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A Trip Up Mount Tibidabo

Posted on: March 25, 2018

There are just so many things to see and do in Barcelona that it’s impossible to see everything in one visit. Every time I go, I discover something new and exciting. I took my out-of-town guests to this fascinating city last summer where we visited Mount Tibidabo, the highest point in Barcelona, and loved it!


The charming blue tram

Getting there was part of the fun. We first took a bus, then a pleasant ride on a quaint blue tram with a friendly driver that took us through Barcelona’s most affluent residential area. The well-loved blue tram has been in operation since 1901 and still has that old world charm with dark wood seats and ceiling.


Beautiful homes from the window of the tram. Note the gorgeous wrought iron fence and gate.

The tram only took us halfway up the mountain. To reach the top we had to board a vintage funicular. We entered the colourful contraption with trepidation but decided that if it had been pulling folks up to the top of the mountain for 116 years, it must be OK.


Dubious funicular to the top of the mountain

Once safely delivered to the top of Mount Tibidabo, we were greeted by a classic amusement park built in 1889. Overlooking the vintage rides and fast food kiosks, the impressive Temple of Tibidabo built in 1902, stands proud. Also known as the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, it is adorned with a golden bronze statue of Jesus with outstretched arms as if giving a benediction to all of Barcelona.


We had a quick look at the old Ferris wheel, merry-go-round and other childhood rides but decided not to go on them. Our prime interest was the church.

The interior of the church was impressive with many works of art, murals, statues, mosaics and stained glass windows.


Many awesome icons inside the church including a Black Madonna and Child.


I loved the details like this iron door infront of  a private chapel



Mosaic floor depicting the story of the loaves and fishes

An elevator took us up to the terrace offering amazing panoramic views of the city, port and coastline. As we walked around the entire circumference we enjoyed close-up views of large stone statues depicting the twelve Apostles posted at intervals, ornate bell towers and intricate carvings.

DSCN9801 (2)

An ornate bell tower on the terrace


One of the twelve Apostles overlooking the city


Another apostle, with a fabulous view.

Stone stairs took us to more levels until we reached the top under the golden statue of Jesus. It was amazing. The wind blew, the sun shone and we were delighted to have had this experience.


We worked our way to the top via the spiral stone staircases.


More intriguing details. In the foreground is the top of a gate made to look like a flowering plant.


After enjoying a nice lunch, I had yummy deep-fried artichokes with aioli dip and an iced coffee, we bought a few souvenirs and took the funicular, tram, and bus trip back to our hotel in time for another exciting outing.


Visiting Mount Tibidabo with good friends made it all the more enjoyable!

65 Responses to "A Trip Up Mount Tibidabo"

Fabulous pictures, Darlene. I am glad to see the Black Madonna… there are so many mysteries that surround them and they ahve always interested me. There was one in the church in Vichy when I lived there… I never managed to find out all her history.

Thanks, Sue. I would love to know more about the Black Madonna as well. Should you unearth some information, I would love to hear about it.

If I find out any more, I will be sure to let you know 🙂

What a marvelous excursion! Thanks for the words and the pictures.

Glad you enjoyed it, Anne. It was very interesting and a fun day.

Fabulous outing, Darlene. Makes me want to go there!

It was a pleasant surprise and well worth taking in. We still had time to do one more thing later that day too.

Hey, Darlene, great site and photos! Will add to my list of Barcelona excursions for our next visit to this amazing city!

There are other things to see up there as well. It was worth a trip up the mountain.So much to see in Barcelona!

Been there. Thanks for bringing me back. Beautiful!

Glad you enjoyed the memories.

What great photos and it looks like you enjoyed your outings. I would love to go.

Thanks, Gerlinde! Barcelona is an amazing city.

I love your post Darlene. What a beautiful place to stay. The church intrigues me and delights me. It is amazing how it somehow hovers over the city and also blesses. The statues are fabulous.
The interior shots are equally beautiful and telling.

Pleased you enjoyed the post. I had so many photos it was hard to decide which ones to share. The views from up there are incredible!

Wow! Those views are magnificent and I would love a ride on the tram and funicular. I’ve been to Barcelona 3 times, but haven’t gone up Mount Tibidabo yet. What a nice treat for your friends! 👍❤

It had been on my list for awhile and I was so glad my friends wanted to see it as well. Barcelona is one place you can visit many times and experience something different each time.

Thank you for this virtual trip, Darlene. From the lovely tram passing the gorgeous homes of the wealthy, to the striking view of the statues. Wow!

It was an entire day of Wows!! I hope to describe it is a book one day as I know kids would love it!

I know you will, Darlene. So exciting!

My son and daughter-in-law visited Barcelona 7-8 years ago. I think they were overwhelmed by everything to see in the big city in just a week’s time. I would imagine the Easter season would be a great time to visit this city with many religious artifacts.

Barcelona can be overwhelming but exciting. Easter is a huge celebration here in Spain and the large cities can get very busy and crowded. I tend to prefer the smaller venues which are usually very well done. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter.

I have been to Barcelona twice but have not made it up there. Certainly a very good reason to return to Barcelona. Gorgeous views …I always love to see a city from a high up place. Love your photos, thank you😄

Thanks, Gilda! It took me three trips to finally get there but it was worth the wait.

Hi Darlene, you live in Barcelona? I love Barcellona.Louise

I live 5 hours away from Barcelona. I love to visit!!

Beautiful pics, Darlene! My son will be visiting Barcelona for the first time this summer.

He will just love it. It´s a vibrant, exciting city, perfect for young folks. So much to see and do. A great blend of ancient, old not so old and new.

What a beautiful trip and spectacular scenery.

Thanks! It was even more spectacular in person.

These pictures are amazing, Darlene. This year we are going to Scotland and next year maybe Spain. It looks so interesting.

Scotland is another awesome place where I would love to spend more time. Have fun! I’m sure you will collect some great ideas for your books and poems.

As always…great pics and descriptions…you made me feel like I was there! Love the views from up there and the architecture is incredible!! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much, Kirt. The views were incredible!

How lucky to be your guest! I always wonder where to take out-of-towners–you picked the perfect place.

Yes, it was a hit. We all had a great time.

What lucky friends! You are a sublime tour guide. Have you read the book origin by Dan Brown yet? I believe a lot of it is set in Barcelona which also made me want to come visit that city so much. Maybe one of these days. And when I do I will definitely take the bus and the funicular up to that amazing church. Your photos or are gorgeous .

I haven’t read Origin yet. I tried to pick things all three of us would enjoy. Pleased you enjoyed the photos and post! I do hope you get there one day.

What a wonderful trip! It must be awesome traveling there. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, Thelma. There are so many awesome places to see in Spain. Glad you enjoyed this trip with me.

I so enjoyed this little trek Up Mount Tibidabo, Darlene. I felt the sun on my face and wind in my hair. What a gorgeous place to visit ❤

It was nice to have you along, Tina. So pleased you enjoyed the post, the pictures and the sun.

Oh I missed this highlight when we were in Barcelona. Sadly, we only had a few days there, but next time, this adventure will be on the cards. Great pics Darlene. X

It took me three trips to finally take this in. So much to see and do in Barcelona.

Looks like it was well worth the effort. But I am one of those that do not trust those metal boxes that pull one up to great heights. Am not a fan of heights, so the combo prevents me from being enthusiastic about this kind of an adventure, so thanks for taking me there vicariously through your post.


I understand. It was a bit out of our comfort zone but perhaps because we were all together we managed it ok. Glad you could visit through the post, Peta.

Reminds me of visiting the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio. Thanks Darlene!

I thought of that when we were there. I haven´t been to Rio, yet.

The heat was overwhelming, and the statue seems to follow you everywhere you go.

What an incredible place, that church looks awe-inspiring, and the views must have been fabulous from the top. A lovely way to get there too, on the tram and the funicular. An altogether wonderful day out, and the weather looks glorious. No wonder you love visiting Barcelona.

It was an amazing place and the views to die for! There are so many reasons to love Barcelona.

Isn’t it fascinating how the architecture reflects different periods of life in a place? I love how baroque Spanish architecture is, yet with elements of the Renaissance. Very interesting. The church your visited is fascinating and I love how there is a tram system in the city.

Jess || https://www.learningfromstrangers.com

The architecture in Barcelona really does represent many different eras. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Jess.

This look stunning. Sounds like an adventure. Great photos too.

Thanks! so pleased you stopped by my blog and enjoyed the post.

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Loved my stroll through Barcelona Darlene. Thanks so much.

Glad you enjoyed it!! Thanks, Janet.

Sounds like a wonderful trip. I was in Barcelona briefly many years ago, just after graduating from college, but I didn’t get to visit Mount Tibidabo.

It is not often at the top of the list as there is so much to see and do in Barcelona. It took me three trips to finally make it there but I’m so glad I did.

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