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Featured in International Living!!

Posted on: November 17, 2018

I am excited to be featured in International Living in an article by Tricia Mitchel. Tricia also has an awesome travel blog, that is worth checking out.

Sun and Laidback Living with a Portable Income in Spain By 

Children’s book author Darlene Foster longed to escape to a sunny, snow-free spot in retirement. So, four years ago, she and her husband, Paul, bid farewell to Vancouver, Canada. After living there for 25 years, they decided to start a new life in southeastern Spain.

Darlene and Paul visited Spain a few times, and eventually bought an apartment in a beach town on the Costa Blanca. “It is a lovely neighborhood overlooking an abandoned lemon grove that provides a home to many birds including egrets, parakeets, woodpeckers, mockingbirds, peacocks, and even the occasional hoopoe,” Darlene says. “I enjoy sitting on my terrace, listening to the birds, reading, or writing and chatting to my neighbors as they walk by. It’s a wonderful life.”

Read the rest of the article here-


39 Responses to "Featured in International Living!!"

This is a great article about you, Darlene! Sounds like a great lifestyle.

Congratulations Darlene! Great article! I’ve read articles on International Living for years, having friends who have written for them for many years, and have passed on the link to your article to them.

Thanks so much, Irene. I feel honoured to be featured in this well-known publication.

Besides being a wonderful writer, You are a model for flexibility. Kudos to you for being so adaptable!

I believe it’s important to step out of your comfort zone from time to time. Thanks, Jacqui

Did you have to learn another language, Darlene, or is English widely used there? It looks and sounds beautiful!

I have a limited knowledge of Spanish but English is the common language where we live. Even the Spanish people here prefer to speak English with us as they want to practice it. The Spanish are so forgiving if you say something incorrect in Spanish. I try to pick up more as I go along and use what I can when speaking to the Spanish residents even though my accent is terrible. My little bit of French and German has also come in handy occasionally.

Maybe one day I can convince DH to travel 🙂

Congratulations on being featured in International Living. And what a wonderful place to live!

Thank you. I was very pleased with the article.

Congratulations on this triumph! I’m happy for you, Darlene!

It was a pleasant surprise! Thanks, Marian. xo

Great article. You seem to have the perfect life in Paradise–oh, I mean Spain of course!

Nothings perfect but this is pretty close! Hope you are OK and not affected by the fires.

wow Darlene just popped over to say I really enjoyed your entry in Dialogue at the Rodeo … and now I find you are a children’s author and an adventurer, moving to Spain, living the dream. Good for you!
See you at the ranch 🙂

Thanks for popping in. Now you know a bit more about me. Glad you liked my dialogue piece. See you at the ranch!!

Congratulations Darlene, love the article and already a fan of her website 😄

Congratulations, Darlene!!

Thanks, Jennie!! Dreams do come true.

They do! Best to you, Darlene. 🙂

This is so cool! Congratulations my friend!

Thanks, Beth Ann. Great of you to share as well.

A wonderful feature Darlene. I enjoyed hearing more about Costa Blanca and especially about the train travel. Sounds like a fabulous bonus to be able to access so many locations easily.
When you mentioned your trip to Malta I wondered if you would mind sharing, either here or via email, where you stayed in Malta and how you got around the island. We are considering a trip there next year. Thank you!

Thanks, Sue. We loved Malta and I’m writing Amanda in Malta as we speak. I’ll dig up the name of the place we stayed and send it to you. We didn’t bother renting a car as the bus system was good. Also, the traffic was quite bad. Medieval roads aren’t meant for 21-century traffic. We took the hop on hop off bus, did the south route one day and the north route the next and saw most of the island. We took a boat to Gozo which is well worth it. Valletta is amazing, especially the big church and the Museum of Anthropology. Medina and Mosta are also worth a look around and the fishing village of Marsaxlokk is delightful. You will just love it.

All that sounds fabulous Darlene! Thanks so much. Yes we would love the name of the place you stayed if you were happy with it. I’m copying your notes for future reference!

Oh and Amanda in Malta sounds fantastic!

Terrific article Darlene.. I read over at the post and shared from there. Made me a little homesick I have to say… now that the skies are grey and laden with moisture again…hugs xx

Thanks, Sally. Last night and today we’ve had torrential rains with lots of flooding. So you shouldn’t be too homesick!!

Oh dear.. and have just seen the video of waves off Tenerife ripping third storey balconies off apartment blocks… certainly a change from normal .. xxx

Wonderful, Darlene, going over to finish reading.

I couldn’t see anywhere to comment on the other blog, Darlene. Interesting to learn how you came to move to Spain and how you find life there. Sounds wonderful.

Thanks, Robbie. AS it is more of an online magazine, I guess there is no comment section. Glad you enjoyed the article and now you know more about me!

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