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Authors and Their Pets

Posted on: August 5, 2018

I am so pleased to be the featured author on Pens, Paws and Claws, a wonderful blog that features authors and their pets. Don’t you just love the title of the blog? Check it out, especially if you love pets. Read about how I use animals in my books and how animals have affected my writing life. Of course, Dot is included.

Welcome Author Darlene Foster

Pens, Paws, and Claws would like to welcome author, Darlene Foster to the blog!


Author Darlene Foster and her dog, Dot. 

How do your pets impact your writing?

Spending time with my dog relaxes me and inspires ideas. When I get stuck, I take her for a walk and often return with fresh new ideas. She also gets me off my butt and away from the computer. When she thinks I have been there too long, she comes into my office with her ball and drops it in front of me, looking at me with those big puppy dog eyes. I just can’t say no. Before moving to Spain and getting our dog we had cats. They would sleep on my lap or on my feet while I wrote. A writer needs pets. They are great to discuss ideas with.

DSCN0909 (2)

Who could refuse those eyes? 

Do you include animals in your stories?

Living on a farm/ranch there were always animals around so I love animals of all sorts….

read more here and discover my funniest pet story


Whether you are a writer or not, how have animals affected your life? Do you have a funny pet story?

41 Responses to "Authors and Their Pets"

I think everyone needs pets: they bring out the best in us. 💖👍

They do, don’t they? And make wonderful traveling companions!

I hadn’t thought of an author discussing ideas for a story with their pet although I seem to remember reading that Agatha Christie did something similar with her dog. I’ve never heard of a dog separating their food out like Dot does, that’s brilliant. 🙂

Hemingway had his cats and Ian Flemming had his dogs, I’m sure they all discussed their writing with their animal friends. Dot is so funny, she keeps us amused at all times. I’ve never seen another dog separate the food like that either and she does it so seriously.

Dot is gorgeous – Dog has gone all dewy eyed over the screen..

I do think our dogs would be best mates if they got together. Probably best if we keep them apart.

Let alone the airline costs of transporting them…

Such great loyal companions. 😉

Their unconditional love is so precious. Dot makes me happy every day!

I find people are either dog or cat lovers. I would go for cats but I’m allergic to them!

I know. I thought I was a cat lover as we had them for most of our married life. We moved to Spain and Paul convinced me to get a dog and I am now so in love with her. Who would have thought? Pets aren’t for everyone but I was quite homesick for my kids, grandkids and friends. Dot has helped me with that.

Many years ago we had a couple of cats after my sons nagged and nagged, but I ended up sneezing and itching and they had to be returned to the Cats’ Protection League. Never had a dog though.

It can’t be fun if you have a pet allergy. Stick with stuffy animals instead! (and you don’t have to feed them!!)

I really enjoyed reading the interview, Darlene. Dot is adorable! And you had an antelope named Bambi!

Dot is a real sweetheart. I know, not many can say they had a pet antelope named Bambi! It is a nice story and I may share it one day.

I hope you do. 🙂

Thanks for always sharing your stories with us at Senior Salon Jennie. I will now share on FB and RT

You are welcome and thanks for sharing!!

Congrats on the feature Darlene. I don’t have pets (too much moving around), but all the serious pet owners I know claim an almost mystical connection to their pet – particularly the dog owners. It looks like Dot could almost qualify as a co-writer. 🙂 ~James

Don’t tell her that or I’ll have to share my royalties. Well, maybe I can buy her a doggie treat. We had cats in Vancouver but when we moved to Spain, we missed our friends and family. Getting Dot filled that gap. It was a good decision. Thanks for stopping by James. I hope all is well in your corner.

I would love to have a pet again, but I just dread losing another as they age and die. That loss is too much.

That is the downside. I completely understand. Hubby took it very hard when the cats died.

Thanks for a lovely post. I prefer cats but there is something special and intuitive about dogs.

We had cats for years. This our first dog in 35 years and we are so in love with her. We are cat and dog people. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Pets love us unconditionally. They’re a gift.

I think Dot is on her way to being an author in her own right! Her guest post gave her talent away. Wonderful to hear what an impact he has had on your writing.

Awe, thanks. She has made a huge difference in our lives and my writing!! Dot says thanks too. xo

You and Dot were made for each other. I remember (from your blog post) the day you and your guy brought Dot home. Ahhh, life can be wonderful.

We certainly are made for each other. Who would have thought she would make such a difference, 2 years ago!! Life is good my friend. xo

Wellll, we all know what DOG spelled backwards is…. ❤

Nice… pets are always our best fren and always love us unconditionally

There’s something special about owning a dog. Their loyalty has no boundary. Cats are evil.

Dogs are very special but I have had some good relations with cats as well. It’s just different. Someone said, “you own a dog, you feed a cat.” LOL

The time I spend walking our dogs is when my stories start to take shape. Maybe it will change shape before I finish the first draft, probably my wonderful editor will alter it several times, but the story will have been effected by those walks. Thanks Darlene for this post.

Nothing like walking a dog or dogs to get the ideas churning!! Thanks for dropping by.

Daily walks with my pups are some of the BEST moments I have for writing-creativity!

Exactly!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I reckon something genuinely special in this site.

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