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Video for Amanda in Holland

Posted on: June 18, 2019

We are on the home stretch. Just doing the last spit and polish of Amanda in Holland – Missing in Action before it is printed. I’ve created a trailer for the book. Let me know what you think of it.

A huge thank you to everyone who downloaded the book on NetGalley and to those who wrote reviews, I so appreciate it. The e-book is still available free on NetGalley for a limited time. If you would like one click here

This little ornament, a gift from Holland, is mentioned in the book.

What people are saying abut Amanda in Holland – Missing in Action

As always, I love the way these books teach kids about new places. Darlene does a great job combining history, cuisine, architecture and in this case, botany, from new countries in a way that children will enjoy. Looking forward to the next of Amanda and Leah’s adventures! Alex Lyttle

I had to smile as page after page the essence of the country is superbly captured through Amanda’s eyes. A delightful way for a young person to be immersed in the local lifestyle while being swept away in an exciting tale with a great ending! Irene Butler

Amanda in Holland: Missing in Action has a great conversational read style and one of the things that I loved the most is that Ms. Foster incorporates a lot of history and facts into the story to give the reader a lot of information about the country that Amanda is exploring. From Anne Frank to tulips to wooden shoes to windmills Amanda experiences. Beth Ann Chiles

The story is told in a conversational voice that will draw all readers in and deftly mixes the cultural details with how Amanda engages in and solves the mystery. Jacqui Murray

Amanda comes across this comical character while exploring Holland.

Available for pre-order on all Amazon sites.

46 Responses to "Video for Amanda in Holland"

I LOVE that this one is set in Holland!! As my best friend is from there I’ll defintitely have to check this one out… And maybe think of a Dutch drink to go with it! 😉🍻

Sounds great! The hot chocolate in Holland is excellent.

Ooo! That sounds delicious!

Looks like another great book, Amanda. I do like the trailer. All the best when the book comes out.

Thanks, Anne. Glad you like the trailer!

I like the trailer. It highlights all the most well-known things about Holland and gets the viewer interested in reading your book!

Thanks, Nancy. Pleased you like it!

What a great job on the video, Darlene! It’s as happy as the book!

Great, I wanted that feeling! Thanks again for the review.

Well done! An exciting peek into your fabulous book, Darlene!

And thanks for the review! I’m so pleased you liked the book.

Love the trailer, Darlene.

Great trailer, Darlene!

They are fun to put together! Glad you enjoyed it.

Love your trailer and the reviews! Great work, Darlene!!

You know that I loved this one! I need to go make sure I have copies of all of them so I can gift them to my great niece pretty soon. She is almost 8 and loves reading –these would be such a great series for her. Congrats!

Thanks, Beth Ann. 7-year-olds have been enjoying the stories. I’d love to hear what she thinks about them. And thanks for the great review! xo

It’s lovely. Beautiful images of Holland. All the best with this new episode of Amanda’s wonderful adventures.👍

Thanks so much, Fatima!

Signed into NetGalley to review your book, Darlene. Amazing video!

Thanks so much, Marian. I do hope you like it.

Lovely post, Darlene. I will have to wait for it to be available on Amazon. Other sites are always a problem for me.

I love the trailer, Darlene! It’s well done, and keeps the reader till the end.

Thanks, Jennie. It means a lot coming from you!

You are most welcome, Darlene! 🙂

Many congratulations Darlene. Your video is very enticing. I love your little Dutch kissing couple. I have so many fond memories of visiting Holland.

Holland is such a charming place to visit. I hope it comes through in my book. Glad you enjoyed the video. Thanks!

Great choice of setting and congrats on the new Amanda book and the terrific reviews.


Thanks, Peta! Holland provided a great setting for Amanda’s next adventure.

I’m so impressed with your video! And with Amanda (and her author, of course…)

Awe, thanks so much. That is so sweet of you. xo

The video is excellent Darlene! Amanda’s adventures sound so intriguing. Wishing you much success with the release. Now the question is where will Amanda go next?

Amanda is well into her adventure in Malta! Glad you enjoyed the video.

What an excellent location!

Enticing video, Darlene, very well done. Congrats on the new Amanda book and great reviews I just returned from Malta so I look forward to reading about your next book. P.S. I’m switching from Blogger to WordPress. #senisal

So pleased you liked the video. Malta is such an amazing place, isn’t it? I much prefer WordPress although nothing is perfect. xo

Sounds like a great book. I will check it out! Thank you.

I liked the trailer, Darlene. Did you make the trailer yourself?

Thanks, Stevie. I made it myself using Animoto which is very easy for someone not very technical like me. I also used my own pictures but you can use stock photos as well. I use just the basic program and it’s inexpensive.

Love the video, Darlene! I’m clueless when it comes to that. Nice reviews, too – congrats!

Thanks, Teri. I’m not very tech savvy but the Animoto program makes it idiot proof!

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