal families are incredible, aren´t they?

What lovely pottery your daughter creates Darlene. She is very blessed to see an eagle family in the wild. I love seeing wildlife whether it is deer, badgers, foxes or birds. Priceless.

Thanks! She is blessed indeed and appreciates her lifestyle. Wildlife in their natural setting always amazes me.

Your daughter is observant and creative like you, though in a different medium. You have a right to be proud of her.

On my walks in the preserve, I sometimes see rabbits and other wildlife, some unseen though I hear a scuffle when they hear my footsteps. Ducks and geese on the lake are hard to miss. Great post, Darlene!

Thanks, Marian. I am so happy she is doing what she loves and living a lifestyle that suits her. There are rabbits and squirrels in the park we frequent but Dot is quick to chase them out!

What a lovely way to live, Darlene. studying nature and making pottery objects. I love all forms of art. All power to your daughter. Hugs x

Thanks, Joy. She has done well by following her dreams.

brilliant but I hope they got all the permissions needed for Avian building control. There’ll be some feathered jobsworth somewhere telling them they’ve used twigs that haven’t passed the last fire codes…

LOL! Things aren’t quite that bad in the rural areas but it soon may come to that.

That is fascinating. One ton! What an incredible amount of hard work. No wonder every eaglet is so special. You daughter is very talented. Thank you for sharing her beautiful work, Darlene.

Thanks, Jennie. I’m sure your students would love to see this. I find it amazing that the Eagle parents practised planned parenting and didn’t foolishly have a baby before the house was ready.

Yes, that is interesting. I am now inspired to do a unit on eagles next year. Yesterday I went to a former student’s Eagle Scout ceremony. The history and information we all learned about the eagle and why it is the highest level of scouting was fascinating. Plus, it is our national bird. I think I’ll have a lot to teach children from nature to science to history to values to patriotism. Thank you, Darlene!

What a great idea! The kids will love it.

I think they will, too!

I never realised an eagle’s nest was so big! Your daughter is very lucky and of course very talented!

Same here. I was glad she added that extra info. Thanks for the kind words.

We’re so lucky you shared this with us. Thanks, Darlene. Love your daughter’s pottery – looks very tactile.

The eagle pictures and info is fascinating. Your dimensions really change the way I think about them. I’d no idea the nest was so huge. This makes sense of those old Sinbad films…

I’m pleased you enjoyed this post. I think most of us have been surprised at the size of an eagle’s home.

Beautiful pottery and wonderful photos of the eagles. Thanks for sharing, Darlene. 🙂

Lovely photos, Darlene. What a lucky and talented daughter you have!

Susan A Eames at
Travel, Fiction and Photos

Thanks, Susan. I consider myself lucky to be her mom.

Your daughter has talent!! I’m on Canada’s west coast too and this kind of stuff is awesome to see locally 🙂

Thanks, Christy. We lived there for 25 years. Amazing scenery and wildlife.

Love the whimsical ceramics. My mom was a professional ceramicist and I dabble in it a while. Always wonderful to be able to create ones own vessels.

Amazing photos and story about the eagles. That baby is quite something. How lucky she was to witness this and lovely that she shared it with you as well.


I love that you called her ceramics whimsical as that is how I often describe it. You can imagine I have a number of pieces in my house. She was so lucky to have been able to watch this family at work. Even though was live quite far apart, we still share special things. xo

Love the look of the pottery, and what amazing shots of the eagle’s nest. Wow! I didn’t realise they were so big, either.

Her pottery is unique, functional and very well made. I think we were all surprised at how large those nests are.

I had no idea how big eagle nests were but when you think about it they are quite large birds! Love the story and the pottery too 😊

Thanks, Clive. I was unaware of the size of their nests as well. Love that I am learning things from my kids and grandkids.

Your daughter’s art work is lovely and unique, DArlene. She is lucky to be in such contact with nature.

Thanks, Robbie. She is lucky to live where she does. I can’t wait to see her in the fall.

[…] When Darlene talks about her daughter you can tell how proud she is of her, and now Darlene’s daughter has a little family to watch and be proud of as well via An Eagle Family […]

The Eagle’s nest is enormous! Reminds me of the Eagle Huntress film where a girl trains a bird from the time it is a hatchling to a mature eagle. We haven’t seen nests, but we’ve gone to the Winter Eagle Festival in Sauk Prairie WI where they release rehabilitated eagles. That was an amazing sight. What a wonderful creative life your daughter has created for herself. : ) Rebecca

Thanks, Rebecca. She has a unique life, perfect for her. I need to check out that film.

Nice she has a creative mom as an example of living one’s dreams. The movie is fantastic, set in Mongolia, a real girl power story. -Rebecca

I had no idea their nests were that big….blows me away! Beautiful pottery!!

Thanks, Kirt. We learn something every day! I knew you would like her pottery.

Your daughter’s pottery is gorgeous, Darlene, but how amazing to be able to watch the eagle family up close. Those statistics she shared are incredible. How exciting.

Thanks, Norah. This is very exciting for her and I’m so glad she shared the info with me.

And you with me. Thank you. 🙂

Amazing opportunity to observe that eagle family!

Isn’t it something. Thanks for dropping in.

This is amazing! Thanks for sharing! Visiting from #Senisal.

Glad you enjoyed it. Lovely to see you here.

Her pottery is outstanding. How fortunate you must feel.

Thanks, Janet. I do feel very fortunate and you can imagine I have some very nice pieces of hers in my home.

Your daughter’s pottery is beautiful. I haven’t seen an eagle nest but this spring I saw a grackles nest in the Toronto Music Garden and watched the mother bird hatch and feed the baby birds for several days until one day the nest became empty.

Observing nature is good for the soul. Thanks for the comments on my daughter’s pottery.

That would be fascinating to observe. I had no idea their nests were that big. Your daughter definitely has a talent, Darlene!

Thanks, Teri. She is a talented person for sure and lives in such a wonderful place. It would be quite something to watch the eaglet grow up.

Gorgeous creatures! I did not realize how large those nests are.

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Your daughter is so talented. I love her pottery! We have an eagle nest not too far from our house. I love watching the parents and babies when they fledge. Thanks for sharing these photos.

Thanks, Laurie. Glad you like her pottery. Not everyone is lucky to have an eagles nest nearby.

My husband loves to watch any birds. What a sight to see!! And that pottery is fabulous!

Thanks, Jodi. Watching wildlife is always special. Pleased you like her pottery. She ships all over the world if you ever need a unique gift or something for you!

Beautiful pottery Darlene. And wow there’s something new- an eagle’s nest weighs a ton! Thanks for the enlightenment. 🙂

Thanks, Debby. Always great to learn something new and pass it along. xo

For sure! 🙂 ❤

It weighs a ton? Wow! I never knew that! How wonderful your daughter gets to witness that!

It’s quite something, isn’t it!

Really nice work.

Sorry I haven’t been able to read and comment lately. Turmoil in my life.

No problem. Hard to keep on top of everything, even without turmoil. Glad you like her work.

Beautiful pottery and photos by your daughter; thanks for sharing.

Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for visiting, Jim.

looking forward to reading more of your posts.

Wow, those are incredible photos! She is lucky to have that experience for sure! We had a pair of hummingbirds living in our yard last year and we thought they were nesting but sadly the cats chased them off so now they just visit. Your daughter’s pottery is beautiful!

Thanks, Amanda. Cats and birds don’t often go well together. Hummingbirds are wonderful to watch though.

Always been my favourite, they were my Oma’s too. 😊

1 ton! I never thought, considered, the size of an eagle nest!

It is quite amazing! Thanks for visiting my blog.

[…] An Eagle Family :|:  Darlene […]

Great post. Very informative.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I´m pleased you enjoyed it.

That’s awesome! I love looking at nature! I’ve had 2 hawks in my yard. At first i was sad when it swooped down and killed a mouse. But i realized that’s the circle of life.

It is great to watch wildlife in their natural world. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Wow! Very important information about the eagles.
They are very majestic creatures, so beautiful.
Bravo! The pottery your daughters makes is awesome, she’s so talented. 👏🏻

Thanks for visiting my blog. The eagles and my daughter are amazing!

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