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Lorca Easter Parade in Video

Posted on: April 30, 2019

I promise this will be the last post about the fabulous Lorca Easter Parade. It’s just that the pictures didn’t entirely depict the excitement so I thought I would share a few of the videos I took. Performing horses and chariots need to be shown in action. So here are a few short videos to make you feel like you were there. Try watching in full screen if you can.

Trick riding, impressive!

Chariots in action, so exciting.

Fabulous performing horses and marching band.

Women displaying their horse handling skills.

I do hope you enjoyed these videos. Thanks for all the great comments on this event.

30 Responses to "Lorca Easter Parade in Video"

Fabulous, Darlene. Love all the costumes and clever horsemen/horsewomen-ship!! xx

Thanks, Joy. The horses seem to be so well trained and in such good shape too.

Wow, you’re right. The videos are even more impressive than the photos.

I am glad I took some videos as well. Sometimes you get so excited in the moment you forget and then later at home, you wish you had. Obviously, the first couple of chariots were not videoed. Glad you enjoyed them!

Your pictures are great, but it does add another element seeing the videos…..incredible…the whole event is incredible….thanks for sharing Darlene…..love it!

I knew you would love it, Kirt. The excitement of the crowd shows up in the videos so I’m glad I videoed parts of it.

All of it just leaves me speechless….I’m so happy you were able to experience it in person!!

But the videos make it clear. What a great time.

It was such a wonderful time and the videos show the excitement of the spectators.

Wonderful, Darlene. The costumes are superb. Thanks for sharing.

The costumes were unbelievable. They actually have a museum of retired costumes that I must visit the next time I’m in Lorca.

Wow! Darlene, what amazing horsemanship, they are fantastic and I’m always impressed how the horses handle all the noise. You could sense the power of the horses as they came charging with the chariots. An inspired post with the collection of video snippets to bring us to the ringside seats! Loved it!

Glad you enjoyed it. I grew up around horses but never mastered riding them so I was so impressed. We were at the end of the parade so it was cool to see how they stopped the horses pulling the chariots.

It was an amazing experience and I’m glad that you shared it with us.

So pleased you enjoyed it!

What’s not to like about a culture with so much COLOR and PAGEANTRY. My husband made a collage of a horse and chariot with a red background. It hangs in our lanai and has withstood extreme hot/cold temps. Now I’ll think of your videos the next time I look at this. Thanks, Darlene!

The collage sounds wonderful. Cliff is so talented. I’d love to see a picture of it sometime. XO

This is amazing! I see why you had such a fabulous time, Darlene.

I know, eh! I keep watching these to remind myself that I really did see it!!

Great videos. I almost feel like I was there. Almost. 🙂

At least you can experience the excitement of the crowd watching. Glad you enjoyed it!

These videos are great, Darlene. The costumes, horses and chariots are all so exotic and elaborate.

They are fabulous, aren’t they? So glad I took a few videos as well as pictures.

Great pictures!

Thanks, John.

Sorry I haven’t been reading your blog like I’d love to lately but life has been hectic.

I know. For some reason, I thought things would slow down once we retired!! Thanks for popping by.

Just caught up with one I’d missed, Darlene. How right you are, the photos were lovely, but the addition of sound and movement conveys so much more. What fabulous memories to hold onto.

Thanks for that. It made me watch it again and I got the same feeling of excitement I had at the time. xo

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