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Notre Dame Cathedral

Posted on: December 1, 2018

Notre Dame de Paris – Our Lady of Paris

I love visiting cathedrals, especially those full of history. They each have stories to tell and represent the culture of the area. A fascinating cathedral is Notre Dame de Paris and I was delighted to see it, inside and out, during our visit in May. The Notre Dame Cathedral, with its fine sculptures and stained glass windows, was one of the very first Gothic cathedrals and is 800 years old. It has been through so much, including being plundered during the French Revolution and used as a storage facility. If those walls could talk.

Amazing sculptures adorning the exterior. Note the intricate detail.

The rib vaults of the nave

One of many gorgeous stained glass windows

It is breathtakingly beautiful inside. I was fortunate to hear the choir singing during mass while I was there. The hordes of tourists made it difficult to get pictures inside but I managed to take a short video to give you an idea of the magnificence of the place.

The next day we returned to the area and our friends took us to a quaint pastry shop, La Maison ODETTE, where we enjoyed a perfect cup of tea and melt in your mouth choux a la cremes on the top floor. The shutters were opened and we had a perfect view of the cathedral!! A quintessential French experience I will never forget.


Our view of Notre Dame from the top floor of Odette

Odette is located opposite the charming Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre church, one of the oldest in Paris.

Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre Church (Church of Saint Julian the Poor)

I did not see the hunchback, but I certainly understand how Victor Hugo was inspired. My dream of visiting Notre Dame Cathedral was fulfilled.

60 Responses to "Notre Dame Cathedral"

Those old wood churches painted white seating sixty at best also have a special glory as well.

So true. Those are the churches I grew up with. Fond memories.

I have been here, once, long ago, and it just as beautiful as your pictures.

Glad I brought back good memories for you.

Quite agree about the majesty of Notre Dame and history in general. We regularly visit old medieval churches not far from our home and the connection to regular history through the building architecture, the people who built it, the local communities is quite staggering sometimes. We’ve stumbled across abandoned villages, wall paintings that were medieval PowerPoint aids, mysterious tombs, murder locations, supposed my

Oops, hit the wrong key ….. to continue … mysterious miracle inducing relics, links to kings, queens etc, ancient stained glass, it just goes on and on. Designs are interesting too pre Norman/Saxon, Norman, Gothic …. endless interest. I think we’ll go out today now! Thanks for reminding us.

These old places of worship can tell us so much. Enjoy your day.

Churches around the world are masterpieces of gorgeous architecture, regardless of religion visiting this places is just magical. I love the Notre Dame and have visited it few times, I am so glad you were able to fulfill your dream Darlene 😄

Thanks, Gilda. This has been on my list for a long time.

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A treat for travellers with some wonderful photographs in this post on Notre Dame Cathedral from Darlene Foster…

Did you get to the top? That’s the best bit, I love the detail on the gargoyles. I went to the top of Milan Cathedral recently – just as good!

I didn’t get to the top this time. I also love gargoyles. Will make sure I do the next time I visit.

Thank you for evoking pleasant memories of visiting Notre Dame Cathedral. It was great, but I enjoyed even more our visit to the lovely Ste. Chapelle, 3/4 of which was made of stained glass. We had benches to sit on there, and I remember just staring and staring at the luminous colors.

Thanks for the video too, organ music and voices amplified by the soaring spaces. How wonderful you can enjoy this all with your husband.

We had such a great time and squeezed in a lot in a short time. Glad this brought back good memories for you. Will have to check out Ste. Chapelle next time.

Thanks for this beautiful peek into Notre Dame Cathedral Darlene. What a treat to catch mass and the choir singing! ❤

I guess mass is held three times a day and I was lucky enough to be there during one of those times as the choir was singing!

Wonderful to see your dreams coming true Darlene. As you say if those walls could talk! I especially liked the photo of the rib vaults.

I always thought the rib vaults were there for decorative purposes but have since learned they are there to support the weight of the roof.

Wow, you brought back a lot of memories. I visited the cathedral back in 1979. I remember being overwhelmed by its size, history, and beautiful architecture.

I wonder if it was so packed with tourists then. Honestly, you could hardly move which is why I videoed the upper parts. It was still a great experience though. Pleased the post brought back good memories.

I don’t remember it being crowded at that time, but I do remember being there in the pouring rain one spring 🙂

What a wonderful experience, Darlene.

It was. One I won’t forget.

Great photos, Darlene. I love Paris and I’ve no idea why I still haven’t been inside the cathedral!

Susan A Eames at
Travel, Fiction and Photos

The line up is long but moves fast and is worth it. Paris, what’s not to love!

Lovely pictures and the Cathedral and La Maison Odette sound wonderful.

La Maison Odette was the icing on the cake for me! (or rather on the cream puffs) Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Wow! Thank you, Darlene. Your virtual tours are the best, and Notre Dame tops the list.

I love sharing my travel experiences. So pleased you enjoyed this one!!

I did, and keep sharing, Darlene!

How fortunate you are to have such enriching experiences! I enjoyed your photos of this beautiful cathedral!

I have been lucky indeed. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Your post reminded me of when I visited Notre Dame cathedral, back in the late 1970s. Sad to say I haven’t been back since. Thanks Darlene.

I think most people visited Notre Dame and Paris when they were younger. I tend to do things backwards but at least I got there eventually. Glad I reminded you of your visit. Perhaps the lines were not as long then.

I don’t remember queueing anywhere, except at the Eiffel Tower.

Beautiful pics, Darlene!

Thanks, Teri. Could be spooky in the middle of the night, empty. It certainly stirred Victor Hugo’s imagination.

So fantastic, Darlene! Thanks for sharing. ❤

Glad you liked it, Rachel!

This brought back fond memories, Darlene. I was there in August. Thanks for sharing Odette. I made a note to go there for tea and choux a la creme next time I’ m in Paris. #seniorsalon

So happy to provide good memories. Idette was special and I would not have known about it if our friends hadn’t taken us there. The joy of seeing a place with locals. Thanks for stopping in.

Your pictures are great…make me feel like I was there with you…stunning architecture!! Great post!!

Happy to have you along.

How lovely, Darlene! I can just imagine how it was to be in there with the organ and choir with all that wonderful architecture. I just love visiting old cathedrals like that and if I am ever in France I hope to see Notre Dame for sure!

It was wonderful and I do hope you get a chance to see it one day. Thanks for stopping in.

Darlene, how wonderful to hear the choir practise inside Notre Dam! Your photos are incredible and bring it to life and lovely to see the contrast visit the following day. Precious days with your family and friends.

It was sunnier the first day so glad I got most of my pictures then. Hearing the choir was very special. Great memories.

Gorgeous photos Darlene that brought me back to the Notre Dame, which I visited just a while ago. Well, umm, that would be about 45 years ago. Ack! Seems like yesterday when I see your pictures. You make me want to re-visit this iconic cathedra.

So glad I brought back some great memories. Seems everyone visited when they were younger. At least I finally got there!!

[…] I love Notre Dame and Darlene has really captured it in her photos  via Notre Dame Cathedral […]

You go to many wonderful places! I am glad you had fun! 😀

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I was so pleased to read this post Darlene. I’ve been to Notre Dame several times but, daunted by the long queues, have never been inside. Don and I will be in Paris for 5 days in February and this time I’m determined to see the interior no matter what. My first strategy will be to get there very very early.
Wishing you much joy and many adventures for 2019.

The lines are daunting but they went quickly and it was worth it. February should be not too bad. All the best for the New Year. XO

[…] in May, and we had a fabulous time. I wrote a number of posts about this amazing trip. here, here, here and […]

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[…] since we drove to Paris and saw the most amazing sights. I’ve written about it here, here and here. But I haven’t yet mentioned my visit to the fabulous Musée d’Orsay. It was on my list […]

Nice to see it in its full glory again. After the recent tragic events, these beautiful pictures and video will be all the more precious to you now. Glad you got to see it. Thanks for sharing.

I will be forever grateful that we went to see this amazing historic building last year. The pictures are a great reminder of its beauty.

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