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World Book Day and A Birthday!

Posted on: March 17, 2019

World Book Day was March 7th this year which also happens to be my birthday. When I was asked to visit an International School close to my home in Spain on March 7th, I was delighted. There is nothing I would rather do on my birthday than spend it with Grade 4, 5 and 6 students talking about my books and writing in general.

To celebrate World Book Day the students created book spines of favourite books to display on a wall. I was pleased to see Amanda in Spain amongst titles by Roald Dahl, J K Rowling and other great authors.

I spent the entire school day presenting to three grades of about forty students each. The children were very attentive, enjoyed the PowerPoint presentation, listening to the readings and eagerly joined in the brainstorming activity. I always love the Q and A session because you never know what you will get. Every group is different. One young person asked me “How long does it take to perfect a story?” Wow! Usually, they ask how long it takes to write a book but don’t even think about perfecting it. That prompted a discussion on revision. Another clever student asked me if I knew more about my main character than was in the book. From kids aged 10 to 12, these were astute questions.

Because they knew it was my birthday, I was given a lovely gift of chocolates and hand-made cards. I felt very special.

My birthday cake was made and decorated by Cakes ‘n’ Bakes, the local Coffee Shop I held a book signing at last year. Isn’t it just perfect!!

Since I was busy on my birthday, we decided to have an open house party on Sunday, March 10th, a sunny afternoon. About twenty friends, family and neighbours dropped by. Everyone had a great time and I was so happy to be surrounded by people I love.

Nice to see family

and writer friends

“It wouldn’t be a party without you” party plates

Some of the cake is gone but we are still having fun.

I was delighted with all the beautiful flowers I was gifted. You can never have too many flowers. 

So now I am another year older and look forward to the coming year! Life is good when you have friends, flowers, chocolate, sunshine and a dog!

Dot had a good time too, but was exhausted after the party.

68 Responses to "World Book Day and A Birthday!"

Darlene, what a wonderful day, that is the way to spend a birthday.
Good time with the students and gifts as well !
Then with family. How beautiful it all sounds and looks.


It was a special birthday for sure!! Thanks, Miriam.

A wonderful double celebration, Darlene. That cake looked great.

Thanks, Mary and the cake tasted great as well!!

Love the pic with the demolished cake. There’s love for you.

I felt very loved to be sure! It didn´t take long to finish off the delicious cake.

What a great way to spend your birthday. The children’s questions were clever. Lovely cards from them too. And that cake – wow! A belated Happy Birthday to you. 🙂

Thanks, Anne! The cards were very special.

What a glorious day. I love the Q&A for students–and a fine question that future writer asked! Happy late birthday!

Looked like it was a truly wonderful day, and happy belated birthday!!

It was a perfect day! Thanks.

Wonderful to read and see how special a day your 2019 birthday was. You so deserve it❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thanks, Jayne. The only thing missing was you!! xo

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a birthday for a writer than to spend it with kids who enjoy reading. It must have been a tremendous feeling to see your work amongst Roald Dahl and John K Rowling: what name honour! The cake looks beautiful and I’m sure it was delicious too. And you’re right: life is beautiful with good friends and family. Happy Birthday again. 🍰💖🌹

Thank you, my dear!! xo

What a wonderful way to spend your birthday. Very inspiring!

Couldn´t have been better!! Thanks. xo

You are a great communicator. I’m so happy to see you enjoy the fruits of your labors, including celebrating another birthday, Darlene!

Although I don’t relish the thought of getting older, I also realize it is better than the alternative, and I’m thankful for every day!

What a fantastic day! Thanks for sharing it with us.

It was fabulous, happy to share.

It looks like a great day, and how fun to get so many beautiful cards. 🙂 Happy Birthday!

Thanks! Those handmade cards are the best!

Happy birthday, Darlene! I love the book spines the students made.

It’s a great idea, isn’t it? Thanks for the birthday wishes.

You’re welcome, and I forgot to say that the cake is so cool!

Happiest of birthdays!! I bet this was a fabulous way to spend it!

Thanks, Jodi. It was a perfect way to spend it.

Happy Birthday! What a wonderful thing to do on your birthday.

Thanks. It was a great way to celebrate another year on this earth.

A beautifully celebrated birthday…very fitting for a writer xx

I thought so. Thanks.

What a great way to spend your birthday and I love the questions the students asked. Happy Birthday!!

The questions were amazing. Thanks for the good wishes.

Your birthday cake rocks! I love it. What a great way to spend your birthday, talking with students and celebrating with friends. Happy Birthday! My husband’s birthday was Mar. 5. Happy Birthday!

March birthdays are great. Thanks for the good wishes. I was delighted with that cake.

Happy days to you Darlene! Visiting from #senisal

Thanks so much, Debbie.

Belated birthday wishes. You certainly celebrate in style! The photos are beautiful! Thanks for a lovely visit.

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the post.

My pleasure, Darlene. I did. ^__^

Oh, how lovely! Belated Happy Birthday. Whereabouts in Spain? (I’ve just spent the winter out there).

Susan A Eames at
Travel, Fiction and Photos

Thanks, Susan. We live on the Costa Blanca, South of Alicante. Love it here.

Wow, that is a smashing cake, DArlene. YOu had a marvelous birthday.

I did. The cake was almost as great as if you had made it. xo

Belated ‘Many Happy Returns’, Darlene. A lovely way to spend your special day – and that was an amazing cake! I don’t suppose you saved me a slice…

Thanks so much. Sorry, hubby finished the cake off.

Thought as much… 🙂

Darlene, a Happy Belated Birthday! What a special way to celebrate it on the actual day at the school. The cards from the students are so sweet and I’m impressed by all your talk in one day! Exhausting but I can understand how you were inspired by the thoughtful questions and interaction. Finally, the cake is amazing!!!! Family, friends, flowers and such a cake – a perfect birthday and so happy for you! xx

Thanks, Annika. It was as close to perfect as it can get. xo

Darlene – as always you inspire me so much! What a WONDERFUL day you had (and the kids had) at the school, talking about your books, about writing, inspiring I’m sure not just a few future writers. A Perfect Way to celebrate your birthday. xo
P.S. Because of you, I reached out to my Kindergarten grandson’s teacher, and I’ll read my children’s book Birds of Paradise to them and talk about being a writer in a few weeks. 🙂

That is wonderful news. You will have so much fun. And your grandson will be delighted to have you there. I can’t wait to hear all about it. 💥

Gulp. In two weeks….

What a lovely birthday you had! My grandsons took part in the World Book Day at school too.

That´s great! I´m sure they had fun too.

One dressed up as Harry Potter, but the other one didn’t want to dress up.

Happy Birthday Darlene! What a fabulous way to celebrate your special day. It gave me goosebumps that the children had chosen amanda in spain as one of their favourites. The best review of all. Your cake is superb. Perfect for you! Your positive energy oozes out of this post and we the readers are so lucky to receive it.

How great to hear from you, Sue and thanks for the lovely message. Wasn’t that cake perfect!!

A belated Happy Birthday !

Hey, thanks a bunch!!

A belated but nonetheless heartfelt Happy Birthday. It sounds like you had two wonderful events to celebrate the day.

Thanks, Karen! They were both great!!

It looks like you had a wonderful birthday, Darlene. That cake was a masterpiece!

Thanks, Audrey! The best cake ever!!

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