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Posted on: June 16, 2017

I am a guest on Canadian Writer´s Abroad. Check out what I have to say about my move to Spain.


Source: Foster’s Dream Life

18 Responses to "Foster’s Dream Life"

Darlene, I really enjoyed reading your post about moving to Spain, but it confused the hell out of me! I’ll leave you to ponder why I was confused, but my wife and I regularly holiday between Estepona and Almeria and up to Cartagena. Maybe one day!

We just came back from a day trip to Cartagena. I love that place. Not sure what confused you. If my writing confused you, please let me know. Glad you enjoyed the post anyway!

Ha ha, I thought you were in Canada! Cartagena is a lovely place and I could willingly move there tomorrow. But we feel like that about Madrid, Segovia, Marbella, Malaga, Alfaix ….. Oh dear!

Haha, I will be back there in August for about a month. But we spend much of our time in Spain now. Yes, so many unique and interesting places. Off to Cordoba on the weekend. Watch this page!

Darlene, what a wonderful outcome from the 12 year old girl’s dream to Spain across the big ocean. It is a beautiful country and one I visited many times. I can imagine you miss your family, it is a big step to move continents.
I moved from Sweden to England which of course made it easy to travel back and forth and see family and friends.
Wonderful that your books did so well seen from a young person’s perspective.

Thanks for visiting my blog Miriam. It doesn’t matter how far or near, a move to another country is usually traumatic at first. So pleased you enjoyed the post.

Hi Darlene! I love this story of your life. I also love Spain and would like to return there one day. Did a housesit in Marbella in the 80s before I knew there was a name for it. Would like to include an updated version of your story on my website. Would you like to send me a Guest Post? We met on Gabriola and I help women to reinvent themselves via travel.You are truly living without regret!

Hi Jan. How wonderful to hear from you. I do recall meeting you and would love to send you a guest post after my overseas guests have gone home. I’ll connect via email soon. So pleased you enjoyed the post!

Darlene as you know I find your story of making your dream come true so inspiring. I would be happy to read it many times over.

Thank you so much Sue. How kind of you.

I can well imagine you miss things about Canada, especially the people, but it’s wonderful that you’ve embraced your new life in Spain despite the difficulties. I often dream of living in a place like that where I could sit outside and feel warm every day, but it’s easy to think only about the positives and not consider all the hassles of moving country. It’s interesting that you started trying to write about the UAE from an adult perspective. I wonder how your life would have turned out if you’d managed that and not had the idea of writing for children. Do you ever think of trying to write a novel for adults now, or are you content in your niche? Amanda certainly seems to be a constant inspiration for you, which must be very satisfying.

Thanks so much Lorna. I do write adult short stories from time to time so one day I may venture into the adult world. I am enjoying Amanda’s world right now.

Sorry, I entered your blog address in the comment box by mistake – it is going to be one of those days! I wanted to say I’m on my way there now as I always enjoy reading about your adventures.

I really enjoyed reading your post, Darlene. I did leave a comment over there but I’m not sure it posted. Here’s what I said just in case it didn’t.

“Darlene, you are such an inspiration and a wonderful example that dreams really do come true. I really enjoyed this post!”

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. So pleased you enjoyed the post. Thanks for your lovely comment, Laura.

Very inspiring, Darlene, and so glad you are enjoying your new life! We’ll look you up one day, don’t you worry! Haha!

I do hope you do! Things have turned out well. I will be in Tsawwassen on Sept 1 at Albany Books to launch yet another Amanda book. This time she will be in New Mexico. If you happen to be around, stop in. Although I realize it is no longer your neck of the woods. Looks like you two are enjoying life as well.

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