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Guest Post, Daydream Believer

Posted on: July 20, 2017

I was invited to be a guest on Jan Moore’s site Work on Your Own Terms

Jan’s site is dedicated to helping women enjoy meaningful work that fits their lifestyle and providing mentorship on midlife reinvention. Check it out, you will find it interesting.

Photo by Donna Cluff

Daydream Believer: You Can Be One Too

by  | Jul 17, 2017

I met Darlene shortly before she and her husband moved to Spain from Canada. I asked her to share a follow-up on her life Abroad and how it came about.

Guest Post by Darlene Foster

I can´t remember when I didn´t have the urge to travel and experience new worlds. My dear grandmother bought me a colouring book featuring children from around the world in traditional dress. I loved that book and wished, with each page I coloured, I could visit these places one day. Studies have proven daydreaming is good for young people because it plants seeds that often become reality. Of course, those dreams don´t come true without hard work and determination.

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Do you believe in daydreams?


25 Responses to "Guest Post, Daydream Believer"

I loved reading your post “Daydream believer.” I often have the urge to travel and looking forward to heading to Europe in a few weeks. There is nothing like seeing new places, people and cultures. 🙂

Thanks, Diane. Have a fabulous trip. Can´t wait to hear all about t when you return.

Hi Darlene,
paring down (selling, throwing or giving away possession) one’s life is very liberating, I do agree!
Glad that you are enjoying your sunny Spain and that it continues to inspire your writing.

Thanks so much Catherine! You know of what I speak and you did it with children in tow as well.

You fill the bill for daydream believer. In moving to Spain to continue your writing seems to blend two of your dreams come true. Brava, my lady! Next week we begin to re-explore Victoria and Vancouver Island, BC.

Thanks, Marian. I should mention I have had lots of encouragement from family and friends, including on/line friends like you. Enjoy the beautiful west coast of Canada. You will just love it, I know.

The setting and achieving of those three goals is a story I could read every day. You show us what is possible and that dreams really can come true.

It is kind of funny when I think of it now. My boss simply said, “You are definitely focused!” It seems to me that many of your dreams have come true as well.

We have been fortunate to make many of them come true Darlene. I’m a bit more all over the place in the planning.

Loved your interview. Left a comment on the original post! You are one of the most positive people I’ve met! You really know how to manifest what you want.

Thank you for those kind words, Patricia. Some of it could be just dumb luck too!

Darlene, you inspire me no end ~ from the log of your travels to your gorgeous photos ♥

Without day dreams, life would be colorless. xo

Enjoyed your post! Yes, I’m a believer… 🙂 xo

Jumped over from the Senior Salon – GREAT to have that back up again to make it easy to jump from blog to blog, isn’t it?
Loved reading this post, Jan and I want to thank you for the intro to Darlene. Love that “see the world on your own terms” point of view.
(Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
“It takes a village to educate a world!”

Thanks, I´m glad Senior Salon is back up and running as well. Happy to have connected you with Jan. She is amazing.

I have been trying to download her e-book, but I’m not getting the link in my email. Hopefully she can fix from her end. I’m eager to know more.

oops – I think I got the names backwards – sorry about that. Please forgive if so (can’t find my comment to check first). I was typing while listening to Jan’s YouTube video and not paying full attention.

I knew what you meant!! xxoo

Whew! I have a hair-trigger “send” finger, and it makes me crazy to watch oopses fly off into the ether. Thanks for understanding.

Darlene, you are the definition of wishes fulfilled not by luck but by your own hard work and determination. Brava!

Thanks, Bernadette. I feel some luck has been on my side as well. Although my dear old dad always said, “You make your own luck.” Nevertheless, I feel lucky most days.

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