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The Islands of Gozo and Comino, and a Window That is No More

Posted on: June 4, 2017

We had a fabulous day on a boat trip to the Maltese islands of Gozo and Comino during our recent visit.

Fort Chambray and the neo-gothic chapel of our Lady of Lourdes greeted us as we approached Gozo’s Mgarr harbour. We disembarked and piled into a packed minibus that took us on a rapid trip to Dwejra on the other side of the island. This is the site of the famous Azure Window often seen on postcards and calendars of Malta and featured in a number of movies and TV shows such as The Game of Thrones. Just two weeks earlier this important landmark fell into the sea. An example of how nothing lasts forever.

The Azure Window as it was. Photo from Wikipedia

The site of the Azure Window now.

We enjoyed the stunning view from the rocky shore nevertheless.

The impatient bus driver herded us back on the bus, reminiscent of the movie Vacation. “Now you’ve seen this let’s keep moving!”

Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary

We stopped at the Ta´Pinu Sanctuary where every year pilgrimages are made to Our Lady of Ta´Pinu who is believed to have healing powers.

Inside the sanctuary

A wall in the church displays crutches, plaster casts and pictures as offerings by those who have been healed.

Not wanting to annoy our surly bus driver, I quickly took some pictures but was still the second last one back on the bus. I received a grim look as I boarded.

A knight guarding the pharmacy

A lovely rose balcony in Victoria.

A sandwich on delicious Maltese bread near the Citadel in the ancient capital city of Victoria ended our visit to Gozo as our efficient bus driver was waiting to take us back to the boat. We would have liked more time to explore.

On the return trip, we docked at the uninhabited island of Comino which is a nature reserve. Hubby stayed on the boat but I walked up steep stairs, past a shrine set in the rocks, and found a great view of the crystal blue waters of the Blue Lagoon. I don´t think I have ever seen such clear water.

The clear waters of The Blue Lagoon

Some visitors went for a swim and others sunned on the rocks. Trucks serving snacks were available for those who got hungry or thirsty. I had to laugh as people juggled huge pineapples hollowed out and filled with drinks while they manoeuvred the steep steps back to the boat. I know I wouldn’t have been able to manage that!

A couple enjoying their drink in a pineapple on the way back.

We enjoyed the spectacular views as we headed back to the island of Malta, happy that we had seen all three of the islands that make up the country of Malta.

This is the last of my posts on Malta. I hope you have enjoyed them and perhaps one day you may visit this amazing place. 

77 Responses to "The Islands of Gozo and Comino, and a Window That is No More"

Thanks for sharing. We never got to visit Gozo, so I was very interested to read this.

Glad you got to see it through my eyes!

Great photos show the place off to perfection. Pity about the bus driver, next time slow down and start limping😂😂

Glad you enjoyed the photos. I guess the driver had a tight schedule but next time we would do it differently.

Very enjoyable….and as you know, you have inspired Rick and me to add Malta to our countries to visit. Thanks Darlene!

You would just love it!

Wow. Beautiful.

Thanks!! It is a beautiful part of the world.

The water does take a toll on its surroundings. Sad the window is gone. I’d have had to make that trek up to see what I could see, too!

To think we only missed seeing by two weeks!! Such is life.

Darlene, we were shocked when we saw the news that the Azure Window had collapsed. When we lived in Malta, there had been much debate about how to keep tourists from walking on top of it. We’re fortunate to have seen it on a sunny Easter afternoon, accompanied by a local friend who’d gone there since she was a child.

I’m glad you got to see some of pretty Gozo. I’m hoping it will retain its greener, quieter charm and escape the over development Malta has experienced. There’s been ongoing talk about building a bridge or a tunnel to connect the two islands.

We couldn’t believe we missed seeing the Azure Window by two weeks.Gozo was lovely and I can see why it should be kept the way it is. Glad we got there and it was great to get there by boat.

I’m also sorry you just missed it, Darlene. After it collapsed, we wondered how tour operators on Gozo would respond. It’s interesting to hear that they’re still taking people to the site.

It’s still a nice place with the inland sea and gorgeous seascapes. With a little imagination, you can envision the Azure Window.

I visited that place two years ago, amazing to think that it is now gone!

You were fortunate to see it while it was still there. Now you would need scuba gear to see it.

Malta looks so idyllic, Darlene. It really sounds like a great place to visit. I wouldn’t mind one of those pineapple drinks either!

They looked good but I would not have been able to make it down those steep stairs, grasping the rails and hanging onto the large drink!! Malta is wonderful.

So perfect. I really want to visit Malta before it gets run down by mass tourism. Love that Azure window

You would like it. It has a huge Italian influence. Too bad the Azure Window is gone.

You are right about the water, it is beautiful.

It was incredible!!

What spectacular scenery. I just love being by the ocean. You really captured the beauty of this trip. I also love your blog background.

It was amazing scenery. I like the customized background too but it seems to be making it slower to open the site so not sure if I should keep it.

Malta has been a destination for myself on at least 8 occasions, and to see the Azure window gone is so sad.

It is sad to see this landmark gone. I was so sorry to have missed it by two weeks. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Such a beautiful island Darlene. The blue lagoon looks so inviting…

They are very beautiful islands and that water is something else.

Gorgeous pictures, as usual, Darlene. Thanks for sharing. The disappearance of the “Window” made me think of the breaking off of ice from the glaciers and the many other “disappearances.” I’ve heard a lot about Gozo, never made it there myself … yet.

Glad you liked the pictures. Yes, nature is always changing, as is life. I am sure you will get to Gozo one day!

Oh wow…how beautiful! And so peaceful. Now I want to go on vacation.

It was peaceful, except for the mini-bus ride! It was a lovely vacation.

I am so envious you got to visit such a quaint and remarkable place. But I am so happy I can visit them with you!

I am glad you could visit these islands with me. I was fortunate to get to go there. ❤

Beautiful photos. Maybe I’ve been living in rainy climates too long since I kept noticing the blue sky and water and thinking wow!

That sun was wonderful!! We only had one rainy day while we were there so I spent it in a museum. Happy to see you visit my blog!! ❤

How lovely to read of your Malta travels Darlene…maybe we will get to go therecsom day. The photos are great…especially loved the one of the shrine in the rocks, and the blue blue sea:)

You and Bob would enjoy Malta. See you in a couple of months!!

How I hope I can visit Malta some day. Your photographs are simply beautiful. I think I would’ve stepped on the toes of the surly bus driver-maybe that would have slowed him down a bit? My brother and his wife returned two weeks ago from a 10 day trip to Spain and they are in love with the country. They lreally really enjoyed their stay there, and I hope I can follow in his footsteps sometime too.

In all honesty, he was on a tight schedule but he could have made it funny at least. He didn’t get any tips! I hope you get to Malta one day but I really hope you get to Spain. If you do, we must meet up. Most people do fall in love with Spain once they visit. I am sure your brother will have lots to tell you about it.

I assure you, if/when I get to Spain, I will want to meet you BIG TIME. Wouldn’t that be fun? ❤

It would be fun indeed!!

Great post Darlene…love the architecture of the church and really appreciate the pictures…I’ll say it again…the pics really help make a person feel like they are sharing it with you!

Glad you could enjoy the trip with me. Should you ever want to paint a picture based on any of my photographs, feel free to do so. I wouldn´t mind at all.

I appreciate the offer Darlene…thank you!!

I have enjoyed your posts of Malta very much. Too bad about the demise of the Window. Still the scenery is stunning. Sounds like your guide perhaps needed a big pineapple drink. 🙂

I think he was having a bad day and a big pineapple drink may have done the trick! The scenery was fabulous. My dad used to say, “You don´t miss what you never had.” So we couldn´t really miss the Azure Window could we?

What a gorgeous place Darlene. Thanks for sharing. And sad about the Azuro window falling, it was beautiful. 🙂

It was stunning scenery. Nothing lasts forever but it was ironic that we missed it by only two weeks. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Thanks Darlene 🙂

The photos are spectacular, Darlene. Such lovely memories… Thanks so much for sharing ♥

What I like about blogging is that I get to relive my travels!! Glad you enjoyed the post and photos, Tina.

Gorgeous place and beautiful photos!

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Beautiful, Darlene, thank you for the lovely trip.

It was a wonderful day, even though we were a bit rushed on Gozo.

These islands seem like a must visit, Darlene! Awesome post!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you liked my post. You have been to so many places. Have you not visited Malta?

A lovely post, Darlene. I have not been to Malta and found this detail and the pictures really interesting.

I am so pleased you enjoyed this, Robbie. Sometimes we can travel through other’s experience!!

Beautiful photos and a beautiful place. We have something like the Azuro window here in Santa Cruz called Natural Bridges.

It was a very beautiful place. I hope your window will be standing for a long time.xo

Extraordinary that the rock that made it a gate, just “fell off.” Makes you wonder what was the “straw that broke the camels back” that ultimately eroded a rock that has been there a million years!

I enjoyed the beautiful clear translucent waters in your photos. Forgive me for being perhaps biased by my living in Asia but it sure seems that the statue in the church was taking a yoga position…? or just cross legged? Still unusual for a saint.

Thanks for the introduction to Malta.


So pleased you enjoyed this part of Malta. yes, it does make one wonder why the rock finally gave way. I thought the Angel looked like she was in a yoga position as well. Since Malta boasts a blend of many cultures, you never know. I wish I had had more time to ask questions.

Your post sent me scurrying to find our old photo albums to see when we visited Gozo, I can’t believe it was 1988, where do the years go? We have lots of photos but none of the Azure Window, so I can only guess we didn’t get to Dwejra. Don’t you just love ‘those’ bus drivers? We’ve come across one or two of the same type over the years.
Your photographs are stunning, thank you for sharing them.

I hope the post brought back some good memories, Barbara. Perhaps looking through the old photographs did. I’m glad you enjoyed my pictures.

Beautiful account and photos Darlene. Yours is the second post I am reading on the collapse of the Azure Window. I have no immediate plans to visit, and yet I feel deeply disappointed that it is gone.

Thanks for visiting my blog. It is sad to hear about a landmark gone forever.

Oh wow, another amazing trip, Darlene! The blue lagoon steals one’s breath.

It was quite spectacular! Hugs, Darlene

Not many people get to live their dreams. You are so fortunate. I love the photos!

Thanks, Laura. I am one lucky girl!

Amazing place and nice photos! have a nice summer :)! Bye. Kamila

Enjoy your summer as well, Kamila. Glad you enjoyed the post.

What a gorgeous island! We’re looking at visiting Malta this fall, and it looks like Gozo may be worth checking out as well, at least for a day. The water looks amazing!

You will love Malta. Check out my other posts. Gozo is great but I would suggest taking a bus over on the ferry and explore on your own. The boat trip was great but we clearly did not have enough time on Gozo. I can’t wait to hear what you think of Malta, Amanda.

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