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Mother’s Day

Posted on: May 13, 2019

Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days in various parts of the world but in Canada, USA, Australia and South Africa and possibly other countries, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. I love this day as I have been blessed with a very special mom. I wrote about her a couple of years ago here

I put together a little video of my special mom.

Of all the many jobs in my life, the best has been being a mom!! It wasn’t always easy but it was always worth it. I am so proud if these two. 

with number one son
with number one daughter
and now I’m a mom to this crazy fur baby who knows how to relax

Wishing all mothers, step-mothers, grandmothers, aunts and mentors, a wonderful day as we celebrate motherhood in all its forms.

61 Responses to "Mother’s Day"

Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day!

And to you. I hope you had a nice day!

Happy Mothers Day! 🤱☝️💗

Your are blessed, Darlene! Thank you for blessing this day with your touching photos and video.

I do feel blessed and am very thankful. I hope you had a good Mother’s Day as well.

Happy Mother’s Day Darlene

Thanks! And to you as well.

Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day Darlene 🙂

It was perfect! Took Dot for a long walk, spoke to both of my kids on social media and went for a nice lunch with friends. Woke up this morning to many nice Mother’s Day wishes. Thanks and hope you had a good day as well.

Sounds lovely. Yes, I have a complete day off, no cooking, no cleaning! And went to have a cup of tea with both my mum and mother in law. Xx

Hope you had a fabulous day.

It was great, thanks!

It is a really nice day, different dates in UK and Nepal! I just don’t like the commercialism of it all, to this day our 49 year old daughter makes funny cards with photo memories inserted.

How clever of her. We don’t do cards anymore but send an e-card or a nice message. I Skyped with my daughter which was so nice and with my mom a couple of days earlier. Spain’s Mothers Day was a week earlier but my dog didn’t get me a card either!

Thanks Darlene, we celebrated Mother’s day here in Australia yesterday too! I love that first quote and lovely photos 🙂 #senisal

Thanks, Debbie. I hope you had a fab day.

It’s fun to see photos of your children! Hope you had a happy mothers day!

It was very nice. We went for lunch at Eduardo’s in Villa Martin. Communicated with both kids and got snuggles from Dot. xo

Such a sweet video for your Mom and a great quote, Darlene. Glad to read that you had a lovely Mother’s Day. #seniorsalon

When you have a sweet mom, great kids and an adorable dog, there is no way not to have a wonderful Mother’s Day. Thanks for popping in Natalie.

I celebrate mother’s day twice. The Brazilian one, second Sunday of May and the UK one in March. I hope you have enjoyed it 😄

That’s great! I actually can celebrate 3 times. Spain’s Mother’s Day is the first Sunday In May!

I think the quote by Sharon says it all….so very true and profound!!

It does sum it up, doesn’t it!

Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, Darlene! Your fur baby relaxes like mine, lol.

It was great, even though my kids and my mom are so far away. That fur-baby made up for it. I need to learn how to relax like her!

A sweet post, Darlene, and lovely little video. Yes, the best job in the world despite the struggles! I hope your day was wonderful.

It was, thanks! Glad you enjoyed the video. Short and sweet, just like me mom. xo

A belated Happy Mother’s Day to you, Darlene! Every day should be Mother’s Day, right?

I agree!! But it is nice there is one special day designated for us moms, even though it falls n a different day in other countries. It is not even the same all over Europe!!

Wonderful, Darlene. I hope you had a delightful Mother’s Day. 🙂

Aw, what a sweet post. One of my biggest blessings is being a mom to my sweet daughter.:-) Love the doggy photo, too.:-)

Thanks, Priscilla. Nice to see you here visiting my blog.

What a lovely tribute for your Mom and for all mothers. I hope you had a wonderful day Darlene.

Moms are the best and being one is pretty great too. Had a wonderful day. Hope you did as well.

A delightful post, DArlene. The video for your mother is wonderful.

Thanks so much, Robbie.

Aww such a lovely post! I’m rather late reading this but Happy Mother’s day. And your doggy is too cute, looks like a yoga pose! xx

She is good at doing yoga poses. Thanks for the good wishes. XO

Happy Mother’s day to you. What a lovely tribute to your mom by way of making a special video. She must have loved that!!

Ok your fur baby, is just too adorable. The other two have much to compete with!


It was fun creating a video of mom. My aunt showed it to her and she loved it. I think you must be about to see your grown babies soon. Enjoy! Every day is Mother’s Day for us moms!!

Hi, Darlene.
You look happy, and Dot looks very relaxed!
Many thanks for following my blog, which is appreciated.
Best wishes from England, Pete.

Dot knows how to relax all right! Happy to be following you, Pete. Best wishes from a Canadian girl, married to a Brit and living in Spain!

That sounds like a good mix! 🙂

I’m a little late, but a mom is a mom every day. I love the photos of your special ONES, and the remembrances of your mom. Your quote is perfect. Happy Dot Day, to Dot! 🙂

You are never late. I am still reading blog posts from Christmas!! Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Every day is Dot day here!! She is a spoiled pouch. xo

“Every day is Dot Day.” Love it! 🙂

I’m a bit late, Darlene but wanted to say a beautiful post – a lovely video of your mother and your children look wonderful! I agree, being a mother is definitely the best ‘job’ ever!

It’s never too late to comment on a blog post. Thanks so much. I am lucky with my kids and mom. Even my fur baby.

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