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Lorca Easter Parade 2

Posted on: April 26, 2019

Easter week, Semana Santa, provides the most impressive and emotional fiestas here in Spain. Processions and parades around the country mix historic, biblical, artistic, cultural and social themes. Members of the different brotherhoods, dressed in their characteristic robes, parade through the streets while dozens of costaleros on foot carry ornate religious icons called pasos. This is a spectacular sight whether you are religious or not. No where do they do this better than in the town of Lorca where in 2007 their Holy Week was declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest. Its origin dates back centuries ago. I was lucky to have witnessed this event last week and wrote about what we saw before the parade started in the previous post.

As promised, here are some pictures of the actual event.

I was especially in awe of the horse-drawn chariots and performing horses. At times I felt like I was watching a scene from the movie Ben Hur.

The magnificent robes depict biblical and historical scenes

The lavish floats were incredible and kept me spellbound as they passed by.

I found the religious icons and penitents very moving

Nazarenos or penitents

Costaleros,wearing the colours of their brotherhood, carrying ornate religious icons

Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane

All ages take part in these events

The youngest parade participant representing the White Brotherhood, Paso Blanca

A number of brotherhoods participated in the parade, the two largest being Paso Blanca (White Brotherhood) and Paso Azul (Blue Brotherhood). There is much friendly competition between these two fraternities trying to out do each other with costumes, floats and icons each year.  Onlookers are encouraged to cheer for a group creating fun audience participation. We sat on the Paso Blanca side where we all waved white handerchiefs and yelled, “Viva Blanca”, cheering as the white group passed by. The drums and marching bands added to the excitement. You couldn’t help get caught up in the atmosphere.

A truly impressive and unique experience.

74 Responses to "Lorca Easter Parade 2"

Even more dramatic than I expected after seeing your first blog. More spectacular than an epic movie!

I know. I was blown away. Like a Cecil B Demille movie!!

Wow, it must be really something to see. I imagine there’s a terrific atmosphere. Something to add to my bucket list!

Yes, I’m so glad I got to witness this.

Darlene, such a fantastic parade. They do know how to put on a great show. The horses look like they have been well trained for this event. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing

The horses are very well trained and loved. Pleased you enjoyed the photos.

I knew when I clicked here I would find pageantry and lots of color. The brain likes color, and it feeds the imagination. Lucky you, to be able to actually see this spectacle! xo

I consider myself very fortunate indeed. My head was exploding with colour and excitement.

Wow, that looks fantastic. I have never seen anything like it,

It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I am still in awe.

Such a beautiful festival. We don’t see this in the US. What beautiful pageantry of color. Loved your photos.

And the photos don’t even do it justice! It was phenomenal! Nothing like this in Canada either. Pleased you enjoyed it.

That is amazing, Darlene. I had no idea. Thanks for sharing those pictures.

Until I moved here, I had no idea either. I just had to share!

stunning isn’t it? The Spanish are such a contrarian race; they can do this, like no other and still tolerate bull fighting… grrr. I see the Ben Hur allusions too. Did you feel a trifle odd watching the penitents? It’s such a bugger that the Klan have purloined the imagery of the hooded supplicant for their own sick purposes.

Only some tolerate bullfighting. It has been outlawed in Catalonia since January 1, 2012. They have turned the bull ring in Barcelona into a shopping centre. Many of the young people are against it so it will die out. The first time I saw the penitents I freaked. Then I did some research. As a person from North America, I just can’t get the whole KKK thing out of my head. But then Hitler did the same thing with the swastika didn’t he as it was originally a Buddist religious symbol. Thanks for your observations. And, yes, it was a stunning site to see!

Fabulous. I am always disappointed that here in the UK we cannot do parades nearly as well as in Southern Europe!

The Spanish certainly love a parade and are eager to keep this tradition alive. It is amazing that they can organize such a huge undertaking. But then they all join together to do it.

An amazing parade, Darlene.

How spectacular this is. The work behind the float, the colours, the imagination. I can see how you must have been transported.


I certainly was. It was as if we were transported back in time and all the bible stories I grew up with came to life! And the amount of work put into this event was not lost on me.

Amazing! Everything is so colorful! So detailed! I would have been flabbergasted in person.

As I was flabbergasted!! A very colourful spectacle indeed!

Wow, the robes look hand painted. Great photos! Thanks! -Rebecca

The robes were amazing and I only posted a couple of them. Some are hand painted and others hand embroidered. There is even a museum in town displaying retired robes and costumes. An art in itself. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

This did look like quite the Easter parade, and everyone who participated did dress up and looked like they had fun playing their part. The costumes are so colourful, so vivid. Great shots of the horses riding by – seemed like the whole parade was like a theatrical show 🙂

It was very theatrical. Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the brilliant photographs, Darlene. Over the years, we have seen many of the fabulous fiestas and parades which the Spanish are so good at creating. All executed so professionally too! They create such an atmosphere…We saw the Roman, autumn one last and it was hard to believe you were not in Rome! Hugs xx

It is one of the best things about living in Spain. We saw the Romans and Carthaginians in Cartagena two years ago. Amazing and yes it felt like we were back in the days when the Romans roamed the streets.

You must have been mesmerized by the color and all the wonder, Darlene. It really does look like something out of Ben Hur. Fabulous photos!

It was as if all the childhood Bible stories had come to life! It was so great to see so many children taking part and watching the parade. What better way to learn history!

Yes, exactly! And the children there- how wonderful and a perfect way to learn history.

It must have been an amazing atmosphere to see it live Darlene.. great photographs… hugs

It was something I will never forget! I took so many photos but they still don’t do it justice.

What an amazing parade. I have seen nothing like it. I can see why you’d think of Ben Hur, though. 🙂

Although I have seen some great parades here in Spain, this one was the best so far. Ben Hur was a favourite movie of mine as a young person and this brought it all back to me.

Lovely pictures. What an amazing experience. It’s wonderful to see so many people involved, both as participants and audience.

It seemed as if the entire town was involved. It was amazing. Pleased you enjoyed the pictures.

these pics are gorgeous! I would love to see that in person, wow!

It is a wonderful thing to see in person. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Check out the videos in the next post. Even better.

I’m blown away by the intricacies of the costumes….incredible and beautiful!!

It was an explosion of colours. The costumes were amazing.

Amazing history and photos Darlene. The costumes are exquisite and so authentic looking. So much work to detail goes into this event no doubt. How fun it must have been to attend! 🙂

A lot of work goes into preparing for these events. But the entire family gets involved as well as the community. It was so much fun to witness!

You must have had great seats because you got wonderful photos of the floats, participants and costumes.

They were excellent seats and well worth paying for. The money for the seats goes toward the cleaning and repairing of the costumes.

The costumes were beautiful and glad that they have a way to preserve them.

Incredible! Your so lucky to get to see such an incredible thing!

I was indeed lucky! I´ll never forget it either.

Darlene it does look like a scene out of Ben Hur! I wonder where they keep all of the chariots and floats year to year. I think it would be important to understand what everything means prior to arrival. I am imagine a tourist wandering in not having any idea what was going on would be quite surprised!

They do hand out a brochure at the Tourist Information Centre, in many languages. Also the local shops and cafes etc. are only too happy to fill folks in. On the other hand, I love the idea of someone happening upon the scene and thinking they had gone through a time warp!

Haha exactly! I’m imagining the look on the faces of such a surprise.

Catching up on blogs this morning – what a magnificent parade!

So pleased you liked it. It was amazing!!

Reblogged this on Darlene Foster's Blog and commented:

A year ago today, it was Maundy Thursday when a friend and I attended a fabulous Easter parade in Lorca, here in Spain. Following my post from a couple of days ago, I decided it would be worth sharing more of this special event. Enjoy!

This looks an amazing spectacle Darlene, some of it looks Egyptian! It must have been great to experience. I haven’t seen anything like it in France amongst their wine festivals or ones related to cheese, mussels, oysters etc though I’m sure they must exist.

The Spanish certainly take first prize in their spectacular fiestas. I imagine the Egyptians were in reference to the time in the bible when the Jews were enslaved by the Egyptians. It was mostly about biblical and historical stories. Something I will never forget.

What an amazing parade! The costumes are incredible. What is the Blue Brotherhood, and other Brotherhoods? I’m not familiar with the term.

These parades are really something. The brotherhoods (or fraternities) are responsible for organizing all the religious celebrations. Each group is identified by the colours they wear at these events. Here is some info on the brotherhoods and their history in Spain. https://notjustatourist.com/an-insider-guide-to-the-brotherhoods-of-spain/?c=f0cfb884254d

Thanks, Darlene. I appreciate the info!

What a spectacle! It must take an entire year to prepare for.

It does take all year and this year the preparations were for not as all the festivals were cancelled.

That must be have been so disappointing, but a prudent decision, unlike the decision to still hold Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Thank you so much for the link. How impressive it all looks. I wish the rain held off so we could have seen it.

We were so lucky as it poured the next day and everything was cancelled. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Now THAT’s a parade, Darlene! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. So beautiful – and I can imagine that the pageantry was very moving. And you just can’t beat Spanish horses. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the show. ~Terri

I know. It was the most amazing spectacle I have ever seen. I´m glad you enjoyed it, Teri!

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