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Snobbity Snowman

Posted on: December 28, 2017

When my daughter was a little girl she just loved Frosty the Snowman and had me read the book to her over and over. She also had a record of it and played it so many times I thought it would break. Her imaginary friend was called Frosty and he went everywhere with her. I had to be sure Frosty was in the car before I closed the door. Later, when she was a grown-up, I found a Frosty the Snowman stuffy and gave it to her as a gift. She still has it.

So I was very happy to read and review this book.  Snobbity Snowman by Maria Bardyukova and Quiet Riley Jr. is a delightful picture book for anyone who loves snowmen.

The blurb:
Snobbity Snowman has everything a snowman could possibly want: a shiny hat, freshly-picked noses and enough pride to last a lifetime. In fact, he is so selfish and shortsighted that he fails to see the instance his life starts falling apart.

What disasters must take place to open his charcoal eyes? To help him see that pride and possessions cannot bring true happiness? Will he defrost his ego and embrace the warmth of companionship?

Only Snobbity can tell.

Depicting winter in rich and whimsical tones, Snobbity Snowman’s quirky characters and unexpected twists promise to leave a lasting impression on all its snobbulous readers.

My review

A cute picture book featuring a snowman who is a snob. Snobbity even has an upturned carrot nose. But when things go wrong, he doesn´t know how to cope. A clever story about the value of relationships over possessions. The drawings are delightful and very kid-friendly. At the end of the book are fun activities. A great book to read to the little ones. After all, who doesn´t love snowmen, at any time of the year!

Why I liked it

I really liked this fun picture book as children can relate to it. It also has a good message about thinking you are better than others but not in a preachy way.  Some interesting new words are introduced. Other cool characters are cleverly presented and it has a surprise ending. Every time a child reads this book and looks at the pictures, they will notice something new.  This is one that will be read over and over.

Where to buy it




I hope your holiday is going well and you have had time to relax and read!!


27 Responses to "Snobbity Snowman"

Am working on the reading part…but am gearing up for the writing part!

That makes two of us!! (well probably more than that.)

That sounds like fun. I wish I had a young relative to buy it for.

I know what you mean. But sometimes it is good to read a kids book for your inner child!! Hope you are doing OK and gearing up for a good New Year!!

I know two young ladies who would love this. I’ve not done any reading this Christmas (other than blogs) but I have several new books so I must make a start. 🙂

I´m sure they don´t get to see snow very often. I am so behind in my reading as well. I hope you are not snowed in. We have been watching the news.

I’ll have to see if I can find this. Might be a good companion book for an upcoming Sunday school lesson I’ll be teaching. Happy new year to you!

The kids would love it. All the best for 2018!!

I did whilts teaching in school, everyday!

Great review Darlene!! Happy New Year to you!!

Thanks, Kirt and all the best for 2018!!

Likewise Darlene, I hope this Season has been wonderful and restful for you. This book sounds wonderful for any age. Sometimes I think adults need to go back to reading children’s books just to relearn and remember some of life’s basic lessons.

I so agree. We need to read kid’s books from time to time to nourish that child within as well. This one has a great lesson.

Lovely story! Hope you 3 had a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to creative, healthy and fun New Year!

Thanks, Lea. All the best for 2018!!

This looks as if it’s a clever twist to the snowman’s story. :Freshly–picked noses” and all! 🙂
I hope your Christmas was full of sweetness, Darlene.
May 2018 bring you much joy and success, and more Amanda adventures.

Thanks, Lynn. This was a clever twist about a snowman you learn to care about. Wishing you a superb 2018 as well!

Very timely, Darlene. I haven’t had too much time to read this season, hosting (come Saturday) a total of three parties. I took a week’s break in blogging and plan to double down with my memoir in the new year.

A super new year to you!

I haven´t read as much as I would have liked to either this year. Hopefully, I´ll have more time in 2018. Good luck with the memoir!! Happy New Year.

Sounds like a sweet book. Love the name Snobbity. How fun and some good lessons to be learned for kids as well.

It is a sweet book! Maybe even lessons for some adults, you never know!

Darlene, this is a lovely review of what seems such a sweet book. It is a gift when you can reread a book lots of times and still find something new to treasure. A hit for sure!

Nice review. The cover is appealing, so I can imagine how attractive the whole book is. A story about the importance of valuing people over possessions sounds ideal for modern-day children.

It is a wonderful little book that kids and grown-ups can enjoy!!

This book sounds great for little ones. I had a favorite frosty the snowman movie of mine that I’d watch every year growing up, I just didn’t watch to the point to where it nearly broke but can say there were many others I watched that almost did lol.

Thanks for visiting. Isn´t it funny how children will read a book, watch a movie or listen to a recording over and over. Snowmen seem to appeal to kids!

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