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Remembering Through the Generations

Posted on: November 11, 2017

On this special day, November 11, I want to share with you a poem recited by my seven-year-old great-granddaughter. It is so important that every generation understands the meaning of Remembrance Day and why we wear a poppy. Here is her short video.

Isn´t she a sweety?


Even our Dot wears a poppy.

Take a couple of minutes to remember and think of those who did all they could to preserve our freedoms.

52 Responses to "Remembering Through the Generations"

I agree how important it is to pass the meaning of Remembrance Day!

So very important. This little one takes it seriously.

Darlene, check the site you mentioned because it comes up “the content isn’t available.” Maybe it’s just me.
I used to share the White Table tradition on Veteran’s Day. Lots of generations of veterans in my family, going back to the Revolutionary and Civil War through Iraq. Lost a grandson in 2009.

Apparently, it is a private site. I´ll see what I can do. So sorry for your loss of a grandson. Sadly, it still goes on.

I think I have fixed the video.

A very poignant post Darlene. I’d like to give you some personal facts which I hope is OK. Both my parents were in the military in WWII. My mother was a corporal at Catterick Camp and my dad was a Coldstream Guardsman who survived Dunkirk. My wife has just completed 25 years on the British Legion poppy collection service and been honoured for her service. And yet today in the UKs Independent newspaper a journalist has written that all of us who voted to Leave the EU have betrayed our country and all of those who fought for it! What I do know is that if my dad were alive and could get his hands on this journalist he would wring his bloody neck! These morons who control the media are quite abhorrent.

The media has a lot to answer for and I agree they are idiots. Thanks for sharing your families contribution. Although none of my family fought overseas, 4 of my great uncles served in the Canadian army during the war.

I can recommend the new IMAX movie Dunkirk! Stunning sound effects, parallel stories of two soldiers on the beach, a Spitfire pilot, a Navy Commander, a family in a “little ship” crossing the Channel.

Lovely post, Darlene. Cute little pup 🙂 I’d love to watch the video, but the link is broken. Hope you can fix ❤

Thanks, I´ll see if I can fix it.

It is now fixed!

She’s adorable, Darlene. You are so blessed ❤

Thanks! She is quite something.

Darlene I am getting a message that the content is unavailable. Perhaps it is on a private page? I agree so important to remember those who have sacrificed so much.

Thanks. I guess it is a private page, I´ll see what I can do.

I have fixed the video!

Excellent. Off to have a watch!

Aww so special to see. Wonderful to see the youngest generation remembering those who sacrificed so much.

Lovely that your whole family is so supportive, Darlene.

Thanks, Robbie. Even the dog.

I couldn’t agree more, Darlene. We seem to take our freedom and creature comforts for granted, so it is very important to remember the sacrifice of millions of men and women who made it all happen.

It must have been scary times for all involved. We need to always remember.

Alas, I can’t see the video, Darlene but just want to share how important and moving it is to see the young children taking part in remembering. Yesterday the local primary school held a service at the local playing field where there is a plaque for an American pilot based at the airfield during the war. According to the story his plane was going to crash and he realised it was heading to the school, he told the co-pilot to bale out and he crashed into a field nearby instead, losing his life in the process.

Stories like this move my soul. Thanks for sharing. Sorry about the video but it’s on a private setting. I can assure you it is very sweet.

I was able to fix the video if you wish to try again. xo

Just saw it, Darlene…wonderful and so moving. Well done to your granddaughter. ❤️

Very nicely done. 🙂

Thanks, Karen. So proud of her.

Bless her, she did so well. Dot is adorable with or without her poppy.

She did very well and I’m so proud of her. Love our Dot to bits as well.

Oh my goodness that was wonderful!

I thought so too. Thanks, Christine.

Lovely recitation. Thanks for sharing…You’re great granddaughter is lovely too! ❤ xo

Thanks for popping by and commenting, Bette.

She’s adorable and delivers a memorable message. I love the idea of poppies for remembrance, mostly in Canada and Britain. Yes? Thank you for posting this, Darlene. It’s hard to believe you are a great-grandma!

I have worn a poppy every year in November for remembrance for as long as I can recall. I was pleased that they sell them here in Spain as well. I believe it was the poem, In Flanders Fields, that started the tradition. Being a great grandma is so much fun and she is so adorable.

Lovely little poem! Thanks for the link – I can see it fine.

Glad it works now and that you enjoyed it.

Oh, Darlene, that’s so sweet and a wonderful memory to have forever. Thank you for sharing that with us.

It is pretty wonderful and I was happy to share. ❤

That was wonderful, Darlene! And yes your dog is quite a sweetie. In the US, Veterans Day meant so much to my dad, a war war two paratrooper . He’s gone now, but the day means just as much to me now as I remember him and all of our veterans. ❤️

It is a very special day for so many. Glad you enjoyed the little poem. Sad we are still losing good people due to wars.

Lovely, Darlene. Your granddaughter is adorable and did a fantastic job reciting the poem. Glad you little dog got into the spirit of things, too. Stopping by from Senior Salon.

Thanks so much for stopping by and pleased you enjoyed the poem and puppy. xx

It is very important for the young to understand the cost of war.

I so agree. We can become complacent about these things as the memories fade.

That is so sweet, and what a poignant poem. I agree that it’s important to keep on remembering, even when there’s no-one left who personally remembers the great war. It reminds us of all the armed forces who’ve served, and are still serving, throughout the world, and we should never forget that war is something to be avoided at all costs.

Exactly! I loved the poem and she delivered it so well. I just had to share.

They are both sweeties! Nice post! 🙂

Thanks, Marcia! I think so too.

That’s a wonderful tribute – and a video to treasure.

It is very precious, as she is. Thanks.

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