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Guest author: Darlene Foster – Peaceful Sanctuary at Novelda

Posted on: February 15, 2018

I am a guest on Sue Vincent´s blog where I share information and pictures of a unique sanctuary I´ve visited here in Spain. Sue´s blog is very interesting with many great posts. Check it out.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Spain is well known for its fascinating cathedrals such as La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, The Mesquite in Cordoba and the Cathedral of Seville to name a few. Besides the well-known religious structures, there are many smaller places of worship tucked away in villages, mountains and locations not often frequented by tourists. I love discovering these as they have their own distinctive personalities and are certainly worth a visit.

Sue has graciously agreed for me to be a guest on her blog so I can tell you about a few of these lesser known churches in Spain we have discovered, not far from where we live. One of the most unique being the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Magdalena near Novelda, in Alicante province, only an hour drive from our place.

Although I love scouring old sites, this delightful example of Spanish Art Nouveau, was built between 1918 and 1946, so…

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23 Responses to "Guest author: Darlene Foster – Peaceful Sanctuary at Novelda"

Thank you so much for coming over and sharing this lovely church 🙂

Thanks for having me as a guest on your blog.

Such an unusual church and so beautiful in its details. The sanctuary is much smaller than I expected it would be. Almost cozy.

It is the most unusual church I have been too. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

I love discovering new places and such hidden gems, Darlene! Your post is so enlightening and I am so happy to have learned about such charming and less known churches in Spain!

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Pleased you enjoyed this post.

Fascinating architecture! Beautiful!

I can envision a painting or two from you should you visit!

Awesome post…very well explained the beauty of the church

Thank you for your kind comment. I’m pleased you enjoyed the post.

Great post, Darlene. Beautiful photos! Looks like a gorgeous place to visit.

It is a special place. Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for checking out my blog. xx

Beautiful church and pictures and great post 🙂

So glad you liked it, Megha!

These stone structures with their history, the many hands that built them–who could not find peace in that?

The fact that stones from the nearby river were used as part of the decoration makes it even more special. Thanks for the visit Jacqui!

How absolutely wonderful, I love the windows and that pale stone against the blue sky. It’s not much above freezing here but I feel warm now, thank you.

I thought you would like this place. It is a great setting and has been sunny everytime we have visited. Glad I could make you feel warm!

Thanks for the most interesting share shedding light on bibical histories.

Thanks for stopping by!

Always a pleasure, Darlene!

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