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My Amazing Daughter

Posted on: August 17, 2018

I have mentioned my talented potter daughter previously. I am so proud of her as she continues to grow and create fabulous art. Recently she has been featured in a glossy magazine from the UK called Art Reveal 

In the article she states, I’m privileged to participate in the cycle of handmade artifacts.

Here is the link to the complete article.


If you get a chance to read it, you will see she is not only a talented artist, she is also very articulate.

Following are a few of her recent pieces.


Susa, wood-fired stoneware


Ocean Momma




Raku Shake Basket


Rhythm of the Dance

To see more of her work, check out her website. https://madmudslinger.com/

She will ship anywhere in the world!!

To see your children doing what they love and doing it well is the best reward for a parent. I couldn’t be more proud.

87 Responses to "My Amazing Daughter"

Darlene, you have every reason to be proud. Such beautiful art!!

She has come a long way and it’s not been easy, but she is doing so well. Thanks, Christa.

I love her style. Beautiful work. You’re a proud mama! Enjoyed the article.

Thanks, Patricia. I was most impressed with the article.

How wonderful!! Congratulations to you too for the work she does. Lovely style. x

Thanks so much. She has a great style, so natural.

Darlene, I’m speechless! Wow!!

I know. Wow is the best word. Thanks!

Delightful artistry! How wonderfully talented!

This has been her passion since a young child.

How wonderful to see your daughter’s talents expressed in both writing and visual art. You have a right to feel proud of her artistry. My son’s photography and sculpture graces some of the walls and tables in our house. Yes, I feel gratitude too!

It is great to have works of art by our children in our homes. So much to be thankful for. xo

Goodness these are really special. Your daughter is very talented indeed.

Isn’t she just. Thanks!!

She is so very talented!!!!

Your daughter is very talented, DArlene.

I do hope one day the two of you meet as I know you would have a lot in common. Thanks for the comment.

Fabulous! I understand your pride in your very talented daughter.

I love her work. She is indeed talented and has an original flair for her creations. You have reason to be proud, Darlene.

Thanks so much, Fatima.

wonderful pieces! no wonder you are so proud!

Thanks. She has come a long way! Are you still painting?

Lovely, Darlene. Her work has an “ancient” feel to it. I’m interested in clay jugs these days since mine from the 1750s inspired my latest novel. Good for her!

It does have an ancient feel. I like that she calls her work handmade artifacts. That is so wonderful that your clay jug inspired your book!

Wonderful pottery. Well done to her. 🙂

Wow. You must be so proud!

Grinning from ear to ear!! Thanks!

Hey Looking Great,Her Art is Really showing through.Almost a True Personal Touch in each Individual piece.

So true. There is a part of her in every piece. Nice to see you here!!

You should be proud, Darlene…beautiful work 😀

She has worked so hard to get here. I am incredibly proud. Thanks, Carol.

I am sure she has Darlene her work is beautiful and you are welcome x

Love the pieces. She is very clever.

She is. Thanks, Diane.

Wow, she IS amazing, beautiful work!

Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
Darlene Foster is justifiably proud of her artistic daughter whose work has been recently featured in prestigious art magazine in the UK… love the pottery and I can see why Darlene is so proud.

Thanks for the reblog, Sally!

What a talent! These are beautiful! And no surprise that your daughter is articulate- you’re her mom! 💗

Awe! Thanks, Pam. That’s very sweet of you. xo

Wow congrats to your daughter Darlene. Lots of talent in your family 🙂 x

Thanks, Debby! She is much more talented than I am. She was determined to follow her dream from day one. All I did was encourage her.

That’s all it takes, a little encouragement. Wonderful Darlene 🙂 x

Nothing more exciting that to see a loved one express themselves creatively like this – bravo!

Thanks, John. This is so true. She has been building things from clay since she was very young. So pleased she has followed her passion.

I love these!!

I’m delighted that everyone likes her work. Of course, I do but then I’m her mom!!

Darlene, how proud you must be! love her work…so beautiful. Stunning…thanks for sharing!!

I certainly am! So pleased you like her work, Kirt.

Such creativity and gorgeous pieces. You have every reason to be proud.

[…] Wow you can see why Darlene is proud of her daughter via My Amazing Daughter […]

Very talented indeed Darlene, extraordinary work. 🙂

Thanks. She is a wonder!

Its really artwork of its best. Thank you for sharing. Michael

These pieces are awesome. She is talented. I have a fondness for pottery and each fall when I make my rounds at the markets, I pick up a few pieces to support the local potters and to satisfy my addiction of fine pieces to eat and drink from.

Thanks, Diane. I’m pleased you like her work. I’m sure you have a nice collection by now. Thanks for supporting local potters as I know how tough it is for them to earn a living.

No wonder you’re proud of her, quite right too. She has an interesting style and her pieces seem very tactile. The more I look at them the more I want to pick them up. I feel especially drawn to the amphora, which is beautifully formed, and the Rhythm of the Dance piece really draws me in. I don’t know how to describe it, but there’s a sort of warmth about her work that’s most appealing.

There is a lot of her in her work. She puts her heart and soul into each piece. I´m so pleased you like it, Lorna.

Oh my, Darlene. What talent. Original, handmade pottery is one of the few things in the world that I can not resist! Your daughter’s work is gorgeous and she is indeed participating “in the cycle of handmade artifacts.” Beautiful. 🙂

I am so pleased you enjoy her work as well. She is very talented but also works hard at perfecting her craft. Thanks for the comments, Diane.

Wow! WOW! She is incredibly talented.

Thanks so much, Jennie. I am overwhelmed by everyone’s response. This is her passion and it shows through.

It really does, Darlene. Thank YOU for sharing her work!

She’s so talented – these are beautiful!

Your daughter is very gifted. You have every reason to be proud of her 🙂

Thanks so much and thanks for dropping by my blog.

Darlene, it’s nice to meet you and your daughter. Her work is lovely and inspiring. Your post title drew me in. I’m also the mom of two amazing daughters (and one amazing son). They bring great joy in my life.

Thanks, Evelyn. Kids are the best! I also have a fabulous son who is a musician, father and grandfather! Nice to see you on my blog. Thanks for stopping in.

She is very talented and you must be so proud!

Rachael | https://rachaelstray.com

She is. Thanks so much. I just got off a 3 hour Skype call with her. xo

How lovely – technology like Skype is just brilliant!

You have one talented daughter there, Darlene. Some very individual, beautiful pieces. You must be proud. xx

She does amazing work. But like writing, it is difficult to make a living from it. But she is determined. Yes, very proud indeed.

Your are grateful to have a such a great artistic daughter. She definitely makes you proud cheers!

Wow, Darlene. Thank you for showing me your daughter’s creation. Her artwork is gorgeous. I love the designs and the fine details. Since I have the pottery background using clay, I understand how they are made. I attend classes in an institute for the semiretired and retired people. There’s a ceramic class. I hope to spend at least one quarter there just for fun. I made a whale nightlight for my daughter when I was pregnant (the light shines through the blowhole and eyes). I was short of one week to finish and turned it for firing. So the top wasn’t completely dry. Where it was fired, the top had bubbles. I’ll check out her website.

It is quite a process and anything can happen at any stage. Pleased you enjoyed learning more about my potter daughter.

I wonder if your daughter use wire inside of the handles of the baskets. I like the way she makes some like ropes and some like braids. I also like the way she drips the paint.

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