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Between the Lines

Posted on: May 4, 2018

Pam over at RoughWighting answered the questions to the Real Neat Blog Award in a clever fashion. Please do check it out. She has a great question at the end for all to answer. You can see my answer in the comments. Enjoy!


pansy, blogging, getting to know youWhat’s a fun way to learn about individuals? Perhaps by asking them to list the books they’ve read. Or, even better, to read the books they’ve written. Even though we authors may revel in our fiction (allowing our characters to act in ways we’d never dare), still, there are ways to delve into the likes and dislikes of someone by reading between the lines.

Here’s an example through my innocuous flash fiction, below, based on a set of questions I was asked when nominated last week for the Real Neat Blog Award by Darlene (a real neat blogger). The questions are included at the bottom of this post.

Spring is blooming toward summer, and I am zooming off to meet my girlfriends in San Francisco for a long weekend. Rose will be there, as well as Daisy, Iris, and Lily.

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23 Responses to "Between the Lines"

HUGE hugs to you Darlene. You REALLY are a NEAT blogger. So glad we’re friends across the ocean. And I love the character you are, and admire. xo ❤

Clever, fun, piece of writing!

I was so impressed!

I’ve just had a visit over to Pam’s site, or shall I call her Pansy? 🙂 Wonderful to see the friendships built across the miles with shared interests.

I have made such wonderful friends through blogging!

I would be Don Quijote de la Mancha, for his fearless pursuit of the object of his heart without caring about what other people thought of him, even when they laughed at his crazy acts. He was brave and relentless. He deserves to be inmortal.

In some ways, you are a Don Quijote, travelling all over Europe in your motorhome (horse) and trusty partner (Sancho) and following your heart! The book was just voted the best book of all times! xo

Sorry for late reply. Problems with wifi and running out of mobile data. I had to use Peter’s Ipad today to publish blog on Keukenhof. Yes, I did think of my Rocinante (motorhome) and my trusted companion, although I have to admit in this relationship I am more like Sancho Panza than Don Quijote, always the sensible one! Peter is the auto-destructive one, I am afraid.

What a fabulous character, and a great reply. I think all of us writers need to have a bit of Don Quijote de la Mancha in us.

A sense of adventure is essential to have a fulfilling life!

Interesting questions that reveal a bit about one’s personality! Great fun!

You can learn a lot about a person by their answers to these kind of questions. It is fun!

Fun blog hop!

This has been a lot of fun.

Great and fun blog hop…thanks! Love the questions…answers are very insightful!! Thanks for sharing Darlene!

Glad you enjoyed it, Kirt!!

Loved how Pam shared a story to encompass all the questions. 🙂

It was cleverly done!!

That was a great way to answer the questions. Sorry I haven’t got round to it yet.

Glad you enjoyed Pam’s answers and the way she presented them. There is no rush. It’s nice to have them spread out. xo

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