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French National Museum of Ceramics

Posted on: October 14, 2018

DSCN1801We had one rainy day in Paris, the trains were on strike and the traffic horrible. So we decided not to go downtown. Since the Ceramics Museum was nearby, we choose to visit it instead. I love ceramics of all sorts, my daughter is a potter, after all. It was a good decision.


The elegant entrance into the French Museum of Ceramics

Located in Sèvres, a suburb of Paris well known for producing fine ceramics, the museum is housed in a building built in 1876 on the site of a ceramics factory which is still in operation. The museum was originally created in 1824  by Alexandre Brongniart who’s statue stands in front of the building. It was later moved to the current location.


The museum contains one of the world’s largest collection of ceramics representing many countries, periods and techniques. I was fascinated by all categories of ceramics (pottery, faience, stoneware, porcelain, as well as enamels, stained glass windows and glass) from various cultures and time periods well displayed in the many rooms. Here are some of my favourite pieces.








Don’t you just love the face on this item from Germany?


I couldn’t help but admire this vase decorated with dogs, cats, and rabbits.


A fabulous wall of ceramic plates


This was one of my favourite pieces. I love the colours.

DSCN1792 (2)

And not just because it matched my nail polish perfectly!!

The rain doesn’t ruin your plans, it just gives you an opportunity to do or see something you hadn’t planned!!

51 Responses to "French National Museum of Ceramics"

A museum devoted to ceramics. Wow! I love the one you are nearly touching. Not only is the pattern and nail polish color 😀 beautiful, it gives the viewer the context of size. Wonderful!

It was a treat to visit this museum. It was a huge vase!

Darlene, this is so beautiful and it is a great treat you have given us.
I am quite astounded by the wall with so many hand painted plate?


The plates were awesome! Glad you enjoyed the post and pictures.

Love those plates and yes, gorgeous colors on that last pot.

I thought you would like these ceramics!

What a wonderful museum, Darlene. Thanks for sharing it with us. I was smiling at the German one even before I read your comment! My favourite is the one with a number 10 beside it though I also love the wall of plates.

I like that one too and if I remember correctly, it was quite old. It was a wonderful museum and I’m so glad I visited it.

Who knew there was a museum of ceramics. The work is amazing. I’ve stumbled on some wonderful sights exactly as you did–by accident.

Sometimes those are the best! I visited a Ceramics Museum in Valencia as well. I must do a post about it one day as well.

Lovely pieces Darlene. I could spend a whole day in museums like this.
Happy Sunday Xx

Me too. My favourite places to spend a rainy day. Glad you liked the pictures.

What an absolutely incredible experience, Darlene! Thank you so much for sharing with us. I hope to one day visit myself!

I do hope you get to visit one day. Pleased you enjoyed the post.

I love pottery too, Darlene. Actually, I like most forms of art. Have you seen the Holy Thorn Reliquary in the British Museum? It is truly amazing.

I have not seen it but will make sure I do next time I’m in London. I love all forms of art as well and have to be dragged out of places like this.

It looks very interesting, Darlene, and the objects are beautiful. Fancy finding an exact match for your nail varnish colour there!

Peter’s Dad is a potter too and I used to love helping in his garage-come-pottery after he retired in Bournemouth. It is a fascinating profession where the only limit is your imagination. I love your daughter’s work too. Thanks for sharing. 👍 ❤

Thanks. I recall you mentioning that your father-in-law was a potter as well. Thought you would like this post. xo

nice pictures of a museum worth mentioning. And from Pont de Sévres you can take bus 171 to the Chateau de Versailles !! Cheers

Yes! We went to Versailles the following day and loved it too. not everyone knows about the Ceramics Museum so I was happy to share some pictures. Thanks for popping by my blog!

Je vous en prie; you are most welcome!

Fascinating! I had no idea such a museum existed. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Sometimes these little known museums can be fascinating. Glad you enjoyed it.

What a beautiful museum of ceramics. I loved your photographs! You always tell a story and I like that. Makes me feel like I’m there.

Once a storyteller, always a storyteller I guess. Happy to share my experiences and pictures and take you along with me.

What a beautiful museum. I love the wall of plates. I used to have my own wall filled with vintage pottery. 🌼

The wall of plates was wonderful. I only captured part of it. I’m sure your wall was great!!

Thanks for this beautiful little tour Darlene. And I always wondered if we’re allowed to take photos in galleries and museums? 🙂

Glad you enjoyed it. I always ask if I can take pictures and was very pleased that it was OK in this museum. (and in most places in France!)

Good to know! Thanks Darlene 🙂

Very nice read to your post which is related to the historical things in French National Museum. Thanks for posting detail here.

So true Darlene. Sometimes what seems like a stumbling block is a door to a grand adventure.

I always look at it that way and try not to let these setbacks spoil my holiday. There is always something else to do!

Oh I didn’t even know this existed. Thank you how wonderful to see. On my next visit I will be checking it out x

I love finding these out of the way places. They are never crowded either. Hope you do check it out.

This place looks fascinating, thanks for sharing, Darlene!

It was a great find! Pleased you liked it!

It was probably nice to be away from the crowds. You found hidden treasure. A history through the ages.

It was definitely a hidden treasure. I love places like this.

Sounds like an interesting way to spend a rainy day…I know I would enjoy it.

You would enjoy it, I know!

I love museums but get to them infrequently. I’ve never heard of a ceramic museum-and with your photos I feel like I’ve almost been there. 🧡

Then my job is done! I love museums but don’t get to them nearly enough. When I do I’m in heaven. Love to share my finds!

Wow! This is beautiful!❤️ Oh the ceramic plates!..

Thanks for stopping by. The plates are amazing!

Darlene, I love pottery as well and your post is a real treat! The sense of history is palpable from the photos and what an amazing collection. The selection of plates is divine and the colours of the last one is beautiful and surprisingly large! I’m smiling at how it matches your nails.

In Ironbridge, near Telford there is a China Museum which traces back the history of china from the very early days – an unexpected delight in this town famous for its iron!

Great to learn you are also a pottery lover. A China Museum would be interesting as well. The matching nail polish was a sheer coincidence but we all thought it was very funny.

I completely agree with your end comment, bad weather gives you the perfect opportunity for doing something like this. The ceramics museum looks incredible, and I love the German piece with the smiley face.

The German section had some unique pieces. I am glad it rained and I had the opportunity to visit this interesting place.

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