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All You Need is Love – 4 Days in Liverpool

Posted on: November 8, 2017

I found music and love everywhere I turned on my recent visit to Liverpool. I fell in love with the sing-song accent of the friendly Liverpudlians and found this city a delight to explore.  After all, this is the home of my teenage heroes, John, Paul, George and Ringo and they have left their mark big time. Landing at John Lennon airport, with a yellow submarine in front, is just the start.  They are everywhere from The Fab 4 Restaurant, MacArtny´s Bar, The Beatle´s Story Museum, A Hard Day’s Night Hotel, The Magical Mystery bus tour and bronze figures of the famous foursome who defined a generation strolling down the waterfront. I couldn’t help but hum Beatles tunes the entire time I was there. Then there is the ferry that takes you across the Mersey River made famous by Gerry and the Pacemakers in 1964. A statue of the charming Cilla Black stands in front of the original Cavern Club. The city loves its music!


The Fab Four – forever in our hearts and on our lips!


Where it began all those years ago


Cilla Black in front of the Cavern, where she worked as a coat check girl before being discovered


ferry ‘cross the Mersey cause this land’s the place I love and here I’ll stay, Gerry Marsden, now 76,  still lives in Liverpool


Fabulous views of Liverpool from the ferry

Liverpool is a port city and home to the Cunard and White Star Lines. The ill-fated Titanic and Lusitania were Liverpool ships. Excellent displays of both can be seen at the Maritime Museum. Liverpool is the port where over nine million people have left from to immigrate to Canada and the United States over the years. In fact, my great-grandparents, who boarded a ship in Hamburg, Germany, made a stop at Liverpool, no doubt to pick up more passengers, before crossing the Atlantic.


A sculpture commemorating the many families who left through the port of Liverpool to immigrate to the Americas and start a new life

The once busy docks have been cleaned up and now house trendy restaurants, interesting shops, the Tate Art Gallery and a number of excellent museums.


The Albert Docks


The famous Liver Building with the Liver birds on top, the official mascots of Liverpool


One of many superlambananas placed around Liverpool during the city’s European Capital of Culture celebrations in 2008.


We had our lunch of fish finger butties in this old bus. What fun!!

Many excellent museums, art galleries, amazing architecture and great shopping make this city an ideal destination for someone like me. Apparently, it rains a lot there but we had some wonderful sunny days to explore.


St. Luke’s Church, bombed in 1941 was never restored. It is now a place for relaxation and remembrance. The scent of burnt wood still permeates.


The Liverpool Cathedral, Britain’s largest cathedral and the largest Anglican Cathedral in Europe, can be seen from almost everywhere in Liverpool.


Inside the stunning Lady Chapel


One of many stained glass windows


I discovered one of the best graveyards ever behind the church with the original mortuary above


A welcoming library with the names of well-known books listed on the walkway!


Inside the library, a Harry Potter-like reading room. I was in heaven.


A typical Liverpool scene. The Cunard building is in the background.


A juxtaposition of the old and new. The excellent Museum of Liverpool on the left.


The mythical liver bird keeping watch over the port

I am so glad I got to visit this amazing city! Have you been to Liverpool or know anyone who may have immigrated from the Port of Liverpool?

43 Responses to "All You Need is Love – 4 Days in Liverpool"

Have been many times both in my teenage and university years and post university too. I used to live in Chester and travelled to Liverpool most weekends for football! Then post university a gang of us would go to a well known Chinese restaurant for a banquet every Saturday night. The owner, Tony, would take our booking PLUS my wife’s shopping list for items she wanted from the Chinese supermarket across town. The bags were always waiting for us on arrival. We visited Tony recently who now runs his famous Yuet Ben in Frodsham after taking some friends from Denmark across the Mersey and a day at the Docks. A Chinese man with a full on scouse accent is quite funny!

Sounds like you have good memories of Liverpool. I noticed there was a large Chinatown but didn´t have time to explore. It would be amusing to hear a Chinese person speak with a scouse accent. Very clever business people.

Liverpool looks wonderful and a lot of fun and I can understand why you loved it so much. I’d love to visit that library! I bet 4 days wasn’t quite enough, though!

I could have used a couple more days actually. But I got to see the things at the top of my list. It was a fun place. Lots of buskers as well.

Thank you for my photo trip to Liverpool, Darlene. Wonderful! The Beatles and the Cave… sigh! ❤️. Beautiful churches.

The churches were amazing and I didn’t get to all of them. Glad you enjoyed the photo trip.

I did! Best to you, Darlene. 😀

I worked there once for a while but have never been there as a visitor. I always preferred the Rolling Stones I have to say!

I liked the Rolling Stones too but I have to admit, I was one of the screaming teenage girls watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Our parents were dumbfounded. The British had invaded and there was nothing they could do about it!

Throughout history the Brits were always invading somewhere!

This was a welcome invasion for a bored little prairie girl. So much so she married a Brit a few years later. (not surprisingly named Paul!)

Thank you for giving us a cultural perspective on Liverpool. Your photos reminded me of novelist D. H. Lawrence. I remember scenes from “Sons and Lovers” so well because he described the coal industry of Liverpool long ago. The city looks more polished today, that’s for sure.

It has cleaned up nicely. The docks are a wonderful place to spend time and the pedestrian walkway through the downtown has some fabulous shops. I also recall reading D.H Lawrence’s descriptions and never believed I would one day visit these places.

I loved your photos of churches and libraries. Marvelous!

That had to be one of the best libraries I have ever visited. There was a great display of JK Rowling’s research she did when writing the Harry Potter series.

It’s marvelous you were able to see it. Thanks for sharing!

Great photos! It does look like an amazing city, which I’ll have to visit one day!

You must visit as it is a great city. Would make a perfect setting for a murder mystery!!

I first visited few years ago to attend a medical conference and absolutely loved it. Your post makes me want to go back there and explore more. It is a very special city😄

I hope you get back. It was a pleasant surprise for me. The city has done a great job of blending the old with the new. Glad I could bring back some good memories.

Great pictures. I love Liverpool too!

Darlene, this is a superb post!! 😀 You make the city shine and it’s been a real educational tour for me – I feel quite ashamed as I’ve lived in the UK almost all my life but still never visited Liverpool. Wow, what a wonderfully vibrant feel…of course the Beetles, but I didn’t know about bombed-out St. Lukes church…I loved the welcoming entrance walkway to the library and wow, the inside is wonderfully atmospheric. Lovely to meet you over at Sally’s this morning and now looking forward to wandering around your blog! 😀

Thanks, Annika. So pleased you enjoyed the post. It is so often like that. I lived in Canada all my life and have yet to visit Niagra Falls!

I loved following your trip through Liverpool in postcard perfect colour. If it’s one thing I regret not visiting is Liverpool. I was a huge fan of Cilla Black. Still have her albums. 🙂

So pleased you could see Liverpool through my eyes. Cilla Black was very popular, not just in her time but later as a TV host and presenter. She was so well loved. They recently made a TV movie of her life, have you seen it? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3568088/

I’ve really enjoyed your posts on Facebook Darlene and now here. I am a huge Beatles fan and would love to visit one day. I’ll know the post to go to when planning!

It is definitely a worthy stop next time you are in the UK. Glad you enjoyed the posts.

I love the look of the library, and the cathedral is immense. I’ve never been to Liverpool but it looks as if it has a lot to interest visitors. It must be weird for the surviving Beatles if they ever go past that sculpture of the band. I don’t know if either of them live in Liverpool now, I somehow doubt it.

You would so love the library. The pictures don´t do it justice. The reading room has a domed ceiling. It is magical. The church has a tea room which looked so inviting but I had to be somewhere else so couldn´t enjoy it. I am pretty sure Paul and Ringo don´t live in Liverpool. But Gerry Marsden still does. I think they would be proud of the statue as it is a very good likeness. xx

I have been to Liverpool. I visited the Beatles museum. You did a great job. Look at all these photos! I thought of becoming a travel blogger and reviewing places like you but I blog about blogging tips now. If you need any blogging tips, maybe you can check out my blog. I met you at the blog party.

Thanks for visiting my blog, Janice. Great to meet you and glad you liked my pictures.

Reblogged this on newauthoronline and commented:
As a Liverpudlian, (I moved from Liverpool to London in 1994 but have family in this great city and visit often), I enjoyed reading this post. If you have yet to visit Liverpool I wholeheartedly recommend you to do so.

Thanks so much for reblogging. It is an amazing city and I also recommend a visit. Glad you enjoyed my post.

I loved following you on your trip through Facebook. You were so lucky to get all of these wonderful Beatle´s spots in. One of my California friends, a bit older than me, grew up in Liverpool. She saw the Beatles from their beginnings. How fabulous is that? Thank you for sharing these incredible photographs .

I was indeed lucky to get to see the place where it all happened as the Beatles and the Mersey beat was such a huge part of my youth. I don´t think anyone was surprised when I married an Englishman called Paul!!

Haha. And my husband has been told he LOOKS like Paul (only he’s aged even better). 🙂

Great write-up! There’s always something happening in Liverpool. Mrs Britain indulged my love of the Beatles by allowing us several days to indulge in a kind of ‘Beatles-fest’ – I’m still putting the stories out over on the blog from time to time. All the best, Mike.

As a teenager growing up on the Canadian prairies, visiting the home of the Beatles was just a dream. All these years later, the dream came true for me! It didn’t disappoint. Thanks for dropping in and commenting.

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