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Lorca Easter Parade

Posted on: April 22, 2019

Semana Santa, Holy Week in Spain, is the annual tribute of the Passion of Jesus Christ celebrated by Catholic religious brotherhoods called cofradía and fraternities that perform penance processions on the streets of almost every Spanish city and town during the last week of Lent, the week immediately before Easter. Each place presents a different experience, from very sombre processions to lively spectacles. 

On Maundy Thursday a friend and I went by bus to the city of Lorca, about one and a half hours away, to attend their Easter parade that I had heard was one of the best in Spain. Although rain threatened, it managed to stay away and we were able to watch the three-hour parade without getting wet.

It was an amazing parade, one I will never forget. As usual, the local citizens and brotherhoods went all out with magnificent costumes, fabulous floats and heart stopping entertainment. 

We arrived in plenty of time to find a tapas bar for a snack and a drink. On the way we found some of the parade participants who were happy to pose for pictures. 

Later, on the way to our parade seats, we encountered more participants moving toward the start of the parade and were able to get up close and personal pictures. An unexpected treat. 


The Blue Brotherhood, Paso Azule, wearing their magnificent hand-embroidered robes


Note the intricate detail on the robes, embroidered with gold thread.

As usual, all ages were involved in the celebration.

Drummer boys

All types of people from the time of Jesus were represented including Romans, Egyptians, Persians, Hebrews, and Africans.

The costaleros, members of the brotherhood, reverently carrying their Paso, a float depicting a scene from the New Testament

This was so exciting and emotional. But it was nothing compared to the spectacle we were about to see. I will tell you more about the actual parade in the next post.

I wish everyone a Happy Easter!!

To be continued….

72 Responses to "Lorca Easter Parade"

What a marvelous experience! Those costumes are unbelievable. It’s great you have such good photos to enhance your words. Looking forward to more on this!

I had to pinch myself to remind me I was not dreaming. It was so amazing! The best is yet to come.

The “like” button disappeared. I’m eager to read more.

Happy Easter too. What a sprctacle

Thanks! I hope you had a wonderful Easter. Better weather in the UK than in Spain.

How wonderful. Looking forward to the next instalment.

Lots more to come. It was unbelievable.

Hi Darlene, The costumes are amazing. I guess they are owned by the individual or does some organisation own and manage some of them. Do you know? Louise

The costumes are out of this world. From what I understand, the costumes are owned by the brotherhood. They even have a museum of retired cloaks and costumes which I would love to visit the next time I´m in Lorca. When you book seats, the money is put toward the maintaining of the costumes, cleaning and repairing etc.

How festive and colorful. The Spanish know how to make the story come alive. Thank you for transporting us to the scenes of action, Darlene.

This weekend, our church has presented a passion play with unbelievable tech effects, rivaling a Broadway performance. However we demonstrate it though, Christ is alive!

It is a time of reflection and celebration. Your church´s passion play sounds wonderful. Life is good!

Just amazing, glorious, and marvelous! What an experience of a lifetime, Darlene. Thank you for the wonderful photos. Happy Easter!

It was an experience of a lifetime. More to come! I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Looking forward to more! We had a lovely Easter. Hope you did, too.

I love how these communities come together for these special festivities. 🙂

The spirit of community is evident at these events. One can´t help but get caught up in it. I love how the entire family is involved too.

I most definitely prefer this cheerful Easter parade to the more traditional ones I remember as a child, which were a bit depressing and even scary. The one thing I never liked about them was the Capuchinos, those men dressed with the long pointed hoods that look like the Ku Kux Klan: I always found them terrifying. This parade in Lorca is more child and tourist friendly and similar to the Moors and Christians parade we saw in Peñíscola. Glad you had such a wonderful time.

I can imagine the Capuchinos would have been scary to a child. This one is more of a celebration of the life of Christ with a few Capuchinos scattered in between with costumes more decorative than scary. The Easter parades in Lorca are rated the best in all of Spain.

What a fantastic way to commemorate Holy Week, Darlene. Beautiful costumes and wearers of the costumes. Happy Easter! Looking forward to Part 2.

I am sure getting ready and organizing the parade is a lot of work but everyone seemed so happy to be part of it. Happy Easter to you as well. xo

One has to admire the Spanish for preserving festivals like this and their culture generally. The same is true in France where over the years we have seen similar festivals ranging from general medieval to religious and from oysters to grapes! I really don’t know how our own festivals have died out here in England, but sadly there won’t even be celebrations related to St George’s Day later this month.
Great photos as others have commented. 👍🍷

I am impressed with how the Spanish have kept their traditions alive. By observing the number of young people involved, I am assured that these events will continue for some time. Pleased you enjoyed the photos. It was great to be able to get some close-ups as once the parade is moving it’s not as easy.

This looks wonderful, Darlene! A 3-hour parade – and the costumes are so beautiful and elaborate.

It was out of this world amazing!! I didn´t get home until 2 am but it was worth it.

Wow, that must have been quite something up close, Darlene. The costumes are fabulous!!

We were lucky to get the added bonus before the actual parade to see part of it up close. Those costumes are something else!

Talk about an incredible experience, Darlene!!
I bet it was SO emotional!!

It was very emotional. I found myself in tears often and then laughing the next minute. xo

It looks fabulous, so full of colour, detail and enthusiasm. What a wonderful way to experience history and spirituality.

Exactly! As someone interested in history, this just brought it to life. It was like being in a Cecil B. DeMille movie! More to come.

Wow…what an experience…thank you very much for sharing Darlene….can’t wit for the next post…Happy Easter!!

Pleased you enjoyed the post. It was quite the experience, a sensory overload.

I love something that evokes that much emotion….joy and tears….

Wow, that was quite the event! Those costumes, wow 😀

Wow was the word I kept saying all evening! The costumes were something else.

Oh, how beautiful and exotic. Thanks for sharing these photos of Lorca.

So pleased you enjoyed them. Thanks for stopping by.

Wow, what an experience that must have been to watch history before your eyes. And those costumes are fantastic! 🙂

It was like I was dreaming it. Nothing you would ever see in Canada. There are even more fabulous costumes to come!

What a fabulous experience! 🙂

What wonderful photos of the parade. We always enjoyed Semana Santa in Nicaragua when we lived there, but it was NOTHING as grand and elaborate as this.


The Spanish people love to celebrate and go all out with costumes and pageantry. It is a friendly competition between the brotherhoods as to who can put on the best show. I’m so glad they have kept up these traditions. You can’t help getting caught up in the excitement.

This is a great post, Darlene. A lovely festival to have attended.

It was very special. Wait until you see the actual parade.

How lovely. What a pretty little girl in her robe.

Isn’t she sweet? I love how the children are involved in the festivities.

What marvelous pageantry! Looks like Lorca is a city not to be missed during Semana Santa! -Rebecca

Thanks for the visit to my blog. Every place in Spain is wonderful at Easter but Lorca was so different and amazing!

I read these posts in reverse order, but what amazing images in both posts! The costumes are spectacular as is the participation. A 3-hour parade! I’m glad the rain held off for the whole thing. What an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing, Darlene.

We didn’t get home until 2 am and the rain started at 3 am. So we were very lucky. So pleased you enjoyed this fantastic experience.

Wow. That’s a late night, but clearly worth it. 🙂

those photos are amazing! So so beautiful!

Thanks, Carol Anne!!

Darlene the costumes are incredible. Amazign to see how much effort has gone into creating them. Very wise to head out early to check them out before the parade began.

I love arriving early and getting close up pictures as they prepare for the actual parade. They actually have a museum in the city featuring retired costumes. I would love to visit it one day. We paid for our seats, which was well worth it. The money goes to the cleaning and upkeep of the costumes.

Oh such a great idea to get tickets. I didn’t know that would be possible. Well worth it!

Not all parades in Spain have that option but this one did. xo

Very informative post, Darlene. Now I better understand what we were seeing!

It was great to see it with you and to see how excited and impressed you were. I can even hear you on the videos!

Thanks, Darlene, for sharing your beautiful photos. I assume the parade is not on this year due to the covid-19 pandemic. Hope you’re well in Spain. #senisal

All Easter parades and fiestas are cancelled this year so I´m enjoying looking at my pictures from last year. Thanks for stopping by. We are OK here right now. Take care and stay safe. xo

Reblogged this on Darlene Foster's Blog and commented:

Due to the worldwide pandemic, all Easter parades and celebrations for Semana Santa, (Holy Week) were cancelled in Spain. This is the most important week in the Spanish religious calendar and has been celebrated for centuries. Since we could not partake in a fiesta this year, I am sharing the parade I attended last year. It was so spectacular, it’s worth a revisit. Enjoy!

Darlene these are wonderful photos, not just because of the subject matter but also because it shows a time that people could come together and not be afraid. Thank you! Chris

I thought that as well. I do hope the time will come again soon when we can safely come together and celebrate. Thanks, Chris.

What an amazing parade so full of colour, and excitement Darlene. Great share especially now when we can’t attend events such as these due to the restrictions in place. 🙂

The Spanish people do an amazing job of putting these festivals together. I’m so glad I went last year. xo

Yes must bring back happy memories. x

Wow, the costumes are so striking!

The Spanish people always creat fabulous costumes for all their fiestas and especially for the Easter parade. Always a treat to see.

I could see that the costumes weren’t just thrown together. They were very impressive.

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