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We Must Never Forget

Posted on: November 11, 2018

I always feel sad on November 11. I can never understand the futility of war and wonder why the world can’t live in peace. I also believe that we should not forget those who lost their lives in armed conflict.

When I was in Holland, I visited a Canadian War Memorial Cemetery and wrote about it on my blog. Even after all this time, the Dutch people continue to be grateful to the Canadians for their part in liberating their country. I was proud, saddened and extremely moved by this visit. I could not stop the tears.


I love this video of the children in Holland paying respect to those who helped to liberate their country.

This year marks 100 years since the end of World War I, and yet it seems we have not learned a thing.

Check out this very informative post on a friend’s blog about the end of the war that continued up to the very last minute and in some cases beyond.


I believe it is important to read about these things so we do not forget. Maybe one day we will learn.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Robert Laurence Binyon

39 Responses to "We Must Never Forget"

Thank you to all who served and sacrificed.

So true. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Thank you Darlene for such a beautiful tribute for Remembrance Day xx

You might like my post tomorrow! I have visited Ypres several times, a very strange atmosphere. Growing up with parents both in WWII military I was extremely aware of duty, sacrifice, discipline etc. My dad was a Coldstream Guardsman who survived a Dunkirk and who must be turning in his grave over the awful governments, politicians, and disrespectful youths across the whole of Europe.

I look forward to your post tomorrow. I am afraid it is not just Europe but much of the world that is suffering from bad behaviour.

A lovely post, Darlene. I have mine ready for tomorrow, too. We must never forget.

I look forward to your post too, Clive. Thanks.

A lovely post Darlene. We are also paying respect for our lost ones here in NZ.

It is universal. Always a heart-wrenching time.

The futility of war; it both angers and saddens me. I am torn by emotions. I hate the waste of war, yet understand its necessity. Seeing those young faces, knowing they met their death because rulers couldn’t solve their problems in a civil way infuriates me. War is for the stupid, yet for the brave.

Call me selfish, but I would not sacrifice my sons to save another country; I would lock them up, keep them hidden, keep them safe. Let the foolish politicians duke it out. I say, the next time they call a war, no one shows up.

Sometimes, I think humans are the most destructive creatures on the planet, yet the majority do not want to fight, let alone go to war. The small majority should be weeded out and destroyed. Sound drastic? Possibly, but so does the suffering and dying of millions of people over the centuries because a few select people call a war.

I’m with you there my friend. I also would do what I could to keep my children out of any armed conflict. But I do respect those who choose the army as a profession. I also understand that evil people have to be stopped. Humans are definitely the most destructive creatures on the planet in more ways than one, most of it powered by greed. I will always shed a tear or two on November 11th.

That may very well be the best emotional description of the horrible events that happened in the world that led to so many wars. My heart breaks for everyone everywhere who is involved. It is even more tragic because wars don’t just destroy lives and property during the actual event but continue to infect and affect the lives of the generations that follow.

This is so true. The effects of war last a long time and scar those directly involved forever.

It’s truly one of the most poignant and important days of the year. Thanks for sharing your blog.

Thanks for the comment. I am sure many feel the same way.

A moving post, Darlene. We must never forget.

Thanks, Irene. Natural disasters are terrible but wars are mam made.

The futility of war. Indeed, Darlene. “The war to end all wars.” No one claims that as a goal any longer. Wars used to have a beginning and an end. No longer. My fear is that there is far too much money made through war these days. It’s truly sad and truly outrageous

I agree, most wars are fueled by greed. So sad.

I suspect futile wars will continue for some time yet!

I am afraid you are right, Andrew.

A great thank you to those who have served. Thank you!

And it is wonderful that you teach the children to be grateful for their service as well.

Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

It is always heartbreaking to see all those war cemeteries of multiple nationalities when we travel through France, especially in the Somme. There were very moving celebrations all over the world today: I don’t think we will ever forget and I remain hopeful we will learn eventually.

I am sure there are many in France from both wars. By holding the ceremonies, we won’t forget and neither will the young people.

I share your thoughts. War is senseless and we never learn from history. I really believe that as we continue to educate girls and women globally and they become leaders, that we will see more mediation. The Dalia Lama said at an International Peace Conference years ago, that it will be women who will bring peace to the world. In the US, I am hopeful with the large number of women who are becoming more actively involved in all fields of endeavors and for the 100 seats women gained in Congress. That’s why it is so important we focus on the generations that are being born. Books with good messages are a good start!
(Sorry I’ve missed some posts — just returned from 2 weeks vacation.)

I so agree with you, women do need to take more control. You do such a great job of spreading the word about books with strong messages. I hope you had a good vacation.

Touching tribute. But sadly, tragically we have not learnt anything and war still defines politics and represents power and greed and lives senselessly lost.I love what Patricia wrote above about the Dalia Lama and women and I say “hear hear. It is about time.”


Yes, Peta, it is about time. xo

Darlene, a moving post for the occasion and the video had me in tears … the youngsters were so tender and caring as they placed the candles by the graves. This 11th November was more poignant than ever and I felt a heaviness in my heart all day … as if the united sorrow and commemorations had floated into the ether and touched us all.

I felt the same way this year. That video is so special. Glad you love it as much as I do.

What a beautiful post and verse, Darlene. Jennifer Alderson writes about the war in Amsterdam and it was so sad what happened there [and everywhere else of course]

Thanks, Robbie. The Dutch suffered terribly (as did others as you say). Living outside of Europe as you and I did, we don’t realize how much the war affected the people until we visit there.

Thanks Darlene for sharing your thoughts and this post…indeed we must never forget…those wh9 gave their lives deserve our respect and gratitude…as do those who continue to keep peace and protect our freedom.

I always get quite emotional on this day and am so thankful that my generation hasn’t had to send our children to armed conflict on such a scale. xo

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