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Special Visitors from Abroad

Posted on: June 29, 2017

I haven’t been spending much time on my blog lately but there is a very good reason. I’ve been entertaining overseas guests and showing them around my part of Spain. The three of us come from the same place originally and have been buddies since we were children. One is related, one isn’t, one now lives in Arizona and one in Alberta. I can´t tell you how wonderful it has been having them here in Spain with me.

So far we have explored medieval castles, cathedrals, museums, a Roman fortress, an amphitheatre, and a sanctuary built into the side of a mountain, shopped the markets, shared tapas and watched a flamenco dancer to name a few of the many fun things we’ve been doing. I’ll write more about these events and sites later but in the meantime here are a few pictures to show what we’ve been up to.

At the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Esperanza

Happy to have my friends here in Spain with me.

With a friendly sailor in Cartagena

Enjoying the amphitheatre in Cartagena

On stage at the amphitheatre ready to give a performance

A Roman Senator lost his head over us!

At the top of the castle in Guadalest

Beautiful Guadalest

We did not fight over the knight in shining armour

Someone bought a new hat at the market and is very happy!

Resting in a cute courtyard in Cordoba.

At the Alcazar in Cordoba with King Alfonso

Look who we found at the top of Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante


The three amigas together again, ready for adventure.

There are many more pictures and stories to share but you will have to wait.

Note – pictures from a collection taken by all three of us.

36 Responses to "Special Visitors from Abroad"

All places that I know well – thanks for the memory nudge. I especially like that castle in Alicante!

The castle in Alicante is wonderful and they keep adding displays and information. It seems to be better every time I visit. Glad I brought back some good memories, Andrew.

I definitely understand your blogging patterns lately. Last month when Aunt Ruthie died I had to take a break from blogging, but started back again after 3 weeks. When we go tripping to British Columbiafor our 50th wedding anniversary in late July and early August I will probably take another brief hiatus. You and I have high standards but must give ouselves permission to take breaks when we are collecting memories. Yes!

I knew you would understand. I will be in Canada from mid-August to mid-September so there won’t be much going on in my blog at that time. Maybe the odd reblog. Enjoy your trip to BC. I can’t wait to hear about it. xo

Beautiful pictures, Darlene! “A Roman senator lost his head over us! great caption! Isn’t it wonderful to be able to share places you love with your friends?

It is so wonderful! I know you had fun with your overseas visitors earlier this year.

Altogether lovely, Darlene. Beautiful places, wonderful weather and great friends. What more could you ask for?

They have been so lucky with the weather but in Spain at this time of the year, it is almost guaranteed to be sunny and warm. Some days it was a bit too hot!!

It certainly looks like you three had a wonderful time, Darlene. The photos are lovely and they are giving me ideas for our long overdue trip this summer. Thanks for sharing such fascinating places and objects. Love your friend’s new hat!

Isn´t that hat just perfect! I do hope you have a great time this summer. Sending hugs.

How wonderful for you and your friends to be in such historical spots. And I bet the food is pretty good. Enjoy your time with them. We will wait patiently here for you to return.

Thanks, Chris. So much history our heads are spinning. See you here soon.

Darlene, you live in such a beautiful corner of the world that showing it to your visitors must be a lot of fun? My blog takes a back seat regularly, but mostly because of my work that takes all my energy and time. I am soon taking early retirement, so I hope to have more time for the blog.

We are having fun. In Barcelona right now. I hope you find more time for when you retire!

Looks like you’re really showing them both a great time in beautiful places!

There are so many great places to show them.

Good for you…how fun….looks like a great time, enjoy!!

We have been having fun, so much to see and do!!

Look at all of these marvelous sights! Enjoy your time with friends 🙂

Thanks, Christy and welcome to my blog!!

So beautiful! How nice to spend time together! Gorgeous weather, too! Amazing places to visit! I have my three Slovenian friends coming on Saturday for two weeks. I can’t wait!

Yes, the weather was great while they were here. Enjoy your guests. I am sure they will love Newfoundland!

Nothing compares to having friends to share in our home life and the world around us. These are such fun photos-I smiled while looking at you three 🙂

We have gone our separate ways over the years so it was great to be all together again. I will be smiling over these pictures for a long time.

Yes, I know exactly how you feel. I lost contact with some college friends over the years, and suddenly, over the past few years, even though we all live in different states, we get together once a year for a long weekend and LAUGH and reminisce but mostly just enjoy each other’s company. It’s miraculous. xo

A great book you might enjoy is The Bridge Club by Patricia Sands. It is about friends who connect once a year and each has a story to tell. https://www.amazon.com/Bridge-Club-Patricia-Sands/dp/0991931343

Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time!

I enjoyed all your photographs and am happy to wait for more. I loved your friend’s new hat. I could do with one of those for my trip to Australia next year. Our grandson has been staying with us so finding ‘blogging time’ has been a bit of a struggle hence I’m late visiting you.
Have a good week.

I love that hat too and she managed to get it back to Arizona where it will be a big hit! I am late visiting blogs too after having guests for 3 weeks. Enjoy your week as well, Barbara.

How marvelous to have visitors and have lots of fun adventures – it looks like a great visit Darlene!

It was a fabulous visit. There will be more posts of our adventures coming soon.

Darlene, when I worked in China I learned their concept of friends. For the Chinese, there are new friends, friends, and old friends. To be introduced and treated as an old friend is a great honor. I can tell from this post and these photos that these are your old friends. ~James

Old friends indeed they. One from birth, my aunt who is 2 months older than I am, and the other from elementary school. We have been through a lot together, 7 marriages and nine children between the 3 of us!! Oh the stories we could tell. I love the Chinese concept of friends.

Love it. So wish I was enjoy that love sunny weather right now.

It seems unfair, we are sweltering in 40-degree weather and you are freezing cold down there. I´m sure you can´t wait for your holiday.

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