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17 things you (probably) didn’t know about author Darlene Foster.

Posted on: February 12, 2018

Today I´m featured on Rachel Ritchey´s blog where she asked me some fun questions. You just might learn more about me. Drop on over and say Hi!

Rachael Ritchey

Darlene Foster is the author of the fanciful tales of Amanda, a young girl from Canada who finds herself on the most extraordinary adventures. Amidst all Darlene’s writing, she finds herself on her own adventures, and there’s much more to this writer than meets they eye!


Today, I am pleased to welcome Darlene Foster to the blog! She’s been put through the ringer kind enough to come and be drilled for personal information share about herself and her lovely books.

Take it away, Darlene!

Seventeen things you (probably) didn’t know about author ­­­­­Darlene Foster…

DSC04603My first job, at 17, was a salesclerk in a local gift shop. I worked for a wonderful German woman who imported things from all over the world, which fueled my desire to travel. I loved helping people choose the perfect gift for someone, or something special for themselves. I learned so much from my…

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21 Responses to "17 things you (probably) didn’t know about author Darlene Foster."

What a fun idea. Hopping over to learn more!

Wow what a fun person you are Darlene! Love your book covers

It is lovely to get to know you little by little, Darlene. You do indeed emit a lot of positive energy. I wish I met more people with that gift! 👍❤

Thanks so much my dear friend. Life is too short to be negative.

I couldn’t agree more!

Lovely write-up! But why 17?

Because 10, 12 or even 20 would be just too ordinary. Seriously, Rachael gave me a list of 25 questions and said to pick as many as I want to answer. I chose 17 I thought would be fun. Glad you liked it!

I now know more about the beautiful, talented, caring, fun loving person that you have always been in my books! My best to you in all your future endeavors, Darlene!

Awe thanks, Irene! Hope all is well with you and yours.

Enjoyed the interview. Left a comment.

Fabulous, Darlene, going over to finish reading.

Love the pic….going over to read the rest…

[…] Darlene has always been a massive supporter of the weekend share, so I love the fact that I can find out more about her via 17 things you (probably) didn’t know about author Darlene Foster. […]

I like these little factoids. What a wonderful shop to work in for your first job. I can imagine the young Darlene picking up exotic pieces and daydreaming of going to the places they came from. That book about perseverance sounds interesting.

It was a great job and unpacking the goods from all over the world did make me want to visit those places. The Perseverance book has got me through a couple of rough times. I have recommended it to many people. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Perseverance-Margaret-Wheatley/dp/1605098205

Thanks for the link, Darlene, I’ll be sure to check that out.

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