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Making Christmas Memories

Posted on: December 23, 2017

Something from my archives! Time has moved on but we are still making memories.

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I have  many wonderful memories of Christmas growing up. It doesn’t surprise me that many of them have to do with my grandma. She had many grandchildren but always made sure I got something special under the tree. She gave me my first stamp album, books I treasured and even my first Elvis Presley album! Christmas dinners at grandma’s place was special.  Her small house brimmed over with aunts, uncles and cousins. The meal would be delicious with special treats we only got at Christmas time. Grandma provided these treasured memories that always return at this time of the year.  I don’t think I ever told her how much they meant to me.

My 4 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren live in another province so I don’t see them as often as I would like. I’ve only spent a few Christmases with them over the years. Every year I enjoy…

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19 Responses to "Making Christmas Memories"

I didn’t find a link in your post Darlene, so I clicked on ‘Related’ at the end of the post and went on to read Making Christmas Memories from Dec 2013. I left a comment there but just wanted to wish you, your hubby and Dot a Very Happy Christmas. I hope you all have lots of fun. Barbara

I checked and the view original post at the end seems to work on my computer. Glad you found it anyway. Those of us who live away from our grandchildren have to find other ways to make memories, but we do. We all wish you a fabulous Christmas as well. Dot says, bow wow. She wore her antlers to the coffee shop today. She was a hit!!

I enjoyed your family photos and your observations about making Christmas memories. We are so blessed that we have often had our two grandsons with us for Christmas. They are 17 and 22 now. The older one has been with us since college exams ended for the semester, and we’re picking up the younger one from the airport today. I’m going to be watching to see what kinds of memories they are storing. Merry Christmas!

Isn’t it wonderful to see them grow up? My grandsons are now 16 and 22. Such wonderful young men. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Christmas!

Lovely heartwarming memories, Darlene. My best wishes to you for a wonderful Christmas and the Very Best to you in 2018 in every way!

Thanks, Irene. So nice of you to keep in touch. All the best in 2018.

Have a merry Christmas making more memories. See you in a splendid new year!

Every year brings more memories! We are so blessed. Enjoy the season. See you in the New Year!

Wonderful memories Darlene. Although our lives change and evolve new memories just become part of a lovely book of life. Merry Christmas.

Thanks, Sue. So well put. Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Christmas memories are what makes the the special. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas.

Had a wonderful day, thanks!

I remember that blog post, it’s a lovely one and I enjoyed reading it again. I hope you had a good Christmas this year, even though you’re so far away from most of your family. So often, we never find out how our gifts or actions have affected others, but it’s wonderful to know that you’ve created special memories for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Thanks, Lorna. You have been following me for quite awhile and I really appreciate that. Yes, it is good to know that your actions have been appreciated. It is always a bit difficult when you are so far away. I hope you and your parents had a lovely Christmas. ❤

Thanks Darlene, I always appreciate your comments on my blog, too.

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