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Did I meet my 2018 goals?

Posted on: January 4, 2019

I am a bit late with this as I have been away over Christmas and New Years. There will be more about that later. I always like to look at my list of goals from the year before and see how I did. So here it goes…

Darlene’s Goals for 2018

1. Finish Amanda in Holland -Missing in Action

I completed Amanda in Holland – Missing in Action and sent it off to the publisher. Due to her busy schedule, it will be published in September of 2019. I am excited about this book as I love how it all came together and I know the readers will enjoy it. I will be revealing the amazing cover soon.

2. Publish an anthology of short stories about growing up on the Canadian prairies

This didn’t happen and will be put on next year’s list.

3. Go on a driving holiday to Paris with Paul and Dot

This did happen, in May, and we had a fabulous time. I wrote a number of posts about this amazing trip. here, here, here and here

4. Attend a Writer’s Conference in the UK

I attended the Winchester Writers Conference in June and had a wonderful time. 

5. Have the house painted

I am pleased to say the house has been painted inside and out. It looks great! 

6. Take some mini get-aways

We took a few mini get-aways but not as many as I would have liked. I went to Barcelona to meet a cousin one weekend which was so much fun. 

7. Visit places I haven’t been before

I hadn’t been to Paris before! We also saw some cool places I hadn’t seen before along the way.

8. Start Amanda in Malta

I just completed chapter 10 of Amanda in Malta-The Sleeping Lady. Halfway there. Having fun with this one. 

9. Find new markets for my books

I have been interviewed and featured as a guest on a number of blogs and magazines this year. I visited an international school in Spain and did a presentation to four classes. The response was very positive. I also had a very successful book signing at a local cake shop. 

10. Promote other authors

I have invited authors to be guests on my blog, joined writers’ groups where we promote each other and have shared other writer’s news on social media. I also write a review for most books I read and enjoy. 

11. Help my daughter with her pottery business

I have helped from afar by promoting her website and her pottery. I wish I could do more. 

12. Create more girlfriend time (I miss this from my life in Canada)

I still need to work on this. I’ve made some new friends and stayed in touch with friends from Canada and other countries. I met another blogging friend in person here in Spain, which was great. 

13. Hold more dinner parties

I didn’t even remember I put this on the list. I held a couple of great barbeques but no dinner parties. Didn’t even do Christmas dinner because I was away. 

14. Be with mom on her 90th birthday

This was the most important one and I did it! Mom turned 90 on Christmas day and I was there. I also made a party for her on December 23. 48 friends and family stopped by to wish her Happy Birthday. She couldn’t stop smiling. I am so lucky to still have this remarkable woman. 

Mom at her 90th birthday party with one of the many teddy bears she got as gifts.

All in all, I think I did OK with meeting my goals. Now to set some new ones for 2019.

A belated Happy New Year to all my readers. Thanks for all your support over the past year. You make it all worthwhile!

63 Responses to "Did I meet my 2018 goals?"

Wow! Well done, Darlene. I don’t even remember if I made a list of goals last year. I like the sound of your short stories from the prairies and hope you meant you’ll put it on the list for 2019 and not 2020!

Thanks, Mary. I did mean 2019. Will be making that list asap.

Quite an accomplishment, Darlene. Congratulations. I just looked at my list–a shorter one I must say and I was actually surprised how many of my goals I did fulfill. Wishing you an equally successful 2019!

Thanks, Christa. Writing goals down helps cement them in your mind. I am always surprised when I look back at mine. All the best in 2019!!

Good for you! Here’s to such a busy 2019. If you get to the UK this June I insist you find time for the Bloggers Bash!

Thanks. If I am in the UK I will be sure to include the Bloggers Bash. It would be so much fun.

You are amazing! I gave up setting goals because I never paid attention to them. You got most of them done!

I’m a list maker from way back. Without writing my goals down, I would never get anything done. Happy New Year, Jacqui!

Congrats on all of the hard work, Darlene!

Well Done Darlene for meeting all your goals, great inspiration. All the best for 2019. Xx

Thanks! I met most of them. Wishing you a great 2019!

Like you had a fabulous year! Congrats on making so much progress with your goals, and best wishes for all your dreams in 2019.

Thanks, Barb. Wishing you a great 2019!!

Congratulations on all of them, but especially to you AND your mom 🍾🍾🍾

Being with mom in Canada for her birthday was the best! Happy New Year!!

Congratulations on reaching so many of your goals for 2018. They were all SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely (or Tangible). so you could track them and keep on top of them. (Lifecoach hat on here!). Now onwards and upwards into 2019. BTW I’m so glad your Mum got the card. She looks so happy in the photo.

The fact that the card came the day before Christmas (her birthday) was perfect! I taped all her cards on the side of her wardrobe and she loved seeing them there. Thanks so much. Happy New Year.

Sounds like 2018 was fantastic year. Coincidentally, my mom turns 91 today.

It was a great year. Wishing your mom a very Happy Birthday! Love these strong women in our lives.

Sounds like you had a fantastic year, Darlene – congrats on the Amanda books. And happy belated birthday to your mom!

Thanks, Teri! From me and mom. Happy New Year.

I like the blend of professional with personal goals, especially being with your mom as she turned 90! Written down goals are certainly more concrete and achievable than ideas that blow in the wind. Brava to all this, Darlene!

You know my BIG goal for 2019 – and it’s going to happen. 🙂

Life is a balance of professional and personal! I have always believed in writing down my goals. I can’t wait for your goal to happen!!

Whew! Just reading your list wore me out.

Ha! Ha! I’ve slowed down the past couple of years. I always think I didn’t do much and then I look at what I did and am surprised. Thanks for commenting.

It seems like you met the majority of your goals Darlene. Your enthusiasm for life and new adventures is inspiring. Happy New Year!

Thanks, Sue. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to connect this visit to Alberta. All the best for 2019 with more adventures and fun times. xo

Wow – you did great on your to-do list for 2018. May your 2019 be a super year for you in every way….and enjoy Paris!

Thanks! Have a fabulous 2019 as well. I will post my goals for this coming year soon.

You did good! That was an impressive list of what you got done. Give yourself a big pat on the back!


Thank you, Nancy! Happy New Year to you and yours.

And the same to you! I’m loving the pictures of your trip back home. Gosh how the grandkids and great-grandkids have grown up!

Wonderful, Darlene! You had a terrific year, especially being with your Mom on her 90th.

It was a good one! Being with mom on her 90th was the best.

That is a long list of goals, DArlene, and I think you have done really well with achieving most of them. I saw lots of photographs of your Canadian visit on Instagram. It looked like you were having a marvelous time.

Thanks, Robbie. Spending time with my family is always fun. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

I’d say you did “OK,” Darlene. You did fantastic! Here’s to a new year. Cheers. 😀

Thank you so much. Now to make the list for this year!

Darlene, it looks like you had a busy and successful 2018 – Congratulations. One book published and the next well on the way, I’m not sure how you do it. I struggle to turn out a few 500-word posts. And on the goals you didn’t achieve, if you inherit your Mom’s longetivity genes, I’d say you have lots of time to finish all your projects. All the best for a fun, exciting, and travel-filled 2019. ~James

Thanks so much, James. If I do as well as Mom, I will count myself lucky indeed. Happy New Year to both of you. xo

[…] I love this, Darlene made some goals at the start of the year, here she reviews how she did. via Did I meet my 2018 goals? […]

You did great, Darlene. Belated birthday wishes to your mom!

Thanks. Mom enjoyed her day!

Awesome! Awesome goals Darlene! Happy new year! 😀

Thanks, Carol Anne! All the best for 2019!!

Those were impressive goals, and you show how meaningful and helpful it is to set goals. Congrats on all of them, but as you say, especially the time you got to spend with your mom. Invaluable and beautiful. xo

Thanks. It was a special time that I will never regret.

Well done, Darlene, for meeting so many of your goals. I’m afraid I don’t have your resolve and tend to do things on the spur of the moment when I feel like it!

If I didn’t write them down, nothing would get done. It just works for me that way.

Congratulations, Darlene, for all your accomplishments in 2018! Back to Canada for your Mom’s 90th birthday is the most special time for sure. Happy New Year and all the best for 2019!

Thanks so much, Natalie! Have a fabulous 2019!!

My goodness you did achieve a lot, Darlelne. And how lovely that you were able to with your Mum on her big birthday 🙂 Here’s to another productive year for you in 2019.

Thanks, Anne. I am so pleased I was able to be with her on her special birthday. Happy writing in 2019!

Congratulations on a year well lived, Darlene. My mom will hit the big 90 this coming summer. Did you know there’s a Kazakh saying that we remain young as long as our mothers live. Of course there’s another one, probably American, that says we can’t really fully mature until we lose both our parents. Not sure I like either one of them. Oh well; my best wishes to you for the new year. May it be equally fulfilling.

Interesting sayings but they do make sense as we will eventually be promoted to the role of matriarch. But how wonderful to be able to enjoy our mothers for as long as possible. All the best for 2017!!

I like your transparency with your goal setting and evaluation at the end of the year, Darlene. I think I’m too ‘chicken’ to share my goals. Oh wait. First you have to have goals, right?

I find I need to write them down and share them to help meet them. Without goals, I would get nothing done. It just works for me.

I think most people who accomplish a lot write down goals, Darlene. Something tangible and achievable. But like you, if something doesn’t get done – no condemnation. Just evaluate to see if it is still relevant and add to next year’s list. You are an inspiration!

You should give yourself a gold star, Darlene! To follow through with your popular Amanda books is something to be proud of. And you do so well by visiting and speaking to schools and receiving valuable reactions from your young readers. Best wishes.Joy x

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