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2019 The Beginning!

Posted on: January 9, 2019

It’s that time of year again, the beginning! 

Time to write down and share my goals for this year. If I don’t write them down and share them, nothing will get done. It seems this is the only way it works for me.

I´m a bit late with this post but better late than never as my dad would say. So here they are…

  1. Publish and promote Amanda in Holland-Missing in Action
  2. Return to Canada in the fall of 2019 to launch Amanda in Holland, organize readings and signings at bookstores, libraries, and schools.
  3. Finish writing Amanda in Malta-The Sleeping Lady
  4. Start Amanda in France
  5. Do (at least) one thing every day to promote my writing.
  6. Publish an anthology of short stories about growing up in rural Alberta
  7. Try writing a picture book.
  8. Visit a part of Spain I haven’t been to before
  9. Attend a Moors and Christians Festival
  10. Go on a cruise, visiting Venice, Rome or Greece perhaps
  11. Read at least 30 books
  12. Take an online course
  13. Make new friends, online and in person, and stay in touch with longtime friends
  14. Celebrate my birthday in style.

I usually like to pick a word or three for the year. I decided on action, learn, listen for 2019

I´ve read some of your goals already and they are all doable! Wish me luck and share yours if you feel like it.


66 Responses to "2019 The Beginning!"

Hi Darlene….I love your list! You will have another interesting and creative year. For the first time almost, I am making my own goals for 2019, but I have always been inspired by you.

So glad you like my list. For me, facing a year without some goals would be scary. If all goes according to plan, I should see you in the fall when I come to launch the Holland book. Good luck with your goal setting. Happy 2019!!

Great goals, Darlene, and very ambitious. I don’t know how you get time to do all that you do. It’s wonderful! Best of luck with your goals but something tells me you won’t need luck. You have that I’ll-do-it attitude, and you do! 😀 Happy New year!

Well. I am retired from the day job now so I don’t have an excuse. MInd you I find being retired keeps me busy too. I’ll still need some of that luck to get this all done. Happy New Year to you and yours.

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Thanks so much for the reblog!! Happy New Year!

It’s amazing that you put something like ‘go on a cruise’ on a TODO list–like you wouldn’t remember that! Great list, Darlene (I almost called you Amanda!).

I would be OK with being called, Amanda!! Well you never know, I could get so busy with my writing projects that I could forget to go on a cruise with hubby. That wouldn’t be good.

I am certain that at the beginning of 2020 you’ll have achieved these goals, probably 99.9 % of them! 🙂

It will be interesting to see how it all pans out January 1, 2020.Thanks for the vote of confidence. xo

Wow! I’m impressed with your list. My list is two things, lose weight, and finish and publish my next book. Good luck with yours.

Those are both good goals. All the best!

What a great list, I like the accountability of posting goals on my blog too. You have an ambitious list, I’m sure you’ll manage it. Oooh a cruise sounds lovely 😊

Thanks. I saw your goals too. It works best to share them. All the best for 2019!

Great list. Good luck. I’m sure you’ll achieve it all.

Thanks, Mary. I may have bit off more than I can chew but we’ll see.

I’m so proud of you! Wishing you success on all of your dreams for 2019!

Thanks Claudia! Wishing you a fabulous 2019!!

I always remember you being a list person. And that’s a great list! You need to come to Bali with me one of these years. Amanda in Bali has a nice ring to it!

Thanks, Cathy. It is on my long term goal list. I know Amanda would have a great adventure in Bali!! Happy New Year to you and the family!

I noticed this: “Visit a part of Spain I haven’t been to before”. Las Palmas absolutely. It is underrated, but it offers for example, gorgeous beaches, Columbus museum, Bandama crater, huge open-air garden and it is a surf paradise. It is a pace for active persons, not for them who spends they vacation on the beach. I have made four posts and here is the first:

Vacation in Las Palmas 1

Happy and safe travels!

Thanks for the suggestion. Your photographs are fabulous!!

Nice list. Try looking up Action Learning and the Kolb Learning Cycle✅👍

Thank you so much. Will check them out!

Good luck with all your goals, Darlene!

An inspirational list Darlene. All the best with achieving your goals.

Thanks, Anne. Gives me something to work toward.

You inspire me, Darlene. I know you’re up to the task!

Thanks! I get so much support and I really appreciate it.

Wow, what a year you’re looking at, Darlene. I wish you well.

As Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” We’ll see but it is good to have something to strive for. Thanks, Janet!

That’s quite a list, Darlene! I love the idea of a cruise, but Peter won’t hear of it! Online courses are great and convenient and that’s how I got my IELTS Teaching Certificate. What type of course do you have in mind?
I am sure you will come up trumps with the rest of the items on your list. All the best. 👍

We have been on many cruises and love them. A great way to see a number of places at once. I am thinking of a writing course as things change and I don’t want to fall behind. But you never know. I got my Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate by correspondence ( which is the same as online now) A great way to learn at your own pace. Thanks for your vote of confidence.

Great list Darlene, and I have no doubt all will materialize (and more)!

Sounds like another action-packed exciting year, Darlene. Best of luck!!

Thanks! I’m looking forward to it.

These are all wonderful goals, DArlene. Wishing you a very successful 2019.

I’ll try my best! Happy 2019 to you as well.

These are awesome goals. There is certainly something to be said for writing down goals. It’s like the voice in our heads are reading them every time we look at them. Good luck, and happy 2019.

I find once I write them down, they are cemented in my brain. Thanks for the best wishes and Happy New Year to you as well.

What a good way to keep yourself moving forward with your writing. Love that two more books are in process. And, I’ll join you on the cruise. You have so many opportunities where you live and I love how you take advantage of everything, including all the festivals. Happy 2019!

Thanks, Patricia. Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

Finished AMANDA in NEW MEXICO, Ghosts in the Wind. Thoroughly enjoyed my first mystery adventure with Amanda and sending my copy to grandson Jayden (4th grade) along with a note about my Canadian author friend Darlene Foster. Packed and ready to go out tomorrow. May your new year be filled with adventure and wonder, Darlene! ❤ xo

Thanks so much! I am pleased you enjoyed the story. Caleb was introduced for the first time in the New Mexico adventure. I grew to like him so much I am including him in the Malta story. I hope Jayden enjoys the story. I did a presentation to some Grade Four classes while in Canada and many of the boys said they loved the series. Have a fabulous 2019, Bette!!

You inspire me, Darlene. I keep telling myself even baby steps count toward a goal.

Yes, baby steps are the most important goals as they lead to the big goal at the end of the tunnel! All the best for 2019!!

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Thanks for the reblog!!

You’re welcome🙃

Love your three word choices!

Thanks. All things I need to remind myself to do. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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What wonderful goals! I know you’ll do a great job at working to meet them. 🙂

Thanks so much. Happy New Year!!

Exciting new year ahead, Darlene! ❤ Enjoy every step of the journey!

Wow, that is one terrific list! I find it a little daunting, but best of luck with reaching all your goals. 😊

I hope I wasn’t being too ambitious. We will see. Thanks for the comment.

Those are all magnificent goals! I believe you’ll achieve all of them! ❤

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

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