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Medieval Thyme

Posted on: February 13, 2019

Every year for three days at the beginning of February, the city of Orihuela, Spain transforms itself into a medieval town complete with market stalls, soldiers, street entertainers and food cooked over open flames. The Moors and the Christians are both represented as at one time they lived side by side in this area. This year a friend and I took the twenty-minute bus ride to the city to partake in this fun event. Here are a few pictures. Enjoy!

Our first stop was at a Moorish tea tent, to partake in perfect mint tea and delicious baklava. We even got to keep the tea glass as a souvenier.

I got to pet a camel! Those of you who have read Amanda in Arabia, know how much I love camels.

We watched artisans at work, such as this potter

And this sculpture

And this baker making buns in a medieval oven!

Displays of sturdy ovenware for sale

and colourful graters, perfect for grating garlic, ginger, tomatoes and more

Street entertainers were spotted everywhere.

Medieval musicians

and dancers wound their way through the streets as in days of old.

Even a troll

and other scary woodland creatures

Adults dressed up in their finery

And children got to be a king for a day!

How would you like to buy a suit of armour?

We stopped for lunch at a charming little restaurant frequented by the entertainers!

There were plenty of food stalls with fresh produce

waiting to be cooked over the hot coals, resulting in paella and other mouthwatering dishes

We decided not to have soup with balls.

A handsome Bedouin poses for us by his tent

To catch the spirit of the day, watch the video I took while there. You might feel like you have gone back in time like I did.

64 Responses to "Medieval Thyme"

Wow! These are great pictures. Looks fun and interesting too.

Thanks, Anne. It is always a lot of fun!!

Looks like an amazing day 🙂

It was an incredible day. I love these events.

What a day out, I love that colourful ovenware, it would go with my multi colour kitchen. Did you want to take a camel home?

I did but I knew hubby and the dog would not approve. The pottery here is very colourful.

Beautiful pictures, Darlene. Such wonderful handicraft and, of course, delicious-looking food! This reminds me of a vacation I took as a child together with my father in Tunisia. I still remember the wonderful taste of hot mint tea they prepared for us in the desert. And I got to ride a camel, too. Fond memories!

So pleased this evoked some good memories. The hot mint tea with fresh mint and honey was so good as was the assortment of baklava.

This looks absolutely brilliant we love things like this! Our best experience has been in France, Chateauneuf du Pape and their fete du veraison, a medieval festival held in the village annually over the first weekend in August. Amongst other things, archery, jousting, mock weddings, food stalls, banquets and …. free wine all weekend! Done it 3 times now.

Free wine! They served sangria at this event but you had to pay for it. Some years they have jousting at this one but not this year. You would enjoy this fiesta! A medieval festival in France would be great as well.

Take a peek at video, you’ll spit free wine from the fountain tap! https://youtu.be/-5Nc6JHfSEI

A great video, thanks. I forgot to mention the falconry which was popular as well.

What a fun event. I am endlessly intrigued by how people used to live.

It is great that they recreate the atmosphere so we don’t forget how it was.

That looks just so wonderful and so much fun! I wonder if the ‘Sopa con bolas’ stands for meatballs, although the usual Spanish term is ‘albóndigas’. Did you buy any souvenirs? I would have gone mad for all that earthenware. I love your beautiful and colourful pictures. And I hope the camels didn’t spit!!! 👍💖

I am sure they meant meatballs but translated literally it didn’t sound very appealing. My friend bought a grater and I bought some spices and a cake to bring home to Paul. (It was delicious) Camels don’t usually spit unless you anger them. They knew I loved them.

This is awesome. I could spend the whole three days there, lost in time. Thank you for sharing.

You would just love it. This was my third time to visit and it is different every time.

How wonderful! It’s like a Sturbridge Village or Williamsburg having a festival. Fabulous photos, Darlene.

It was like stepping into a storybook! So glad you enjoyed the pictures. Always difficult to choose which ones to include. I always take so many.

You captured it beautifully!

Looks like you had a fabulous day.

It was an incredible experience!!

Fabulous photos! Looks like you had a great time 😊

Thanks, Clive. It was a great day.

You look happy to be there! Lovely and colourful.

I do get very excited at these events, just like a kid again.

I love these sorts of cultural and historical festivals they have in Europe and the UK, Darlene. Fabulous photographs.

I do too. History comes alive. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

What an incredible experience and adventure! Wonderful photos!

Thanks, Victoria. It was a great day out.

I adore these festivals but I generally manage to miss them by just a day or two. Two years ago we went to Alcoy specifically for Moors and Christians and it was wonderful!

That used to happen to us all the time when we would visit Spain. I have the Alcoy Moors and Christians Festival on my list. They do such a good job of these things here in Spain.

Darlene, I ended up reading your post from the end, watching the video first. I thought you were in Tunisia or such!! A wonderful Moorish feel to this area of Spain, the film really carries across the spirit of the occasion (in spite of the passers by walking on … I always tend to stop if I see people taking photos, videoing!). The paella looks divine and the costumes are fantastic. As for the camel, did you get to ride one? Or have you ever? A wonderful magical day out for you … and for us here. Thank you for sharing. hugs xx

It was impossible to get pictures and videos without some of the onlookers in them as it was very busy and crowded. It’s a popular event. The costumes were amazing. I didn’t ride a camel this time but I did ride one in the UAE a few years back. I based a chapter of Amanda in Arabia on that ride! It was a magical day for me and I’m so pleased you enjoyed the post.

What a wonderful day out. I love all those beautiful crafts. All very tempting.

The crafts were amazing and I only showed a few pictures. A great day!

Oh my goodness—I love all of these pictures and I feel like I am right there along with you. Thanks for sharing —love the camel pics of course!

I knew you would love the camel picture. Happy to have you along!

Great blog, will have to go again next year!

Thanks! Glad you liked it. It is worth going. xo

I’ve always savored the Medieval period in English history & literature when I taught it. Through your post I feel the same affinity in Spain. The video was extra special – I felt as though I’d gone back in thyme. Great post!

It was a fascinating time in history so I can see how you would enjoy teaching it. Glad it took you back!!

Oh, this looks like my kind of Day, Darlene – wonderful!

You would just love it!!

It looks fascinating. How wonderful that you were able to experience this!

I am pretty lucky to be able to have these experiences!

Spain sounds like one festival after another. Would have loved browsing through this one, though. What fun! Loved your photos, as always.

The Spanish people do love their fiestas. They have more religious holidays than anywhere else. This is a fun one. It is about 3 kilometers long and you are tired at the end of walking through it but it’s well worth it. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

That looks fabulous Darlene, so colourful. I love those plates. 🙂

It is a very colourful event and loads of fun.

That looks very fun! Fiesta en España! The paella is enormous and looks delicious. -Rebecca

It was so much fun. The paella was huge and there was more than one!

What a great day you had. I remember riding on a camel many years ago.

I rode one in the United Arab Emirates. What fun.

Mine had bad personal hygiene…

This looks like so much fun, Darlene – and I’m embarrassed to admit my mouth started watering when I read ‘baklava’, lol.

There is nothing better than freshly made baklava! No need to be embarrassed. I love it with mint tea too. It was a fun day.

[…] These are some amazing photos via Medieval Thyme […]

Magical! Very tired today and very not well, so just stopping by. Congrats on great post.

Thanks, Anne. Hope the post cheered you a little. Take care!! xo

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