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Thank You, Superheroes

Posted on: April 28, 2018

Jennie over at A Teacher’s Reflections posted this today and I just had to share it.

Check out Thank You, Superheroes and Jennie’s blog where she shares her teaching experience and the wonderful way she introduces her young students to books, reading, music, art and life. You will be impressed.

Today is National Superhero Day and this is what Jennie has to say about superheroes.

A Superhero is brave and caring, perseveres, takes risks, helps others, and saves the day.  A Superhero makes a difference.

Teachers fit the description perfectly.

I recently spent a fabulous day at an international school close to my home in Spain. I visited five classrooms of Grade 5 and 6 students, where I did a PowerPoint presentation about my writing and read from my Amanda Travels books. The students came from all over the world and enjoyed hearing about the places Amanda has travelled to. They were attentive, enthusiastic and asked well thought out questions. They were a delight to spend time with.

IMG_1882 (2)

Presenting to students at El Limonar International School

DSCN1305 (2)

A book-loving grade 6 class 

I was very impressed by the efficiency and dedication of the teachers. They are certainly ensuring that future generations are well educated and prepared for life. I consider them all superheroes.


Display for Book Week at El Limonar International School

Miss Roll

With my Grade 3 Superhero, Miss Roll

A good teacher can make a huge difference in a child’s life.

Did you know a teacher that you consider a superhero?

42 Responses to "Thank You, Superheroes"

Wonderful, Darlene. I love the photos of the children at the school, and of you and your teacher, Miss Roll. I am honored to be a part of this Superhero post.

You got me thinking of all the wonderful teachers out there, including my dear Miss Roll. Happy to include you.

We never forget the teachers that inspired us. You had dear Miss Roll. I had dear Miss Burtenshaw.

I was able to locate Miss Roll and thank her a couple of years ago. She really did make a difference. Thank heavens for the Miss Rolls and Miss Burtenshaws!

Dr Hayworth was superintendent of schools in the East Orange public schools when I was there (1953-1966). He spoke at our assemblies at least once each year and I’ve never forgotten him. All my teachers were well supplied with materials. None of my teachers (as I’ve looked back) ever seemed burned out. We were taught the Classics and were well prepared for life, whether we went on to college or not. My principals were outstanding too, though I now only recall two. My educational foundation back then was heads and shoulders above that of my first hubs, a prep school product. And I’ve recently learned my public school was part of a pilot program of integrated schools. But I’m finding no further information about that. I think it was Dr Hayworth giving all my teachers the right fitting capes so they could be superheroes.

People who dedicate themselves to educating the young are worth their weight in gold. I must say we tended to be afraid of the principals and superintendents, although I am sure there were some excellent ones. I now recall the principal of my high school and his wife attended my first wedding and gave us a lovely gift. Thanks for your comments, Janet.

Colin Boun, a mustachioed Trotsky loving libertarian who taught me modern history and feminism in 1970s Hampshire; I’ve never been quite as inspired in lessons before or since. His arguments with the South African Charge d’affairs who visited us on a lecture tour about the benefits/iniquities of apartheid in 1973 went down in School legend. Where is he now I wonder? Thank heavens for all of them, huh!?

He sounds amazing and the fact that you recall him so vividly shows he left quite an impression. Thanks for sharing your superhero teacher.

Wonderful, post, Darlene. It must be a wonderful experience talking about writing with students. Yes, I had a superhero teacher. She was wonderful and showed a kindness I’d not seen in a teacher before.

Most teachers are good and I applaud them all but some are just extra special and make a big difference. We tend to never forget them.

Teachers are Super Heroes!

It takes a special person to be a teacher!

My super hero teacher recently passed away. It made me sad to hear all these decades later. I insisted I was terrible at math but through his creative teaching he made me realize I was wrong.
Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful day!

He sounds like another great teacher. I had a fabulous day, thanks!

What a fabulous experience you had (and the students had, being visited by such a fun and fascinating author!) My daughter is my superhero. She teaches 6th grade science, and inspires many 11-and 12-year-old girls to grow up to be scientists … or teachers.

Your daughter sounds amazing! I’m sure she is a superhero to many of her students.

This post gives me such hope for the future, Darlene. I’m sure your heart is full ❤️

That is exactly how I felt when I spent time with these students, hope for the future!

You are a true inspiration for the children Darlene. I am sure that they just adore you and wish you would be their teacher every day. Thank you for sharing your story @ Senior Salon

It was a great day for me and they told me they enjoyed my presentation. One young woman came up to me after and said, “I love your energy and enthusiasm.” That made my day!!

Well done, one can see you lve what you’re doing. 🌹🌹

Our teachers surely are superheros. Jennie is a true inspiration. Thanks Darlene. #SeniorSalon

She is amazing, isn’t she?

She sure is 👍🏼😊

A lovely post! There were several teachers along the way that really enlightened and helped me!

That is so great to hear. Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for the visit.

A lovely inspirational post Darlene. It is great to see children acquire a love of writing and reading…

If children love to read, the possibilities are endless!

I still remember Mrs Mills my first teacher.. brilliant and she and Jennie would have got on like a house on fire.. terrific post Darlene thanks

There are some teachers that just hold a special place in our hearts!

I was a teacher for 30+ years and this strikes many chords. Please celebrate good teaching; it can be discouraging wat times but one of the best jobs in the world when everyone is happy and achieving / creating.

Bravo to you!! Another superhero in our midst. I can imagine it can be discouraging at times and many teachers suffer from burnout. I admire the work teachers do.

Teachers are definitely superheroes! I know teacher that introduces herself to her fifth-graders as “smartest woman you’ll ever meet.” And she’s right!

I love it!! She is clever to say that. It instils confidence in her teaching. Another Superhero!!

Congratulations, that sounds like a really rewarding experience, hopefully one you can enjoy again, from time to time.

Thanks, Adam. It was very rewarding and a reminder of why I write!

[…] A brilliant post about teachers, they really can make a difference, I will always remember my English teacher, who took time every Wednesday to give me extra lessons via Thank You, Superheroes […]

Yes! My French teacher! when I was bullied she helped to stop it! I love her! ❤

She sounds wonderful too.

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