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Dot Goes to France

Posted on: June 25, 2018

Hola! Dot here. Mom said I could write this post. It’s my first try so I hope it will be OK. Two years ago Mom and Dad came to Malaga to pick me up from my foster home and we drove a long way back to my forever home. I was eight months old and hadn’t ever been on such a long drive. I think it was five hours. But it was fine because they stopped a few times and let me have walks and bathroom breaks.

DSCN4925 (2)

I didn´t make a sound on the five-hour car ride to my new home. two years ago.

So when Mom and Dad decided to drive to Paris and take me along I was fine with that. It was fun. Even though it was a long drive, we stopped lots at cool places that had different writing on the signs. So now I know a little bit of French. We stayed at dog-friendly hotels along the way. I’m glad I was with mom and dad as I don’t like sleeping in strange places.


Mom got excited when we passed signs showing we were going to places she has always wanted to visit. Dad and I think she gets excited about the strangest things.



The countryside was pretty from what I could see from the back seat. Mom took loads of pictures. We passed castles and cows in the fields. She took the pictures through the car window so they aren’t that great.

DSCN1959 (2)

French Charolais cattle in the fields


Driving by a castle in the distance


When we got to Sèvres, near Paris we stopped at my friend Havane’s place. I was so glad to see her again and we had tons of fun playing together and running in the forest.


Dot and her friend Havane.


Dot playing ball in the forest.


Havane protecting her ball from Dot.

I had a comfy bed to sleep on and I brought my teddy so I was happy.



Dot feeling at home in France.

I didn’t get to go into Paris, which is OK as I don’t like busy cities with traffic and lots of people. I stayed home with Havane. But mom said they saw dogs there. One even stood on his dad’s shoulder while he played his guitar for money. I hope they made enough money for dog food.


Busker in Paris with his dog.

Here are a couple of videos of me and Havane at her home and in the forest. Watch how I always get the ball.


Au revoir mes amis!

Dot the dog.

71 Responses to "Dot Goes to France"

Dot looks as if she is having a lot if fun with her friend 🙂

She had a good time and was a great little traveller.

I hope Ani will travel as well as Dot 🙂

another perspective! haha!

Dot had to have her say too!! xo

Hey, Dot, great post, you did really well. You obviously are having a wonderful life and lots of fun. Say hello to your humans!

Thanks, Christa. Glad you liked it! bow wow!!

Wow. Wonderful. Mom must be so proud.

I think she is. She gave me not one but two treats tonight.

The funny thing about signs is that you can see one for, say, Paris and be still hundreds of kilometres away. My favourite – the ones that read ‘toutes directions’ (all directions). It’d be nice to have one of those in my everyday!

It is nice to know you can get there from all directions! Seeing the names of places I had only ever read about got me so excited. (even though some were nowhere near as hubby pointed out.)

Hello Dot. Sasha here. My Alpha Mom has me take over a blog post every now and again too. I like. Sounds like you do too. Congrats on getting to see the world. I’m a little jealous.

Hi Sasha. This was my first post and it was fun. I hope mom lets me do it again soon. It was good to see more of the world but I still like it at home the best.

What a wonderful story Dot!

Thanks, Thelma. Glad you liked it!

A made-to-order pet, that Dot! I especially enjoyed the “au revoir” video. Thanks, Darlene!

So pleased you liked it! Darlene and Dot.

I loved Dots post ….of course I somehow wasn’t surprised! Lucky Dot to have a friend in France to visit….❤️❤️❤️❤️

She is a lucky puppy. I knew you would enjoy this post. Dot loves her Aunty Jane. xo

How lovely that Dot got her own post. 🙂 She certainly enjoyed herself.

A good time was had by all. Thanks, Lynn.

It looks as you had a wonderful trip to France, Dot, and you’ve got the perfect parents who look after you so well. Here’s to more happy travels to come.

Thanks, Lorna. I am happy they adopted me and now I have a good life and got to go to France with them!

Bonjour, Dot! C’est Beano ici. I am glad you enjoyed your first trip through France and playing with your friend Havana. Your photos are beautiful, even through the window and I love the one of the castle. My Mum does that too when we cannot stop to take pictures properly. My Mum and Dad have taken me all over Europe, so I am used to travelling on long journeys, but I guess it is easier in a motorhome. I have really enjoyed your first blog. Keep in touch. Lots of love. ❤❤❤❤

Bonjour, Beano. Mom told me about you travelling all over in the motorhome. Maybe that´s how she got the idea to take me along to France. Glad you liked my first attempt at blogging and Mom´s photos. Have fun wherever you are. Bow wow!!

We are just north of Bergerac, Dordogne, on our way to see the Lascaux pre-historic caves. Woof woof and a lick. 🐶🐶🐶🐶

Those caves would be awesome to see. Enjoy!!

So happy to read this post and see all of the pictures of wonderful Dot! Thanks for taking us along on the trip! You are a great traveler!

Thanks, Beth Ann. Mom has lots of animal loving friends like you so she thought readers would like to hear from me. Glad you enjoyed the pictures of me. Love, Dot!

I read this post with a big grin on my face Darlene. So great to join Dot on her travels. 😉

Always happy to put a grin on anyone’s face. Pleased you enjoyed it!!

She is so gorgeous. Love this update 🙂

She is a sweetie. Glad you enjoyed this update. We love her to bits. xo

Dear Little Dot, you are living a life many humans would envy.

I guess I am pretty lucky. Thanks for reading my blog.

Dot, I love how you sat on your dad’s shoulder while he was playing the guitar. That was very cool.

LOL!! That would be a good trick for me to learn. Maybe we could make enough money for some new doggie toys!

That could work! 😀

Such a cute post Darlene. Dot is adorable. 🙂

Thanks!! She is a sweetie. xo

What a little cutie! I think you’re a natural blogger, Dot 🙂 Love the videos ❤️

Thanks, maybe I will get to do another post someday.

A lovely post. Great to see Dot having so much fun 😊

Thanks, Clive. Dot knows how to have fun.

Loved reading of Dot’s adventures. Lucky girl.

I knew you would love it!!

It sounds like you have a lovely forever home like I do Dot and you got to see France. I have travelled around Thailand with my mistress and they always make sure I get plenty of stops as well. woof Saangchai

Nice to hear from you Saanchai. We are lucky to have a nice place to live and good people to look after us. It’s nice that you get to travel around as well. bow wow Dot

Awesome pics, Darlene – and I loved meeting Dot!

Thanks, Teri from me and Dot!!

What a lovely trip, Darlene.

We all had a great time. Thanks, Robbie.

Dot you are a wonderful writer. Tell your Mom I think you should do a series of children’s books!

A few folks have suggested this. I will tell her. But only if I get to be the main character!

You definitely deserve the starring role!

An adorable post by Dot!! 😀😀 Lots of fun, walks and quite the traveller! You always need to bring your own pillow, then all is right with the world. I love the photos of the travel and of Dot … so sweet and inquisitive! Great balancing act with the busker and his dog – bet both did well on the entertaining the visitors!

So pleased you enjoyed the post, Annika. That busker was incredible. I’m sure he did well that day.

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hi dot. my name is nitro. i’m a guide dog. I’m so jealous! I’ve always wanted to see france! I’m glad you had so much fun there!

HI Nitro. Glad to meet you. Keep up the good work my pal. Dot.

Darlene, I think if you had half as much fun as Dot, then you had a great time too. Hugs!

We all had a good time. Thanks!!

Can I be Dot, please?

LOL! She does have a good life now that she is with us.

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How fun to read this post from Dot’s point of view!

Glad you enjoyed it! Dot had a great time and we’re glad to know she travels well.

Great to see Dot enjoying the travelling life! I think I’m a bit jealous to be honest! Have a great weekend. 🙂

She is such a good little traveller and we all had a great time. Thanks for stopping by.

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