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Mom Time

Posted on: January 16, 2019

I have so many wonderful memories of my recent time in Canada including special school visits, Christmas with family, visits with good friends, snuggling with grandpets and fun with grandchildren. But the best memory of all is the valuable time I spent with mom. I saw her 17 days in a row, often more than once a day. We had some good laughs and a few tears as we reminisced. I usually sat with her during her meals, attended singalongs and quiz events with her, read to her and we looked at pictures together. We celebrated her 90th birthday by holding a party at the seniors home a couple of days before the actual birthday (which is Christmas day!)  48 friends and family came to wish her a Happy Birthday. She was so pleased, even though it was a bit overwhelming at times. I’d like to share a few mom pictures.

Mom with her siblings and their spouses

with a great-grandson


with her grandson (my son)

with a friend’s daughter

With my dad’s cousins

with longtime friends

with a niece and her family
with flowers from a son and a sister who couldn’t be there
with my brother and his girlfriend

with a great-grandson and a great-great-granddaughter
with a great-granddaughter, her hubby and great-great-granddaughter
with another great-granddaughter who added to the teddy bear collection

You can see she loves her teddy bears and was given quite a few for gifts. Many of them she won at Bingo!

4 generations of women, mom, daughter, great-granddaughter, great-great-granddaughter
with a great-great-granddaughter who loves her to bits

On her actual birthday, on Christmas day, the staff decorated her place in the dining room with balloons and streamers, sang to her and presented her with a cupcake and candle for her to blow out. She was made to feel very special. The staff at Valleyview Seniors Care are incredible. I am so grateful. 

Mom was showered with love. She is wheelchair bound, her hearing is failing, the words don’t always come out right and she is often confused, but she is happy and so well cared for. The more time I spent with her, the more alert she became. Her long term memory is very good. She remembers names of people I have forgotten.

It was time well spent and I am so glad I was able to be there for her 90th birthday!

64 Responses to "Mom Time"

Your mum must have been so delighted to have you and the rest of the family and friends round for such momentous occasion! And how nice of the Seniors’ home to allow the party and decorate it especially for her: just beautiful. 💖

She was very happy. The senior’s home went out of their way to make her party and a few days later her actual birthday very special. She isn’t the oldest resident in the home. One woman is 101!

You have a fine gallery to treasure here and in the years to come. I’m happy to hear your mother can remember names of people you have forgotten. She’s a smart cookie. Wonderful memories!

I’m glad a number of us took pictures so we have a good collection. I just wish I had got us all together for one family picture but it didn’t happen. Wonderful memories indeed.

I love the generations picture. And great-grandchildren! Oh my. What a lovely event.

It was a great event. My son is missing in the generation picture but it is difficult to get everyone together. We are so lucky to have 5 generations alive in our family.

How lovely. I’m so glad you got to spend that time with her and the photos look lovely. Wow 90, that is incredible 😊

We are so lucky to still have our mom. She was never very healthy when we were children so we didn’t think we would see her live this long. We feel blessed.

She’s simply receiving back what she has put into her relationships! We were always happy to be going to Auntie Bette and Uncle Herb’s because they were exactly what family is all about. I have so many good memories attached to that sweet, beautiful face. 😘

You are so right. As dad would say, you reap what you sow. She planted all that love and care over the years and it has come back to her. Your comment has made me cry. I have been so blessed to have her as my mom. Thanks, my dear cousin. 💖

Such precious, precious times! Family really is everything!

Yes, it is. Thanks so much.

Thanks for sharing such a special day!

It was a special time! Glad you enjoyed it.

Such a special time, Darlene, and so many lovely memories stored up. Thanks for sharing with us.

We created some great memories for all the generations. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Gr8t pictures , wish i could have been there . Looks like everybody was having fun . Mom looks happy !!^

Thanks so much! Everyone had a good time and many asked about you. Mom was very happy and loved the flowers from you. 💕🌹

Darlene, I’m struck by the overwhelming love and joy of you all at your mother’s birthday. The photos speak for themselves, from old to you, enjoying and sharing in this very special day, a family united for a wonderful occasion. How fantastic that you could all meet up together and so happy you could spend so many days with your mother on your recent trip. Hugs xx

I too found the love reflected in the pictures. Mom has been so good to many people all her life and it has come back to shine on her. It was certainly a special time. Thanks!

Congrats to your Mom and to your family for their many blessings.

Thank you for stopping in and commenting.

Darlene, this is so precious. What a blessing to be able to spend so many days with her. Memories you’ll cherish forever.

This is true. Thanks!

Wonderful memories and wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing. Isn’t it amazing that they won’t remember yesterday but will remember things from 50 years ago?

I know, it is amazing. Pleased you enjoyed the post.

Thanks for sharing this, Darlene. How fortunate you are to have such a large and loving family.

I am truly blessed and grateful. It was so wonderful to see so many of my family members on this trip.

What a beautiful post, Darlene. You are a very lucky family. 🙂

Thanks, Susan. We are a lucky family indeed.

I got tears in my eyes looking at these pictures and reading your captions. Your mom is so loved, and what an amazing turnout to celebrate her and her birthday. My mom is wheelchair bound also, and she can’t remember my name, nor her son’s or grandchildren, but we hold her hand, stare in her eyes, and she says. “I love you so much,” To showing the love to our elderly, and letting them know in any way we can that they mean so much to us.

I truly believe that they can feel the love and often that is what keeps them going. Mom is getting back all the love she has shared over the years. I know one day she will not know our names either but she will always know we love her. I’m so glad we were able to make this party for her and that I was able to spend some quality time with her. Sending hugs to you and your mom. xo

Thanks, Darlene. I agree with everything you say. On my mom’s 90th (almost 5 years ago) we planned a party at her favorite beach, made appetizers and served beer, and hired a steel band. She laughed and danced. What a glorious time, but what a change since then.

How wonderful Darlene that you got to spend this quality time with your mom and to celebrate her 90th birthday with her! So many great great grandchildren!! How wonderful that so many were able to come and celebrate her life and her birthday with her. Heartwarming photos.


It was a special time, and although we couldn´t all be there, we were amazed at how many did show up. Mom was very pleased. It is wonderful to see that she has a special relationship with each of her grand, great and great great grandchildren. When you have children young and then live to a good age, you can enjoy many generations. You would think she planned it. Thanks! xo

How lovely, and how wonderful to still have your mum with you. I threw a party for my mum’s 90th birthday back in 2014 at her sheltered housing complex and invited all the residents. They told me they hadn’t had such a good time in ages!

We consider every day Mom is still with us a gift as we almost lost her 4 years ago. Sounds like a great party you threw for your mom.

Yes, one of those old East End types. Mum played the piano and sang the old songs that all the residents knew. I have a lovely memory of her enjoying herself. She’s no longer with us, but I have some very nice photos.

How lovely. You are so lucky. Xx

I appreciate that I have a fabulous family and am so lucky to have my mom still. Thanks for stopping by.

Wonderful, Darlene! Thank you for sharing the photos.

How wonderful to have five generations of family to help celebrate your mother’s birthday.

It is awesome!! Thanks.

this is so precious Darlene! I am delighted that you got to spend time with your mom! That is just the absolute best feeling!

It was the best feeling ever. Being so far away from her has been difficult but this quality time made up for it. Thanks, Carol Anne.

I bet. I’m so glad you had that time with her. It’s great.x

Ah bless how lovely. My dad is turning 90 this February and we’re having a party for him in Cambridge. He is still very sprightly for his age, due to a lifetime of golf! By the way my daughter was born on Christmas day too – special people! xxx

Christmas babies are very special! How wonderful that your dad will be 90 as well. We are indeed fortunate to have them with us. Have a wonderful time. I hope you post some pictures of the party. xo

Yes I hope to do so. Looking forward to it very much. Happy Sunday Darlene. x

It’s a rare rainy day here on the coast of Spain so I am having a writing day. Happy Sunday to you as well. xo

How wonderful, Darlene, that you were able to celebrate your mom’s 90th birthday with her and many family members. Thanks for sharing your special moments and photos. #seniorsalon

So pleased you enjoyed reading about mom’s special day! Thanks for popping in.

Happy Birthday to Mom! <3) What lovely family photos and post in her honor, Darlene. xo

I’m glad we got some good photos. Thanks, Bette!! (My mom’s name is Bette as well!)

Sweet photos of your mom, Darlene. What a wonderful birthday celebration. You are so lucky to still have your mom. ❤️

I am grateful every day that I still have my mom. We had a wonderful celebration. xo

How lovely, Darlene. I saw a lot of these photographs on Instagram over the December period. A 90th birthday is very special.

We are so grateful to still have our lovely mom. 90 years was worth celebrating!

So glad you had a wonderful time with your Mom and captured so many great family photos!

Thanks, Debra. Looking at my pictures makes me relive the moments!

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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