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Welcome to Aunty’s Place

Posted on: October 22, 2017

My granddaughter has started a new venture and I am so proud of her. She has always loved animals and has worked with pets for some time now, most recently managing a boarding kennel and volunteering at a shelter. She has purchased, along with her husband, a chunk of property outside of Medicine Hat, Alberta and opened her own boarding kennel called Aunty’s Place Pet Boarding. I can assure you those pets will get so much care, attention and love. I was happy to spend some time with her during my recent visit. She had just opened for business and was already busy. She is working hard and I know she will do well.


There is a special place for cats at Aunty´s Place.



Oscar lives there but he doesn’t mind all the extra guests


Thumbelina making herself at home


Another happy guest

And tons of room for dogs of all shapes and sizes


Welcoming committee

aunty´s place

Dog guests having fun with neighbouring cows looking on.


An early morning run.


A satisfied customer

DSCN0213 (2)

The spacious house with the office in front.


Fabulous prairie view from the back deck


With helpers, a brother and daughter. A family run business.


Many lovely fir trees from BC had been planted in the yard. We’re standing by a gorgeous blue spruce we named appropriately, Bruce.


A very tidy office


Professional  business cards

Animals instinctively know this is a safe place. Recently a stray mother cat appeared on the doorstep with seven little ones in tow. They were fed of course and homes were found for them.

Through hard work and perseverance, my granddaughter’s dream has come true. I couldn’t be more proud of her and her family. The property is near where I grew up and, get this, my great-granddaughter is now attending the same school I did!

Check out the facebook page and like it. Be warned, cuteness alert. She posts pictures of her adorable guests. 




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54 Responses to "Welcome to Aunty’s Place"

What a lovely post Darlene. I so love animals. Aunty’s place is full of love. 🌼

That it is! A perfect business for an animal lover like her.

How wonderful Darlene! For sure pets will find this like a resort vacation!

I am impressed by what your granddaughter has achieved. Fulfilment of a dream. The place is so free, open and lots of space and fun things for both cats and dogs. Congratulations.

It is so nice to see a young person doing what they find enjoyment in!

I like the name she’s chosen for her business, and it looks like a wonderful place for animals to run around, take a nap and generally enjoy all the care and attention they’ll get. Good on her for having the guts to start her own business, and I must say her office space looks exemplary. That’s a great picture of the dog sitting on the chair and looking straight into the lens. How lovely that your great-granddaughter is attending the same school as you did.

The name is perfect. It is very brave of her to start a business but it is one she loves and knows a lot about so the risks are minimal. With her moving to the country and her daughter attending my old school, life has gone full circle.

Amanda and Jeff are amazing people, they have worked hard to get their place ready for your precious pets.. So when you go on holidays remember AUNTY’S PLACE.

They are pretty amazing young folks. My dad would be so proud of them.Thanks, Freda.

What a wonderful place for animals, Darlene.

It is wonderful. I know my dog, Dot would just love it there.

What a marvelous post! I never, ever thought of boarding a cat because we always had relatives or neighbors who came to our home to take care of ours. If you had no one to do this for you, it would be a life-saver to know a good place for this care.

I’m glad you liked the post, Anne. Yes, we always had folks check on our cats when we went away but not everyone is so lucky.

Thank you for the cuteness alert. Pride and care show all over this new business, especially its endorsement from afar. May Amanda’s business grow and prosper. (The special name is not lost on me!)

I was wondering if anyone would notice! Thank you for the good wishes, I know she will appreciate them.

This is such a heart-warming and inspiring story. I’ll have to share this with a very special animal-loving friend.

It does warm your heart, doesn´t it? Please do share it with your friends. ❤

This is terrific, Darlene. I liked and shared Amanda’s FB page, along with this post. The photos are wonderful. Best of luck to Amanda! ♥

Thanks so much Tina. Proof that dreams do come true with hard work and determination.

I wish your granddaughter every success. What a rewarding and fulfilling job that must be! 👍

It is hard work but she loves it. Thanks for the good wishes. Beano would love it there!

Yes, I am sure. So many friends to play with!

Aunty’s place pet boarding is such a perfect name. We don’t have any pets now but when we did we often had to find caring people to look after them, I would have been at your granddaughters place like a shot! I wish her every success with the business.

I know. It is a bit far for us to take Dot there though. Fortunately, we have found a great pet sitter for Dot here in Spain when we travel. She loves it there. (as she would at Aunty´s place.)

What a beautiful looking boarding kennel! So much outdoor space for the dogs to run. I love the photo of the “satisfied customer” and of your granddaughter at the end. Congrats to her for fulfilling a dream. And how smart to have gotten all the experience beforehand. Bravo!

It is the perfect setting. I like how she built her experience first before taking the plunge into self-employment. She also took an administrative course so she knows how to handle the paperwork.

The dogs and cats look so happy – I love the photo of the welcoming committee. It looks like they are all smiling!

They are all very happy! I love that picture as well. Thanks for stopping in.

Well done to your granddaughter!

What a wonderful place for animals! Great post, thank you for sharing.

Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

What a lovely place for animals and your granddaughter is an inspiration. She has shown anything is possible, even dreams coming true. She has given you much to be proud of. Love the pics.

It is a perfect place for her animals and her animal guests! Glad you enjoyed the pictures, Diane.

What a great business idea – and so well executed. Congrats to all. Cute story about the cat and kittens showing up uninvited. 🙂 If I had to board Tink – and I pray I never do – I hope I can find someplace as lovely as this one.
(Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
“It takes a village to transform a world!

Much thought was put into this business plan. Tink would enjoy time at this boarding kennel. Thankfully, we have found a good one here in Spain for our Dot.

I can tell, simply from the photos. I’m sure they will do VERY well, and that word of mouth will spread their reputation easily.

What a beautiful and brilliant business venture. I’m sure it will be a great success. 🙂

Thanks. She is doing very well and is often full.

I’d believe that. 🙂

I wish her well in her new venture…looks like that won’t be a problem!!

Thank so much, Kirt. I have no doubt she will do well.

Wishing your beautiful granddaughter the very best with her new life and business. It’s such a heartwarming story.

Thanks, Gerlinde. It is a special story and I´m so happy for her.

That’s awesome!!! 🙂

You would so love it there!!

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