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How do you create readers for life?

Posted on: August 28, 2018

I am a guest today over at Jacqui Murray’s amazing blog, WordDreams. I answer her question, How do you create readers for life? See what I have to say.

darlene fosterOne of my summer reading discoveries is Darlene Foster’s six-volume Amanda series. I’m a teacher-author so I’m always eager to find fresh books that my K-8 students will love. When I came across Darlene on her blog, Darlene Foster’s Blog, I have to admit, I was really excited. I’d never found a children’s travelogue series that would appeal to kids the same way fiction does. This series does. In it, kids travel all over the world, to those names that excite every adult–Amanda on the Danube, Amanda in Arabia, Amanda in Alberta, as well as three more fun world locations.

I asked Darlene if she would mind doing an interview for my blog–just one question. That’s all I had:

How do you create readers for life?

Because that’s what these books have the power to do–turn kids into readers. Here’s her answer:

Writing for children…

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14 Responses to "How do you create readers for life?"

Thanks so much for being my guest, Darlene. I can see by the response over at WordDreams that this is a hot topic!

Thanks for having me. I am delighted with the response to my article.

Darlene!! This is one of the best interviews, asking but one question- the most important one. I so enjoyed reading this!

So pleased you like it! It is an important question. You do a great job of creating readers for life yourself!!

Thanks so much, Darlene!

I so recall the years of my youth and pouring over series of books. Wonderful to think of Amanda inspiring youngsters around the world to be lifetime readers and explorers.

I think prairie kids had more time to read as we didn’t have the distractions the kids from the cities had. I read all of the Anne of Green Gables, Pollyanna and Little Woman series as well as many others. I do hope the Amanda series will do the same for children now. And if they inspire them to travel and see the world, all the better!

What could be more rewarding than introducing children to a passion for books? You’re doing a great job, Darlene, and not only for children (I think I recognise that quote from the older gentleman). 🙂

Thanks, Lorna. I still treasure that comment from your dad.

There must be great satisfaction in knowing many children are enjoying your books, Darlene.

There is indeed. Thanks for the comment and your ongoing support.

Hi Darlene, thank you very much for sharing your post at #seniorsalon. I shared it on my Share, Care & Inspire FB page and also RT.

Just letting everyone know that my blog is now troll free, and up and running. New post: Of cows, collars, satellites,furniture polish tea, and the news.

Ps, Darlene, I live in Mainz,, the city with the Gutenberg museum, and I studied german cultural anthropology and translated for the Gutenberg Society. If you ever need info for an Amanda in our area, please let me know.

Thanks for dropping by. Sounds like your town would be a great place to visit.

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