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Featured Author – Interview – The return of Darlene Foster

Posted on: January 18, 2018

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Aurora’s blog. Check it out and read about my messy mind map.

Writer's Treasure Chest

Welcome back!

You were a guest on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’ before, where we learned about writing in your life and your projects.

Let’s see what you can tell us today:

1. Are you still writing in the same genre as you did before, and if not, why did you switch – or would you ever think to change genres?

I am still writing travel adventure stories for middle grade readers and probably will for some time. I enjoy writing for this age group. Tweens are no longer little kids and not yet young adults. They are just discovering life outside their comfort zone and are eager to learn more. I like to think my books will broaden their horizons and spark an interest in traveling.

I have, however, written short stories – memoirs, about growing up on the Canadian prairies, and plan to publish them in a collection soon. It´s…

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29 Responses to "Featured Author – Interview – The return of Darlene Foster"

Such a great interview, Darlene! I love reading all about your writing process and how Amanda comes to life!

Awe, thanks so much, Beth Ann. Glad you enjoyed reading about me and my strange ways!

Very interesting. I’m intrigued by your mind map. I’ve tried this sort of thing but never been very successful with it. I think I don’t like the mess it creates, which is something I’d like to get over. If I could make more mess I might find myself being more creative.

It can get messy and I did have to get over that. But once you get into it, the ideas just flow. Apparently, it is the way the human brain works. Outlining a story just didn´t work for me. Glad you found it interesting.

I’ll need to have another go at it. I can see how it could free the mind and encourage creativity.

Great interview, Darlene. We seem to have similar writing processes 🙂 ❤

I can’t believe there is actually another one of us out there!!

Oh, we’re not alone, my friend. There are many more color-scribblers among us 🙂

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview, Darlene. Your mind map makes perfect sense to me! 🙂

Glad you enjoyed my interview. I knew you would get the mind map thing. xx

My pleasure, Darlene!

It’s always fun to be interviewed and popping over to read! 😀

Yes, it is and these were fun questions!

Great interview…can’t wait to read your collection about growing up on the prairie!!

Thanks, Kirt!! I´ll let you know when it comes out.

Great interview, Darlene. The Amanda series seems to be really gathering momentum!

I do have a bit of a following which is nice. Glad you enjoyed the interview!. xo

Wonderful interview Darlene. I always enjoy reading about other writer’s processes. 🙂 x

Mind maps, are so interesting! Being a published author,but a newbie to blogging I find the process so fascinating!

My writing audience are much older than middle school age but it is all relevant in writing!

Drop by with your favorite beverage, add a tasty treat of deliciousness & reflect with me for awhile you will be most welcome 🙂

It doesn´t matter what age group you write for, it is always great to read about how others go about it. Thank you so much for stopping by and I will visit you as well.

I totally agree! We glean & learn from each other, I love that we are not islands of individual isolation but a village of common focused inhabitants, we love to write 🙂

I enjoyed our time together when you dropped by my blog, it was a lovely time of reflection together Darlene. Looking forward to getting to know you in our time together.

Great interview, I’d love if you could check out some of mine, I’m currently interviewing Channillo authors who write serial fiction. Have a great day!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I also know Tina. Off to share!

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