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Posted on: April 5, 2019

I wrote about my granddaughter’s pet boarding business here and here and asked for votes for her in the Best of Medicine Hat contest. I am pleased to announce that Aunty’s Place was voted best pet boarding in Medicine Hat for the second year in a row. A huge thanks to everyone who voted! She works so hard and cares so much for the pets in her care, she deserves this.

This is what was posted on Aunty’s Place Facebook Page

I could not wait to say a big “THANK YOU” to each and every one of you for voting us the BEST OF MEDICINE HAT in our pet boarding category!!
To be recognized for our hard work and endless love for what we do, by our home town of Medicine Hat has been overwhelmingly amazing! 

Taking care of pets fills our hearts full of love every day ❤️, but knowing that we have the support and recognition from our community is the icing on the cake!

To our community neighbours, pet care professionals, pet businesses, trainers, family members, our faithful clients, pet rescue workers, groomers, friends, and all of you who know that we just want what’s best for ALL pets…. Thank You SOOOO much for Voting for us in 2019!! 

With one of her happy customers

I also want to mention that my story Ghosts in the Attic won runner-up in Stevie Turner’s short story competition. Thank you for all the positive comments on that story. Here is the winning entry and all the others as well.

Stevie is running another competition this month. So why not send in a short story. Writing short stories is a great way to exercise those writing muscles. Here are the details.


I hope everyone is enjoying Spring wherever you are or Fall if in the Southern Hemisphere. You are all winners!

64 Responses to "Winners!"

Congratulations to your granddaughter again. She is doing a very important job.
And congratulations to you too for winning the writing competition. 👍

Thanks, it certainly is an important job. People leave their precious fur babies with her. And they get so much love!

So pleased for your grand-daughter, Darlene. she’s doing a great job! And hurray for you too…Congrats on your short story being the ‘runner-up.’ Hugs x

Thanks! We are both feeling very happy. See you on Monday!!

What a way to maintain a connection with your native town, Medicine Hat. YOU are a winner, and not just with the short story. Yay!

When I moved to Spain I made a point to stay close to my connections in Canada. Of course, it is much easier to do that now with social media. Thanks for your kind words.

My daughter just started doing pet boarding. Very cool award.

That is so cool. I’m sure she will love it too.

Congrats to your granddaughter, who obviously has your writing talent as well. Lovely photo of her with one of her “clients.” I think it’s terrific that you’re a runner up in Stevie’s contest also, Darlene. So many wins here in one post! xo

Yes, I thought I would keep it in the family! I am impressed with her writing ability. She never ceases to amaze me.

Great story! And Congrats!

Thanks for the link, Darlene, and thanks for your story!

And thank you for running the contest. Gets me motivated.

Many congratulations to your grand daughter. She obviously loves her job.

She sure does. She has loved animals all her life. She is doing what she is passionate about.

Yay! Brilliant news all round.

Well done to your granddaughter . And to you for the short story.

Thanks, Anne. I am so pleased for my granddaughter!

Congrats! That is a wonderful affirmation of what your granddaughter does and has to be a great feeling to have the support of the community. Hopping over to read the short story which I am sure is amazing!

It certainly is great to see. She has invested a lot of time and money into this business and I’m pleased it is proving to be successful for her. We love to see our kids and their kids happy, don’t we? Hope you like the story.

Congratulations all around, DArlene. Great news.

Congratulations to you both! Wonderful to celebrate these accomplishments. Wishing I knew someone in Medicine Hat with pets who need caring for.

Thanks, Sue! I’m so proud of her.

Congratulations to your granddaughter.

Congrats to your grandaughter. My name is Crystal and I come to from Esme’s Senior Salon. I enjoyed visiting your site.

Thank you so much for stopping in and commenting Crystal.

Congratulations to you both, Darlene! Very good news all around. #seniorsalon


Thanks for visiting and commenting!

Congratulations on Best pet boarding in Medicine Hat to your granddaughter and congratulations to you for runner up short story! Very successful week for your family!

Thanks, Laurie! It was great.

Congrats to everyone! What fantastic accomplishments!

Congratulations all round!!!

Awesome that she won! You must be sooo proud! 😀

I am extremely proud of this young woman. Thanks!

Congrats to both you and your daughter, Darlene!

Congratulations to you both.

That’s wonderful, Darlene and congratulations to your granddaughter! Wishing her lots of success in the future! 😀

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