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Visiting Giverny, Monet’s Happy Place

Posted on: June 1, 2018

When our friends inquired what I wanted to see while visiting them in France, I asked if Giverny, the home of Claude Monet, was near. They said it was only one hour away and would be happy to take us there. I am so glad we went to this magical place. It felt like I had stepped into a Monet painting.


Monet’s garden


The village of Giverny is storybook delightful and I can see why Monet chose it as a place to live, paint, garden and raise his large blended family.


The village of Giverny

The gardens are simply breathtaking. This was Monet´s happy place and it is evident he was inspired by the amazing array of shapes and colours. I gazed mesmerized at the well-known and oft-painted lily pond.


And I stood on the same bridge I have long admired in his painting. Not only was this visit a dream come true, it felt like a living dream!




“I must have flowers, always, and always.” ― Claude Monet


“I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers. ” – Claude Monet


A profusion of colours

His charming house is incredibly comfortable with views of the gardens from every room. As I entered, I half expected Monet to be there welcoming me as he did many guests in the past. His art and that of his contemporaries adorn the walls of all the rooms as it did when he lived there. His spirit permeates the rooms.


Monet’s house in Giverny


My favourite room was the sunny, cheerful kitchen. I imagined Claude, Anne and their eight children laughing and chatting as they shared meals.


We visited the Impressionist Art Gallery on site and had a lovely meal overlooking part of the garden. I stopped at a small shop in Giverny and bought the perfect, handmade French hat to remember this auspicious visit.


32331938_10156632965096159_2547977421227819008_n (2)

Water Lily Pond with Japanese Bridge by Claude Monet

I could have stayed all day, but alas it had to end. This is now my happy place which I will return to in my mind many times. Thank you, Alain and Cathy, for taking me here!


Friends in the garden


“I must have flowers, always, and always.” ― Claude Monet

The photographs by Darlene Foster, Paul Foster and Cathy Marsen 

117 Responses to "Visiting Giverny, Monet’s Happy Place"

Looks like a great day out! I’ve never been but seen prints in books many times.

It has been on my list for a long time. Loved it and the drive there was lovely too.

It is a truly magical place. Monet’s eyesight was very poor, probably due to cataracts… yet he captured the spirit of this place so beautifully…

He truly did. Unless you have been there, it is hard to describe.

It is breathtaking.

OMG. This is so beautiful. I’ve never been there, but it’s now on my “bucket list”! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.

You would just love it, Christa!!

I agree. I love your description that this was Monet’s “happy place!”

What a stunning garden. I especially love the first photograph with its rainbow of colours. The kitchen is fabulous. You could not help but smile in it. Thank you Darlene 😊

It is the most amazing garden I have ever visited. I’m so glad it has been kept up in his memory.

Come on… ‘fess up. You DID step into a Monet painting. How’d you do that? Magic, of course. I’ve got it! YOU are a Monet painting (particularly that last one!)

I see a story forming in your creative head!! Thanks. Not sure I´m Monet worthy but it´s a nice thought. ❤

Oh my! I’d never want to leave!

I didn´t want to. Like a dream world.

Sounds wonderful Darlene. The one of the lily pond looks just like a photo I took years ago at Butchart Gardens, which I aptly named “Monet’s Pond”.

Butchart gardens is another magical place. This one was amazing, considering who created it and all the fabulous paintings it inspired. Great photo ops.Thanks, Rosemarie.

The kitchen seems to be a favourite room for many who visit. Your smile under that lovely French hat did show that you were enjoying a special day!

Thanks, Catherine. I thought of you often while I was in France.

I would love to visit here one day Darlene. 🙂

I do hope you visit one day as you will be blown away!

Isn’t is such a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. I was lucky enough to visit Monet’s garden last year in August.

I too feel very lucky that I got to see this place. I am sure you were as enthralled as I was.

Yes its such a beautiful place.

I love Monet, Darlene. What an amazing visit.

I have been a fan for many years so to see his home and gardens and some of his work was amazing!

Lovely post ,lovely photos 😊

Thank you so much!

I was enthralled 😊❤️

Gorgeous, Darlene. It really seems to be a magical place.

Thanks, Mary. It was like a dream.

You were THERE! I can only begin to feel your joy of living such a dream. A hundred thank yous for the stunning photos, Darlene. It was truly a virtual trip to Giverny.

I was there and still can’t believe it! Thankfully I have the pictures to prove it. So pleased you enjoyed the pictures!!

Yes, you must still be in awe. Thank goodness for those pictures.

What a wonderful place. No wonder you didn’t want to leave, but what lovely memories you have to return to. I love your hat, it really suits you.

Thanks, Lorna. The hat called my name as I passed by the shop. Hubby and friends said I just had to buy it. So glad I did. The flowers were incredible.

What a gorgeous place. Spectacular. ❤

It is well worth a visit. Thanks for visiting my blog, Colleen.

A pleasure to stop by. 😍❤️

Darlene the photo of you at the end of the post is stunning. You look so genuinely happy. I am wondering if perhaps Amanda will have a visit to Monet’s garden in the future?

I was thinking the very same thing! I´m sure Amanda will love it just as much as I did. Thanks, Sue.

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Wow! So cool that you go to go there and thanks for taking me there through your pictures!

I’m so glad you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for stopping by!!

Oh, Darlene, I’m so envious! I love Monet’s art and would be ecstatic while visiting his garden. They’d probably have to remove me by forklift 🙂 ❤️

I´m sure they were about to order a forklift for me. I was persuaded to leave once I was bought a lovely book on Monet and his gardens. And I have all my photos so I can return in my mind.

What a treat to see his home and gardens .. thank you so much for sharing!

It was a treat indeed. Thanks for visiting my blog.

I have always loved seeing photos of this place, but this is the first time I have seen the kitchen – I love it. There can’t be many places where you cna step inside a painting, I wonder how many gardeners it takes to keep it looking like the original?

I am sure many gardeners are employed, although it looks effortless and so natural. The kitchen is very special and I was so lucky to find it empty so I could get a good picture. Thanks for stopping in.

It’s hard to imagine a world where Monet didn’t have his flowers around him and shared his precious gardens with the world! Thank you for bringing his home and inspiration of a wonderland to us, Darlene – truly magnificent. The wisteria is astonishingly beautiful.

Thank you so much, Annika. I’m so pleased to be able to share my experience visiting Monet’s home. I too loved the wisteria.

It must have felt like you were walking in one of his paintings!

It really did feel that way. Thanks for visiting my blog, Eliza.

what lovely pics, the scenic beauty is captivating, it takes you to a dream world

I certainly felt like I was in a dream world. Nice to see you here.

Oh, how wonderful! What a day you had!

Reblogged this on Stevie Turner, Indie Author. and commented:
Just had to re-blog this one for anybody interested in Claude Monet’s life. What a wonderful post by Darlene Foster!

Thanks so much for the reblog.

What a wonderful opportunity to visit such a beautiful place Darlene, I loved your photos. As if by sheer coincidence this week’s wordle I wrote on Mindlovesmisery blog contained the word Monet. I did have a little fun with it. Thanks for the great share.

That is an amazing coincidence. So pleased you enjoyed the post. Great to see you here!!

Who hasn’t seen the paintings but I can see now how all that beauty inspired him to paint it looks breathtakingly beautiful 🙂 xx

After all those years of admiring his paintings, it was awesome to see his inspiration. The gardens do take your breath away.

I would imagine they do they looked awesome just in the photos..Lucky you 🙂 x

Wow, what a fabulous tour. Not hard to see by those gardens, where Monet got his inspiration from. 🙂

Thanks, Debbie. It is amazing how he created a place that made him happy and inspired him. It was also a place for his blended family to be happy and now a place for the whole world to enjoy. Imagine growing up there!

Great artistic inspiration no doubt! 🙂

Oh what a wonderful and spectacular tour. 🌹🌹🌹

Thanks, Esme. Pleased you enjoyed it.

Oh, Darlene, what a beautiful place! Stunning photos and thanks for sharing ! This place is on my bucket list 🙂 Have a nice summer. Kamila

Thanks, Kamila. You will love it when you get there. Have a nice summer as well.

I still remember my visit to this wonderful place. Thank you for bringing back the memories. I love all of your photos.

Thanks, Gerlinde. Glad to bring back fond memories as these pictures will do for me.

Must be an unforgettable day visiting his place!!

It was amazing!!

Monet is one of my fav painters after Van Gogh!

[…] Visiting Giverny, Monet’s Happy Place shared by Darlene […]

What a beautiful place to visit! I love the photos. It must be an unforgettable visit to Monets place. Added this to my travel list. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks! You would just love it and I know I will never forget it!!

Oh, how beautiful, Darlene. It never occurred to me that his paintings were real places or places on his own premises. The gardens are astonishing. It also sounds like he had a happy home, which is refreshing. No wonder you wanted to visit. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos. 🙂

Thanks. The place felt happy and it was wonderful to be there, where he was inspired. It’s true, you create your own happiness.

I agree with D. Wallace Peach. Somehow I hadn’t quite understood that many of his paintings were inspired directly by his gardens and home. I have never wanted to visit France, but this seems like a magical place to spend (at least) a day. Now I want to learn more about the man and his family life there… I especially loved the wisteria photo!!! Thank you for sharing your visit with us.

Monet had an interesting life. He had such a huge impact on the art world and befriended and encouraged many artists in his lifetime. Spending a day at his home and gardens is well worth it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Darlene….thank you very much for this incredible visit to Monet’s home and garden. Your pictures do the setting incredible justice and I can feel the beauty of the gardens as well as see the beauty! Just added another place on the bucket list!!

Kirt, you of all people would appreciate this place. I do hope you get there one day but be sure to save enough time to do it justice. I’m pleased you enjoyed my pictures. I took so many my camera battery died. Fortunately hubby gave me his so I could continue taking pictures!

I was just amazed of the beauty of the setting and have always loved his work!! Again…thank you very much for sharing!!

Another ‘must see’ when in the north of France. I loved it there too. I also must have flowers, always, either in the house or in the garden. 👍

I have heard of it but never thought the place to be this beautiful. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience of yours and the beautiful pictures.

So pleased you enjoyed the post. Thanks for stopping by!

Beautiful. Sadly we didn’t get to visit this place.

Perhaps next time. It is worth it. xo

Thank you for sharing! Giverny is one of the places I would most like to visit!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Giverny is a magical place!

Wow, wow, wow.
This place is on my bucket list. So wonderful to see it through your photos.

It should be on everyone´s bucket list. Thanks for stopping in!

[…] via Visiting Giverny, Monet’s Happy Place — Darlene Foster’s Blog […]

How very beautiful! Thank you for taking us there, I too love Monet’s paintings.

Pleased you enjoyed the post. Thanks for visiting my blog!!

The garden looks like a Monet painting! I love the yellow kitchen.

You can certainly see where he got his inspiration. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

[…] via Visiting Giverny, Monet’s Happy Place — Darlene Foster’s Blog […]

you are so lucky, the garden is on my wish list so I hope to visit it one day. Nice hat 🙂

I am indeed very lucky. This had been on my list for a long time. The hat is a perfect reminder of my fabulous day at these gardens. I do hope you get to see them! Thanks for visiting.

Thank You for this lovely post. We visited there before the time of digital cameras. 🙂 Your post brought up me beautiful memories. Thank You.

Have a good day!

Glad to bring back good memories. It was a magical place.

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