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Moroccan Tea Gardens in Spain

Posted on: November 2, 2018


The entrance to Carmen Del Campillo Moriscos

I heard of these Moroccan Tea Gardens, Carmen Del Campillo Moriscos, located about one hour from where we live and was intrigued. I finally had an opportunity to visit them recently. They are tucked away in the countryside among groves of lemons, oranges and pomegranates and not easy to find. But once there, it is worth the drive. The minute I entered the gates, a feeling of tranquillity surrounded me. The gardens seemed to go on forever with many little paths to follow and explore. Every corner I turned, another delightful scene appeared. As well as the picturesque gardens, the site comprises a number of buildings to investigate, inside and out, on many levels. A fabulous selection of tea is served in the gardens or in the tea rooms, on mats and pillows, at tables or even in a Bedouin tent! Stroll along with me as the sun sets on this incredible place.





Where will this path take me?

DSCN2487 (2)




Happy to finally visit these delightful gardens


An authentic Bedouin tent at the top


The resident peacock


Delicious teas and baklava type desserts


Inside the tea rooms




Evening sets in and creates an enchanting world


DSCN2544 (3)



Following a candlelit path, I found this mysterious door

This place is so charming and well displayed. I enjoyed wandering the gardens and felt like I was in Morocco. The lovely stone paths, the calming music, the pottery, the Bedouin tent, the resident peacock, everything was perfect. The selection of teas was incredible, I had a delicious Rooibos chocolate flavoured tea. I also loved the baklava type pastries. As the sun set, the gardens and tea rooms took on a romantic, exotic feel. I wandered the candlelit paths and discovered many more interesting scenes. I didn’t want to leave. I will be bringing out of town guests here to be sure!!

73 Responses to "Moroccan Tea Gardens in Spain"

What a fabulous place, and well worth your time spent in finding it. Lovely pictures 😊

Thanks, Clive. I would never be able to give anyone instructions on how to find it. I went with a group on a bus and even the bus driver made a couple of wrong turns!!

That’s when you know you’ve found something secret and special!

How fabulous – what an amazing discovery.

It was. I just hope I will be able to find it again!

What a joy! Thanks for sharing this experience.

A delightful experience for me. You would love it.

Very interesting. A great setting for a mystery novel, especially at night!

Oh, yes. My imagination was working overtime. This place will show up in a book for sure.

Gorgeous place, that tea and baklava got me! 😉

It was so good. I hope to return.

Looks like a beautiful place, reminded me of the Alcazaba in Malaga. We really like places such as this, we love tea too but not flavoured or fruit and herbal teas. We buy tea from Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, different estates and grades, just like wine. Sadly lacking in England these days!

Apparently, it was built by a man from Granada and his family runs it. I wasn´t able to get much history as the staff were very busy. I love different teas but can’t handle caffeine in the evening so enjoy Rooibos from Africa and don´t mind it flavoured (especially with chocolate) I do enjoy a good cup of green tea in the morning though. A friend brought me some from Thailand which was excellent.

My wife drinks only green tea, Sencha from Japan, it must be Japanese not Chinese.

I would recommend your wife tries some gunpowder green tea…smoky rich and earthy!

What a wonderful find, it looks like an utterly enchanting place. I like the sound of that chocolate rooibos and those pastries. This is my kind of day out. 🙂

I have to say, I thought of you when I was there. I just knew you would love it. xo

It really looks like an enchanted place right out of One Thousand and One Nights and I can understand why you wouldn’t want to leave. The Bedouin tent speaks adventure in the desert to me and mysterious paths are just what drives me. Although I am not a great lover of tea, I would most definitely try the chocolate flavoured variety. Thanks for sharing this magical place, Darlene, maybe we will visit next time we are in that beautifil region of Spain. ❤

Spain never ceases to amaze me. Such lovely surprises in the most unlikely places. Yes, this was a place perfect for me too, where my imagination could go wild. You would just love it!

Beautiful place and you shared good information about that place. It’s really enjoyable and stunning photos you have shared.

It looks absolutely fabulous and so authentic! We just posted about our last trip to Essaouira ~ one of our favorite places. What a lovely surprise for you to have found this delightful place! Great pics.
Thanks for sharing

Thanks, Peta. So pleased you enjoyed the pictures. As you can imagine, I took may more. It was hard to decide which ones reflected the mood of the place best. Spain just keeps offering us more surprises all the time. I’m grateful to be here.

This looks delightful. I love Moroccan culture and design. 🌼

I do too and there is a strong connection to that culture in Spain as the Moors were well established here at one time. This felt very authentic.

Every picture shows a delight. So much beauty in one place. I love the
way all is displayed and served with such attention to each detail. Brings
such calm over the scenes.


Thanks so much. It was even more amazing in person.

Thank you for the tour of Moroccan tea gardens, Darlene. I felt more peaceful just reading about them. You can enjoy them again when you visit with out -of town guests. 🙂

I do hope to enjoy them again. I’m sure I’ll discover more things too. So glad you enjoyed the little tour and felt peaceful. xo

That is just amazing. A gorgeous walk through the gardens to build up an appetite. I haven’t run in baklava in way too long. Wonderful post, Darlene.

So pleased you liked the post. They don’t do meals, just tea and the baklava, which was so good!

Darlene it sounds like a wonderful treasure hunt first finding the gardens and then exploring them. I must say those desserts look scrumptious. Wonderful to find such hidden gems close to home.

I had heard about this place but no one seemed to know how to get there. Not sure I could find it again! But so glad I finally got there as it was such a lovely spot. (and not that far from home!) The desserts were very good!!

The perfect spot! Lovely pictures— I feel like I was right there with you!!!

For someone who enjoys tea as much as I do, as well as gardens and beautiful places, you would just love it. The only thing better would have been having you there with me! xO

Wow, what an amazing place. Your pictures are beautiful!

Thanks, Marcia. Pleased you enjoyed the pictures.

[…] Darlene had a chance to go and visit the Moroccan Tea Gardens and she took loads of photos to show us all how amazing it is via Moroccan Tea Gardens in Spain […]

What an amazing garden! And so much fun too! I am glad for you that you had the opportunity to go! Wish I could go there too! xox

It was a fun evening and I am so glad for the opportunity.

Reblogged this on Therapy Bits and commented:
Just look at these incredible photos that Darlene shares of the morroccan tea gardens in spain! I wish I was there right now! 😀

Thanks so much for sharing my experience. xo

Mysterious, delightful, and charming. Thank you for sharing this discovery, Darlene. I love the photo of the long pathway and dark entrance far ahead, followed by the photo of entering that entrance.

So pleased you enjoyed this post. I will always wonder what was behind the large locked door. I am sure my character, Amanda Jane Ross, would love this place too. She would probably find a way to get that door open and find what is behind it.

Ooo… I think you’re right!! Best to you, Darlene.

Wow, I haven’t been to that part of Spain. Thanks for the introduction. Es hermoso! -Rebecca

It’s inland on the Southern Costa Blanca near the town of Crevillente. I love this part of Spain!! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Such a beautiful place, Darlene. Thanks for sharing. Your post is also timely for me because I’m going to Morocco this month. The architecture in Southern Spain has some Moorish history and influence.

So pleased you enjoyed this post, Natalie. Enjoy Morocco!

I love living vicariously through others! Thanks for taking me on such a wonderful trip!

I’m glad you enjoyed the trip with me. Happy to have you along.

This place is gorgeous. Thank you for the photo tour.

Thanks for stopping in. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

Thank you for sharing the delightful tea garden with us, what a nice visit and not so far away from where you live.

It’s probably close as the crow flies but with all the twists and turns, it can take a while to get there. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Gorgeous setting Darlene. I noticed the Samava in one of the photos and was wondering where the Hookah pipes were, lol. 🙂

They were there. I just didn’t get a picture of them. It was a fabulous place to spend an evening.

I can only imagine! 🙂

Hi. A quick note to say I’m going to follow your blog. No pressure to reciprocate, though I won’t complain if you do. Take care —
Neil S.

Thanks for following! Hope you enjoy the posts.

I am late to the garden but I came nonetheless. Your photography makes me want to step out of this cold Midwest weather and into the beauty of Spain. Thank you so much for sharing!

You are never too late!! I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures and that they brought some warmth to you. xo

That’s so beautiful there! An experience like this is definitely on my wish list!

A perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea.

Lovely, Darlene! 🙂 Thanks for giving us a “taste” of Morocco… xo

It was like being transported to Morocco! Glad you could enjoy it with me.

You certainly do visit some wonderful places, Darlene.

I try to find interesting and unique places. This one was a pleasant surprise!!

It looks and sounds delightful. What a find.

It was an amazing find! Glad you enjoyed the post, Cath.

[…] Moroccan Tea Gardens in Spain  :|:  Darlene […]

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