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Posted on: April 6, 2018

I am honoured to have my story about my inspiring great-grandmothers featured on Bernadette’s blog. Some of you may have read it before but if you haven’t, please pop over and have a read and leave a comment if you wish.

Haddon Musings

“We can have feminist icons, but the real heroines are just quietly doing what is needed.”  Osyth

The following post was written by Darlene Foster who writes at Darlenefoster.wordpress.com.  It is the tale of her two great-grandmothers who made a fulfilling life for themselves and their families while enduring great hardships.  What struck me about this story, of these two real heroines, was that Darlene said that because of the legacy of these women it has given her the confidence and courage to know that she can thrive under any circumstance.

A Tale of Two Katharinas, a Legacy of Strong Women

“People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors.” Edmund Burke

I was fortunate to know both of my maternal great-grandmothers. They passed away when I was in my early teens but I remember them well. They were formidable women with hearts of gold. One…

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19 Responses to "FEMINIST FRIDAY 2018"

They were two remarkable women and it’s wonderful that you know their stories and appreciate the sacrifices they made for their families – not just at the time, but for future generations.

I am thankful every day for these two women and the legacy they left.

Darlene I’ve just left a comment on Bernadette’s blog but I find this very intriguing. Many similarities to my own family but also the name Hoffman is known in the area I grew up in.

Hoffman is a very common German name so I’m not surprised. Also, the prairies were settled by folks from Eastern Europe, many with a German heritage. We are probably related in one way or another. I wouldn’t be at all surprised!!

Bernadette and Darlene: I really appreciate Darlene Foster’s tribute to her ancestral mothers. As I read about them, it occurred to me that if the world’s “formidable,” “hardy,” “robust,” “nurturing” and “tenacious” figures don’t have the time and inclination to tell and write their own stories, whenever we can do it for ourselves and them, it is a wonderful gift. Thank you❣

Thanks, Leslie. I want the world to remember these women, especially the young women who may not realize the sacrifices they made to pave the way for future generations.

I like the bold photo and happy you are addressing a theme I don’t think I’ve seen you explore before, at least not so explicity Over to the original now.

I have always loved your posts about your family members and felt I needed to tell the world about the strong women in my family tree. Pleased you enjoyed the post.

How fortunate to have known both of your great-grandmothers, Darlene. And such impressive women. I also hail from a family of immigrants. We can learn so much from their tenacity and strength of will ❤

I am thankful every day that their blood runs through my veins. We can certainly learn so much from women like them.

Such remarkable women Darlene, it is amazing when you think of all the hardships they had to go through. When reading the comments I came across an explanation for the Hoffman name, Hof in German also means a farm. I tell people that I am from a Bauernhof ( meaning a farm) . It could also mean an enclosed outside place.

They were indeed very remarkable but remained humble. You are so right, a hof is a yard (or enclosed space) in German. So Bauernhof is a farmyard. Our family had been farmers or keepers of the land for many centuries. I love researching surnames too.

Loved this original blog and glad to see it reblogged. I come from a large family with great women I was fortunate enough to have known going back a couple of generations before me. My wife and I feel blessed to have been able to pass on the stories of great women from both of our families to our adult daughters. As you described remarkable, yet humble. But the love, strength, perseverance and determination resonated from all of them….

Thanks, Kirt. Great to see you and your wife have also been influenced by strong women and passed that gene on to your daughters.

My mom and dad were very intentional with myself and my siblings for us to appreciate and respect the women in our family….my wife’s mom and her family…same thing. Warms my heart for our daughters to know and appreciate the women that came before them.

My father was huge on respecting women and giving them credit when due. It is something that is passed down the line.

I enjoyed reading about your great-grandmothers enormously, and left a comment on Bernadette’s blog as well as tweeted her post. We women need to continue to document and write about the incredible women in our lives – their strength, their power, their love. THANK YOU, Darlene. xoxoxox

Thanks for your kind comments. We need to remember these women and pass down their memory to the future generations. xo

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