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My Books in Good Hands

Posted on: February 20, 2018

One of the joys of writing is hearing from readers and seeing pictures of them with my books. I am pleased to have many faithful followers of the Amanda Travels series. Some have been reading about Amanda’s travels since I published the very first book, eight years ago. Here are a few pictures of my books in the hands of young readers.

DSCN6478 (2)

This avid reader bought a set of books for herself and for her friend, with her own money!


This young reader has been an Amanda fan from the start.

DSCN9986 (2)

And she is still reading the books in Trinidad!


A sweet little Amanda fan.


Another special fan, from Australia!


Special visitors at a book signing.



These students still attend my presentations.


More students who love Amanda.


This clever young woman has already written three books of her own.

DSCN0944 (2)

A special fan in Spain


A blogging friend’s gift to her granddaughter


Happy to get another Amanda book for her birthday.


Eager readers attend a book launch.

young readers

New fans at the first book launch, 8 years ago.


She enjoys reading her great-grandmother’s books


A keen fan reading to her great-great-grandmother.

I also love hearing from those who have read my books. Here is a lovely email from a young reader.

Hi, Darlene, my name is Kynnlei and Marion is my auntie. She gave me three of your books and they are some of my favourite books. Please keep writing and she will keep buying. We give you encouragement to do what you are passionate about. 

And this from a young man being homeschooled who read two of my books for his reading assignments.

Dear Darlene:

I am doing a book report on your book titled, “Amanda in Alberta”.  I liked it! My favourite part is the horse ride in chapter 6.   I have been to many of these places, mostly with my dad in the semi truck.  Did you visit all of the places in your book? Can you make a book of “Amanda in Iceland”?  I think that would be awesome! Thank you for writing these amazing books!

Sincerely; Kegan

I understand he got very good marks on his assignments.

This is why I am so passionate about writing for kids!

If you have a picture of you or someone reading one of my books, please send it to me as I love to collect them. 



69 Responses to "My Books in Good Hands"

Wow. Wonderful pictures and it must feel so rewarding to have all these kids love your books!!!

It is very rewarding and makes my heart sing!!

So happy to see these happy readers …I can’t wait to read your stories to my grandson Dylan…he loves reading books and has daily reading with his mummy and daddy ….aged 3years and 10 Months ….

Of course, I have many adult readers as well. I can´t believe Dylan is almost 4! You will be reading my stories to him soon. Thanks for your tremendous support all these years. ❤ ❤

Wow, it looks like you have a great number of followers! Congrats!!

Thanks, Debra! I am pleased everyone loves Amanda.

A beautiful post and such happy young faces and such excitement about your Amanda books it is lovely Darlene 🙂 x

Thanks, Carol. It is exciting for me.I never knew where this venture would lead me.

That was exciting to see your books in the hands of your readers.

Thanks, Anne. It makes the effort all worthwhile.

How rewarding and satisfying that must be, Darlene. I am sure it makes all your hard work even more worthwhile. I am very happy for you. 👍

Thanks so much Fatima! It does make all the work worthwhile!

Darlene this is wonderful to see! It must make you very proud to have so many young readers who love your books and are waiting for more. The emails are terrific too. Wonderful tribute to your work and to Amanda. Congrats!
Peta & Ben

Thanks, Peta and Ben. It does warm my heart to see these pictures and get the emails. Life is good!

It’s hard to beat the joy of one’s creativity coming to life in the hearts and minds of readers. Cliff had a similar experience Saturday, which I’ll write about on tomorrow’s blog post.

So proud of you, Darlene!

Thanks so much for your kind words and ongoing support, Marian! I look forward to tomorrows post.

So wonderful, Darlene!!

How wonderful to see all those enthusiastic smiles. They’re so sweet. I guess you’re off to Iceland for a little research? 🙂

I just may have to do that. Sometimes the best ideas come from kids!!

This is so adorable, Darlene! You must be so proud of your young readers. And it’s so fantastic that you’ve created such an inspiring role model for them in Amanda.

Thanks, Debra. And I was in my 50s when I started this venture. I am very proud of my readers and Amanda.

It must warm your heart to see these young children reading your books.

It really does, Karen. Thanks.

I loved seeing the happy faces on your fans. I need to remember to take a picture of my grand daughter and young friends I gift your books too.

That would be so great! Those happy faces give me a happy face!

What a great motivation for you, having so many happy readers, and what a lovely collection of photographs. When I think of some of the books I cherished as a child it’s inspiring to think these children will grow up with special memories of your books from childhood.

Thanks so much Lorna. It makes me so happy to think I have brought joy into the lives of some children. It is indeed very motivating. How is your mom doing?

Thank you for asking, Darlene. Full recovery will take a while, but she’s doing well and she very much appreciated your kind words on my blog. 🙂

That’s so good to hear. I think of her often. Sending positive thoughts your way. ❤ ❤

Wow!! Darlene, what wonderful photos and they must make your spirits soar! I’m so pleased for you – all the readers look so happy, enthusiastic and engaged with you and your books. With such rewarding praise, I bet you’re keen to keep writing them! xxx

It really has motivated me. They have been taken over a few years but collecting them for this post gave me the push I needed to work on my WIP. I’m pleased with the response as well. Thanks, Annika.

You give the children the love for reading with your wonderful books.

Thanks, Gerlinde! That is what I hope for. ❤

Oh my goodness this post is so heartwarming Darlene. You are inspiring so many young readers! I’m smiling ear to ear at the thought of it.

Glad I made you smile. I do hope my books inspire children to read, write and travel!

What a lovely collection of memorable photographs, Darlene.

Thanks, Robbie. It was great to collect them all together in one place.

I love to see children reading and also learning about the other places in the world!

Thanks, Susanne and thanks for sharing my post. Kids are naturally curious and it’s good to get them interested in the rest of the world while they are young. xo

You’re welcome. Happy to promote good good books for children! 🙂

Great post, loved seeing all these happy faces with your books!

It is always special to see kids with books but even more so when they are your books!!

Wow, it must feel great hearing from your readers. Amazing post 🙂 And beautiful pictures 🙂

Thanks, Megha! It does feel very good.

It must be very rewarding seeing your books read by many people. Lovely photos.

It is very rewarding and motivates me to write some more. Thanks for visiting.

What a heart warming post…how cool is that!! Well deserved and it has to inspire you onto Iceland….didi I hear that request??? 🙂

Thanks, Kirt. I thought Iceland was a cool suggestion. You never know. I love it when kids give me ideas.

[…] I love Darlene and have her first book, waiting for my son to get out of Ben 10 fasination so one day my son will be up in there as well via My Books in Good Hands […]

are these available in audio? or just in paperback and on kindle? I’ll love to pick up some of them!

They are not available in audio, sorry but in paper and e format. Thanks!

Isn’t this why we write? I am so happy for you. Kudos!

Absolutely! Thanks, Jacqui.

This is adorable! This must be so exciting for you to see! Congratulations 🙂

Thanks so much. Happy to have you visit my blog!

Wow lovely… everyone truly looking excited

They do look excited. Kids still love to read!

Wonderful post, Darlene – must be so exciting to see your books in the hands of these kids!

It is certainly a good feeling!! Thanks, Teri!

Darlene, this is just the coolest. How wonderful that must feel!

Thanks so much!! It does make me feel good to see these smiling faces with my books. A dream come true for me!

It’s nice to see that you’ve touched people’s hearts with your books, keep doing what you do😊

Thank you so much for visiting my site and for the lovely comment.

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