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Vive la France!

Posted on: May 28, 2018

We are back from our wonderful time in France. It was a driving holiday and Dot came along. She proved to be an excellent little traveller and was happy to see her Spaniel friend in France. The French countryside was lovely and I finally got to see Paris! It was everything I dreamt of and more. So much history, culture and great food. Our friends were the perfect hosts and tour guides. They made sure we saw everything possible in the time we had. More dreams came true for me. Here are just a few of our special memories.


Our first view of the Eiffel Tower. Loved that families picnicked on the lawns.


Even someone having a nap by the tower.


The impressive Arc de Triomphe at the end of the Champs-Élysées


The Famous Opera House (no phantom in sight)


The Seine and one of the many bridges to Île de la Cité


The Louvre, Palace Royal


The Louvre Pyramid


Musician at the Louvre


The Seine with Notre Dame Cathedral in the background


Notre Dame Cathedral (no hunchback either)


Napolean in front of the Miltary Museum


The Dôme des Invalides which houses the tomb of Napolean


Place des Vosges, a palace built by Henri IV in 1605, now a trendy shopping area with cafes and art galleries


Victor Hugo resided at Place de Vosges, a fashionable square to live in during the 17th and 18th centuries.


Shakespeare and Company, a well-known bookstore featured in a few movies, at Kilometer Zero, the point at which all French roads begin.


Of course, I bought a book!


Place Colette, a typical Paris street scene


Many wonderful cafes and restaurants. I think I found the hunchback!

DSCN1553 (2)

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity on all the government buildings.

DSCN1899 (2)

The other Statue of Liberty

There was so much more, like the Musée d’Orsay, the Ceramics Museum, Monet’s house and garden and the Palace of Versailles. But they will have to wait for another post or two!

“He who contemplates the depths of Paris is seized with vertigo.
Nothing is more fantastic. Nothing is more tragic.
Nothing is more sublime.” 
― Victor Hugo



61 Responses to "Vive la France!"

Was this your first time to France? Where else did you go? It’s our favourite holiday country and each year we make visits to wine regions, this July it will be Chablis then Ribeauville in Alsace. We’ve done Paris a few times but not our favourite European city.

I had been to Provence before but this was my first time in Paris. I found it exciting and would love to return. My favourite place was Giverny, however. The wine regions would be great to explore as well. Have a wonderful holiday.

It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I am glad you covered so much ground and saw so many things during your break in France, always so fascinating. 👍

It was a great time. I always love seeing something I haven’t seen before.

Same here. That’s the beauty of the world: so many amazing things to discover and explore! 👍❤

I am so ready to go back!

Paris is a place you could return to a number of times. So much to see and do.

Sighing for my old home…

I thought of you as I walked the streets of Paris. It must have been a wonderful time for you. How long did you live there?

Only a couple of years, then I married and movd to Vichy, but in France for a decade.

Your photos brought back some great memories of Paris. I am so glad you had such a lovely time there😄 I hope Dot enjoyed it also?

I don´t think Paris has changed much except the locks are no longer on Pont des Arts. Glad to bring back some good memories. Dot had a great time. Our friends live near a forest so she could run and play with her doggie friend.

Wonderful! Looks like you had a great time. I’ve been there when it’s been dark and rainy, which gives quite a different feel to the city. You’re lucky to have had what looks like terrific weather.

We were lucky with the weather but did have one very rainy day so we didn´t go downtown that day but went to a museum instead. Always have a plan B.

Oh it’s one of my all time favourite cities. I never tire of Paris. Great shots Darlene, you brought back many great memories. I too had to buy a book from Shakespeare & Co bookshop! 🙂

I now see why everyone loves this city and why it appeals to creative types. I bought a copy of The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway. It is one I didn´t have and I thought it was fitting.

Love it. I bought the Hunchback of Notredame! It’s just something you have to do right? 😊

How fabulous, Darlene, especially to have someone show you around. Such a stunning city.

We were very lucky to be shown around. It is a marvellous city.

I have been following your trip on Facebook. Loved seeing all your photographs. Looking forward to reading about Giverny.

Glad you have enjoyed the photographs. Giverny is coming up soon.

Yeah! There is the bookshop you mentioned in a comment on my post – the Shakespeare and Company!! It looks quite unassuming for its famous history and impact on modern literary life … so inviting though and I love the photo of the bustling scene outside. Of course you have to buy a book – treasuring that and the bag as well!

Darlene, your post brings us to Paris through your snapshot of photos and descriptions – I just want to linger at each place, learn more. I’m so happy you had a wonderful time there and look forward to your next post about it. xx

So pleased you are enjoying my memories. It was so great to be with friends this time who took lots of pictures of the two of us. Usually, we go an entire trip without one photo of us together. Shakespeare and Company was on my must-visit list and it is very close to Notre Dame Cathedral. For me Paris is all about writers and artists!

Wow! Lovely photos. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Great post.

Thanks so much, Anne. it was great!

This was delightful, Darlene. Thank you for the wonderful photos and a virtual trip to Paris. 🙂

I am happy to have all of you with me on this trip!! Glad you enjoyed the photos.

Wonderful post, Darlene. This brings back so many memories of my visit to the City of Lights many years ago. Have you ever watched the movie “Midnight in Paris” by Woody Allen? I keep watching it again and again, not just because it’s a fun film, but because it shows so many interesting places in Paris.

I love that film and we watched it again a few weeks before went to Paris. I kept hoping that car would come around a corner and pick me up. Glad you enjoyed the post. Seems we have both been travelling to interesting places.

Oh how your gorgeous photos make me want to visit Paris. I’ve never been there — and then to see that iconic spot “The Louvre Pyramid” that was so key in the book/movie “The Da Vinci Code.” What an exciting time you must have had touring.

So many movies came to mind while I was there and The Da Vinci Code was one of them. It was so exciting to be there at long last. Glad you enjoyed the photos. More to come.

Thank you for bringing this gorgeous sites to life. Paris is my favorite city. Three places in the world I would love to live are England just west of London. A lovely place just outside Paris in a country setting. And Tuscany hidden somewhere in the wine country. You are so fortunate to be able to see the sites of Paris and other places you have visited in the pass. Looking forward to your next go round of photographs of you in Paris. Did you spend some time in the Louvre. I understand it takes forever to see everything they have on display but oh what an experience. Thanks Darlene. j.k 🌈😅🎶

I am so pleased you enjoyed this post. Paris was everything I imagined. We didn’t have time to spend in the Louvre and if I go inside, I want to have lots of time to enjoy it. But just being there was exciting. I did spend some time in the Musée d’Orsay which was amazing. Will post pictures of it soon.

You got so much in! The photos are glorious – but not as glorious as the glow on your and your guy’s faces. 🙂 What a trip. Thanks for sharing. xo

We did manage to see a lot but there is still so much more to see and do. We will have to visit again. As you can see, we both had a fabulous time. xo

What a thrill to make a dream come true, Darlene. I hope someday to visit The Louvre. Your lovely travelogue inspires me ❤️

It was thrilling! I´m pleased I was able to do this, finally. I´m sure you will get there one day. xo

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Darlene ❤️

Looks like you had a wonderful time. Yes, we have been to Paris often – some of those sights are quite familiar!

They were familiar to me too, only because I had seen them in movies! It was wonderful to be there in person.

Oh, it looks like you had a wonderful time Darlene. So much better when you have someone to show you around. I have Paris on my list as I haven’t been yet but I enjoyed “visiting” with your pictures! Someday I’ll picnic on the lawn of the Eiffel Tower, too!

I do hope you get there as It is so worth it!! Glad you enjoyed the pictures.


It was! Thanks for the visit.

How wonderful for you, Darlene! I love your photos. And… is Dot camera shy? 🙂

Thanks! Dot didn’t come into Paris with us but stayed at the apartment with her BFF. I will have to do a blog about her visit. She loved running in the forest with her doggie friend.

It looks as if you saw all the sights and really made the most of your visit. I love the photo of Napoleon’s tomb, that’s an impressive building. I can imagine how tempting Shakespeare and Co must have been. It was a great idea to buy a book there and get a branded bag with it. Nice to see your other half in so many pictures with you. 🙂

We made the most of our time there. It was great to be with friends who took pictures of us together. Doesn’t happen often! It would have been great to see Napolean’s tomb inside the building as it is supposed to be very impressive but the line was too long and I had other things to see.

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I enjoyed returning to Paris with you, Darlene. Paris in the spring, you look like you had a memorable time. Lovely photos like yours bring back so many pleasant memories.

I’m glad I was able to bring back some great memories for you.

Great adventure and pictures. Very much liked the musician playing alone. Are you sure the pyramid wasn’t the R&R Hall if Fame in Cleveland???😂

I’ve never been to Cleveland. I wonder which one was first. I remember seeing the pyramid by the Louvre for the first time in the movie Davinci´s Code. So cool to see it in person. Thanks for visiting.

these pictures are wonderful, Darlene. I have not been to France yet.

It was my first time in Paris! I had been to Provence a couple of years ago. It took me a long time to get there but it was worth the wait.

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[…] almost a year since we drove to Paris and saw the most amazing sights. I’ve written about it here, here and here. But I haven’t yet mentioned my visit to the fabulous Musée d’Orsay. It […]

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