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#BadMoonRising: Amanda in New Mexico: Ghosts in the Wind by Darlene Foster #childrensbooks #supernatural

Posted on: October 27, 2018

Just in time for Halloween, I am part of Teri Polen´s Bad Moon Rising series. I hope you have your costume ready, candies bought and pumpkin carved. If not, That´s OK. Just have a pumpkin spiced latte, sit back and enjoy the post! Happy Halloween!!

Books and Such

Today’s guest is the author of a wonderful series of children’s books.  Readers call them ‘delightful armchair travel’ and a ‘fantastic adventure’.  As a bonus – they’re educational!  Amanda in New Mexico touches on the supernatural, and that’s the book Darlene Foster shares with us today.  She also tells a Ouija board story that will send tingles down your spine.  Welcome Darlene!

You’re in a horror movie.  Are you the final person, the first to die, the comic relief, the skeptic, the smart one, or the killer?

I would be the comic relief. I’m usually the first one to crack a joke when things are tense. This can be annoying to some people who think it is no laughing matter.

Have you ever played with a Ouija board?

My aunt and I played with one when we were children. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I do…

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22 Responses to "#BadMoonRising: Amanda in New Mexico: Ghosts in the Wind by Darlene Foster #childrensbooks #supernatural"

You’re already writing book no.8? Wow! I like the sound of Amanda in Malta. I think I’d be too spooked to spend a night alone in a haunted house, too. If I was allowed to take someone with me I might cope but otherwise I don’t know if my nerves could take it. Happy Halloween!

I know my nerves couldn’t take it. I couldn’t even stay at a haunted hotel like the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, New Mexico. A visit during the day, with all the lights on, was the best I could do. I think I have too active an imagination! I know, how have I managed to write almost 8 books?? Thanks for your encouragement.

I used to love the Ouija Board. I’m off to read your post.

We had a lot of fun with it as kids. We didn’t take it very seriously. Perhaps we should have??

I’d never participate in a wigi board! I’d be too scared! xx

As kids, we didn’t think of it as scary. I probably would now!

I have now finished reading Amanda in New Mexico and, despite my age, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Like Amanda, I have always maintained that I don’t believe in ghosts, but a few occurrences of late have made me question my beliefs. Lovely read. Thank you.

This makes my heart sing! I am so glad you enjoyed the story and could relate. My books are really for all ages. Thank you so much. 💖

I am just a big child at heart! 😂

As a teenager had a few too many “really weird” things happen with a Ouija….not positive things…so hands off from that point on.
A few years back, I was part of a 2 day business conference on the Queen Mary docked in Long Beach, California. The room I had was a beautiful suite completely done in the original decor…during the middle of the night I woke up feeling something getting on the bed. My first reaction was either my wife or one of our dogs getting into bed (large dogs), when I realized where I was and that I was alone on this trip. Not a great feeling and I went into prayer mode pretty quickly. So, I’ll stay away from “haunted” anything….:)

Have a great weekend and congrats on the share!!

That is one spooky story, Kirt. Thanks for sharing. You never know who used to sleep in that room. I have been to the very same Queen Mary and it did feel like it held many stories. I stay away from anything haunted, at least during the night. Have a great weekend as well!!

Hadn’t thought about it, but this is a perfect Halloween read for tweens.

It is and not overly scary. I couldn´t read real scary books as a child so I didn´t want to give children nightmares with my book. Funny though, many kids like to be scared.

Wonderful! I loved the Ouija Board, too.

Thank you, Darlene. I enjoyed the post. I’d like to visit Malta, the country in your next book, one day. #seniorsalon

You would love Malta. I am enjoying revisiting this amazing place as I write Amanda’s adventures. So pleased to see you here. Thanks for visiting.

Thank you, my dear friend, Darlene for your continued support and sharing of your posts at SeniorSalon. Shared this on Twitter

You are so welcome. Thanks for Senior Salon. I’ve made some great friends there!

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