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Cordoba – The Jewish Quarter

Posted on: August 6, 2017

I hope you are not getting bored with my visit to Cordoba but there was so much to see and do in this fascinating city.  I must tell you about our visit to the Jewish Quarter and the fabulous museum we found there.

Cordoba Jewish Quarter

The walls surrounding the Jewish Quarter in Cordoba

The Jewish Quarter in Cordoba, or Juderia as it is called, is a walled area surrounding a complex network of narrow streets lined with white buildings. With a quintessential Andalusian flavour, it is a perfect place to wander around and soak up the atmosphere.


A typical street in the ancient Jewish quarter


At the centre of the quarter is the Synagogue. It is one of only three original synagogues remaining in Spain. The building, built in the Mudejar style, dates from 1315. It was converted to a church in the 16th century and then held the Guild of Shoemakers until it was rediscovered in the 19th Century.


The entrance to the Synagogue


The interior includes restored walls revealing plaster work with inscriptions from Hebrew psalms and plant motifs.



The Jewish community played an important role in the history of Spain and flourished in Cordoba during the Moorish times when the city was the centre for commerce, prosperity, education and religious tolerance. Unfortunately, in 1492, during the Spanish Inquisition, people of the Jewish faith and the religion itself, were expelled from Spain. A sad part of Spanish history.


Wandering the peaceful little streets and alleys, we came upon a sign on a door, Casa Andalusi. Intrigued, we decided to check it out. Were we in for a treat!

Once inside we were welcomed by a cosy and cool courtyard with the pleasant sound of water from its fountain,  a mixture of Arab-Spanish music in the background and the faint scent of greenery and fresh flowers.


The charming courtyard of Casa Andalusi


There were many more serene courtyards and fountains full of fresh flowers throughout the site.
It was a typical 12th-century Andalusian house filled with medieval Islamic furniture and decorations. The blend of Andalusian and eastern styles gave it a certain charm and transported you back to Arabic times.

Exquisite leather work.


A leather globe of the world as it was known at the time. Amazing

I found one room, dedicated to the making of paper out of rags, very interesting.
and I had to demonstrate
We were able to go down below the current house where we found items from the old houses of the Jewish quarter including a well and an unearthed Roman mosaic floor, proving just how old the site is.
The courtyards held an assortment of large pots. I was told if I didn´t behave, I would be put in one!
This museum proved to be a gem tucked away and not on many of the tourist maps. We were so pleased we found it. It was the perfect end to a long, but fun day.
I hope you enjoyed the trip to Cordoba with me and my wonderful travel buddies.



43 Responses to "Cordoba – The Jewish Quarter"

oh wow

I’m never bored with travel blogs, Darlene! I’m enjoying your adventures vicariously 🙂 ♥

Thanks, Tina. I enjoy writing these as they remind me of the amazing places I have seen. I also get ideas for my Amanda stories this way!

Welcome, Darlene. It’s a blessing to be inspired by one’s own blog 🙂 ❤

Love these photos of Cordoba. Keep them coming. They are never boring. I hear Europe is having a heat wave? Is it affecting you?

So pleased you enjoy the photos. Yes, it is very hot here right now. The temps hit 47 C (acbout 113 F) the other day!!

47 C??? I though mid-30s was bad. Yikes! Stay hydrated.

I’m happy to have you as a tour guide to a part of the world I may never visit. We are wrapping up our anniversary trip in beautiful British Columbia – so pretty and refined.

Your trip sounds perfect. I see you have visited all my favourite spots. Glad to have you along during my Spanish explorations.

Not bored at all!! Very intrigued by spain now. I wish I had spent more time in 2013 and not just in Barcelona

There is so much to see and do in Spain. You could never do all of it in one trip. (just like Italy!)

you no that my name is darlene aswell so like yeah wowo

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always great to meet another Darlene.

yeah that’s right like there’s not that many darlene;s in the world

Loved visiting Cordoba through your posts. Watch-out for my posts coming soon when I’m off to China, Korea and eastern Europe through to Austria.

I look forward to seeing your pictures. Sounds like an exciting itinerary!

Wonderful photos of the beautiful coutyards and the Islamic decorations. Interesting history too Darlene and who could not be charmed by the whitewashed walls?

Cordoba is so full of history and overlapping cultures. I was mesmerized. Loved the courtyards.

Wow, Darlene! I love that Casa Andalusi. We must have missed it when we visited Córdoba. It looks really amazing. The Old Globe must be unique and making paper out of rags is very interesting and a great way to recycle. I remember getting lost in la Judería. Did you find your way around easily?

It would be so easy to miss Casa Andalusi. I was lucky to be travelling with a couple of very curious women. We got lost a lot in Cordoba we are all directionally challenged but always found our way in the end. I am not afraid to ask directions from strangers.

That makes me feel so much better! Thank you. I usually rely on Peter’s excellent sense of direction, but even he was disorientated. 👍

Cordoba is a fascinating city, you can probably spend a lot of time there and not see all there is to see. Thank you for sharing, I have enjoyed traveling there vicariously 😄

We had three days but the first and last were spent mostly travelling there and back so we could have used more time. But we made the most of the time we had. I only mentioned the highlights. We saw more and I didn’t even mention the meals we had!

What a wonderful find, I feel as if I’ve been transported to the heat, history and oriental mystery of this place after reading this blog post.

What kind words, Lorna. It was an incredible find and so glad we found it. Cordoba itself is a special place to visit.

This was a wonderful journey, Darlene. Thank you!

Glad you could join me, Jennie!

I’m not a bit bored Darlene. I enjoy reading about the places you visit and love to see the photos. It is a grey, chilly day in England so it’s nice to share the share a little of your sunshine.

Glad to share the sunshine. It is quite hot here in Spain right now. A couple of days ago it was 47C!! Even the dog doesn´t want to go out.

Thanks for this most interesting tour and slice of Spanish history, Darlene. 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks, DG. So pleased you enjoyed it.

Welcome Darlene 🙂

Definitely not bored Darlene. Amazing to have so many fascinating spots to visit in one city.

And we saw most of this in one day! All within walking distance too.

Your pictures are wonderful, makes me feel like I am right there along with you!

So glad I was able to create the feeling that you were there with me. It was great to have you along!!

Perhaps all parents should have one of those pots for misbehaving children. Lol

Cordoba looks beautiful, but I’m not sure how I’d feel in those tight spaces and narrow streets. I live wide-open, and those walled streets might make me feel as though I’m walking into a dungeon.

Thanks for sharing, Darlene.

The white buildings and open courtyards made it feel more open. Going down into the basement of the museum/house was like going into a dungeon and I did feel a bit claustrophobic. But my curiosity was stronger!!

Seems like a very charming place! I’d love to go there soon. Any tips I should know before going there?

It is amazing. Everything is in walking distance too. I would go in the spring when the patios are overflowing with flowers. It gets very hot there in June, July, and August.Enjoy!

I read your post on and absolutely loved it! Great advices and stunning photos! I have Cordoba on my bucketlist for sure!
Have you ever been to Italy Barcelona? I just wrote about it visit my blog in case you want to know more!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I have been to Barcelona and loved it. I have also been to a couple of places in Italy but want to see more.

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