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Fun Book Tour Events

Posted on: October 15, 2017

As you could see from my previous posts, I had a wonderful time back in Canada visiting family and friends. But the trip was also to promote my books, more specifically my latest release, Amanda in New Mexico – Ghosts in the Wind. I had a lot of fun at the pre-planned events and thought I would share them with you.

I was invited by the Vancouver Public Library to be a workshop leader at their annual one week Writers and Book Camp held at the main branch, downtown Vancouver. This is my favourite library and I was honoured to be able to share some of my writing knowledge with the eager participants. These 9 to 13-year olds were serious writers. I created a workshop called Writing – It’s More Than What You See. We discussed how using all the senses makes writing more effective. I also spoke about how I use photographs to inspire my writing and gave them examples. I showed them one of my pictures and had them write for fifteen minutes, using as many senses as possible. Then they shared their work. I was amazed at what they produced in such a short time. The participants said they enjoyed the workshop and learned a lot. I had so much fun delivering it.


The Vancouver Public Library, an amazing building built to look like the Colosseum


A ‘place of books and learning


All set up and ready for the eager students

I then went on to Calgary where I did a presentation and book signing at the Shawnessy Branch of the Calgary Public Library. The event was well attended and I sold all the books I brought along! The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. Another great experience.


Display at a Calgary Library

DSCN0068 (2)

Some attentive listeners at the presentation


Some of the attendees were cousins. So great to see them.

Next stop was Coles Indigo Bookstore in my hometown, Medicine Hat. I saw so many folks I hadn’t seen for a long time, former neighbours, childhood friends, relatives and even my first landlady from fifty years ago. I sold out of books!



As you can see, I had help.

Back to BC where I held my book launch at Albany Books in Tsawwassen. This bookstore has been so supportive of me and other local authors over the years. The staff are fantastic. Even though it was a sunny Saturday, the last long weekend of the summer, many people came out to chat and buy books.

DSCN0255 (2)

With my amazing publisher, Michelle. She is like a fairy godmother and makes all this happen!


Book launch for Amanda in New Mexico: Ghosts in the Wind

I was invited to do a presentation at a BC Association of Travel Writers MeetUp where I spoke about How to Turn Your Travels into a Series of Travel Adventure Books to a sold-out crowd. Everyone enjoyed the PowerPoint presentation and many great questions were asked. Great to see many travel writer friends and meet new people.



Since I was leaving after the first week of school, I was only able to visit one school this time. It was my sixth time to do a presentation at Holly Elementary in Surrey. The students there are huge Amanda Travels fans and some of the grade sevens even dropped in as they wanted to hear what Amanda was up to. I enjoy visiting this school with students from diverse cultures. They loved the theme of the latest book and when I showed them the trailer for Amanda in New Mexico,  they stood up and clapped!


Presenting to a captive audience of about 100 at Holly Elementary School

DSCN0378 (2)

As always, they asked many good questions.

DSCN0379 (2)

My last event was a book signing at Indigo-Chapters on Granville Street in Vancouver, the largest bookstore in BC. It was a dream come true to hold an event at this bookstore. Many people stopped by my table to chat and buy books. There are many new Amanda fans now. I sold all but two of the books in stock. Happy days.


A friend helping out at the book signing


Signing books at Indigo-Chapters, another dream come true.



A fabulous sign in Indigo Chapters

I got to spend time in libraries, bookstores and schools, my favourite places, as well as meet some amazing people. It was a lot of work but well worth it.

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47 Responses to "Fun Book Tour Events"

Nice summary Darlene. It pays to take pictures to document all the places you’ve been…libraries included. Well done girl.

Thanks. I always bring a camera and then hand it to a responsible looking adult to take a few pictures. Sometimes a friend will take some as well. It is good to document these things. Was great seeing you as well.

Your publisher does well to get all those gigs for you, Darlene! Looks like a productive time for you:)

I wish I could take credit for all those appearances, but those are all Darlene and her great connections and hard work!

Thanks, Jan. The magic Michelle does is producing the books so I have something worthy to sell at these gigs.

I really liked seeing all those pictures, wonderful job, Darlene!

It was good to put it all together so I could see what I actually did. I was asked to speak at a writers group in Spain about my book tour events and it made me think about it.

Looks like a wonderful event. I love the photos of the children! Best to you.

The children were the best. AS you know, they always are.

When you spake of Vancouver, BC I see a picture of the city, which now is much more than a mere spot on a map. Sorry we didn’t get to see the towering library. Driving through the congested city to our B & B was the most we could muster. I’m glad you sold lots of books. What a generous publisher!

So glad you got to Vancouver. It is very congested and I think even more so than when I left three years ago. (or perhaps I forgot). Although I organized the events, my publisher is very supportive and produces fine looking books for me to sell. She is amazing!

Wonderful line-up of events, Darlene! Wishing you continued success!

Thanks, Irene! Your support has been most appreciated.

Love the smiles on the girl’s faces. You must have had a great time. Would love to hear you talk. Great photos!

I did have a great time. One of the reasons I write for kids is so I can interact with them.

This would be a dream come true for me, too. I am brillant at forgetting to get out my camera at events – so, rarely do I end up with photos!

I make a point of getting out my camera at the very beginning, giving it to someone and asking them to please take a few pictures. Teachers are usually quite busy but the teachers assistant is often willing. It helps if a friend is around to take pictures and staff at bookstores are usually quite accommodating. Now if hubby is with me, he´s the official photographer. He wasn´t with on this trip though.

That’s so amazing, Darlene! I am so happy that all your hard work is paying off, bringing its just rewards. How wonderful it must have been to meet all those lovely people and eager young readers! I hope the Amanda series will continue to enjoy great success for a long time to come. 👍❤

Thanks for your good wishes. It was great to meet Amanda fans, old and new!

You obviously had a great time and did a brilliant job. Well done and thanks for sharing the photographs.

Glad you liked the photos. It was a lot of work to organize and carry out but it was a good time and I’m so glad I did it.

I loved reading about your various presentations. It all looks fantastic.

Thanks, Anne. The fun part of being an author.

It looks very interesting! Good luck for next promotions 🙂 Bye. Kamila

Thanks! NIce to see you here, Kamila.

Excellent book tour! Congrats, Darlene!

Thanks for dropping in, Cynthia.

What a wonderful library. Well done Darlene!

It is an amazing library and I can´t believe I was asked to do a weeklong workshop there. Thanks, Stevie!

That all looked fantastic. I’d like to attend one of your writing workshops. Any chance you might do an online one some day?

I love doing workshops in person as I like the interaction. I may think of doing one online one day now that you have me thinking.

I can understand that, and if I lived closer to where you were doing a workshop I’d love to attend one. Doing things online isn’t the same, but it would be an opportunity for people in far-flung places to benefit from your instruction and enthusiasm.

Maybe I’ll have to do a workshop in Scotland. Now that would be fun!!

I’ll be first in the queue for that one. 🙂

You HAVE been a busy bee (before as well as during, I’m sure) – but it sure sounds worth it in terms of book sales as well as the fun of connecting with so many young fans. I’m sure they all love connecting with “a real author” – especially those who were enrolled in the writing workshops. Who knows how many seedlings will sprout from your efforts.

Loved seeing all the photos – and you look mah-ve-lous, as Billy Crystal would say.
(Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
“It takes a village to educate a world!

Thanks so much Madelyn! The planning of the trip was as much work as the trip itself but all so worth it, on so many levels.

When I was on the conference circuit, the upfront was actually MORE work. I quickly learned early to give myself *days* to recover on return as well. But, like you, I always found it well worth the effort.

What a fabulous book tour. Congratulations on all your successful events.

CONGRATULATIONS Darlene! You are such an inspiration!! Well done!

So fabulous that you incorporated a workshop as well.

Look forward to Amanda in Sri Lanka!

Peta & Ben

Thanks, you two! The workshop was a real treat. Amanda is eager to go to many more places.

It sounds like you not only had terrific book sells but also a lot of fun, I’m glad.

Such a busy but exhilarating time. So glad I got to be part of one of the events!

Meeting you was one of the highlights of the trip!

[…] returned to Canada in August and September for an awesome six-city book tour and wrote about it here. I moved the date up in order to accept an invitation to present a workshop for the Vancouver […]

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