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A Cat Cafe, Door Knockers and Other Interesting Finds

Posted on: May 22, 2017

Sometimes it is the little, unexpected things we find when we travel that make the trip memorable. In Valetta, the capital of Malta, we found a Cat Cafe.



Shelter and food for homeless cats in Malta

They seem to look after their cats well in Malta. We saw stray cats wandering around but they all looked healthy and well fed.


DSCN8269 (2)

This little fellow got caught in the rain


While wandering the streets of the cities and towns of Malta, we were intrigued by the unique door knockers on the colourful doors.





We discovered this amusing car on a side street.


And a decorated garage door.


We found a tribute to Albert Einstein


A typical menu in Malta. I was not tempted to try rabbit ravioli!


We always take time to stop for a coffee and a local dessert.



Ricotta turnover, so yummy!



It’s good to get off the beaten track and check out the side streets, you never know what you’ll find. 

55 Responses to "A Cat Cafe, Door Knockers and Other Interesting Finds"

I love the idea of a Cats Café: how very civilised! And the door handles are truly charming. As for the Ricotta turnover, it looks simply delicious. Thanks for sharing, Darlene.

I thought the cat cafe was a splendid idea. Glad you enjoyed the pictures! xo

Hello Darlene, do I feel a new Amanda book coming on? Amanda in Malta – a visit to the Cat Café. It would make for an interesting setting that’s for sure, and one of those door knockers could feature.
I wouldn’t have chosen rabbit ravioli either, but I know a couple of people who would. I loved all the photos, thanks for sharing them.

I collected enough material for an Amanda book for sure. I need to finish Amanda in Holland first.

Any country that looks after stray animals has leapt ahead in the civilization books, in my humble opinion. Fabulous! But wonder if they have a sterilization programme in place?

Thanks, Malla! From what I understand, they do try to keep the population down to a reasonable amount through sterilization.

Love cats! Nice to see strays having a home.

It is a nice concept! We love cats too.

Interesting door knockers…loved the fish one. The cat cafe is a great idea, there is one in London that a friend of mine has visited recently and enjoyed it😄

That’s cool that there are Cat Cafes around. It was the first one I had seen. The door knockers were very interesting.

How nice to see the feral cats taken care of. I’d have had to pass the Rabbit Ravioli, too! Interesting door knockers and RustNRoll. Now that’s different! Coffee and dessert always look like a safe choice.

It is fun to try local desserts with our coffee. That Rust N Roll car was a hoot!!

What a wonderful custom. Love the idea of cat cafes! And those elaborate door knockers! I’ll have to share this post with my animal-loving friend, Diane!

This will appeal to all animal lovers to be sure. Thanks for sharing. Malta is famous for its amazing doorknockers.

What a nice way to treat stray cats. Thanks for sharing your trip to Malta, maybe I should go before it is too late.

You would not be disappointed as it is a marvellous place. Glad you enjoyed the posts.

Cat cafes are one of the great inventions of this past decade. We have had a chance to visit a cat cafe in Hoi An, Vietnam, where they had 62 resident felines (rescued)… It’s great to see the cat houses put out for the stray cats, as an animal lover, this post makes my heart sing.


Happy to hear there are cat cafes elsewhere. Thanks for visiting!

Love the idea of a cat cafe. Never heard of them before. And, great door knockers — so unique!

It was the first time I had heard of them too. I was fascinated by the door knockers.

I can truly say I have never heard of a cat cafe…love it!! The door knockers are so cool!! Love the pics!!

Thanks, Kirt. You would love the colours of the doors. A nice splash among the limestone.

I love the little cat shelters and the door knockers are lovely. Boo on the rabbit stew…

Thanks, Marcia. There seemed to be rabbit in many of their dishes. But I was able to find vegetarian options in every restaurant.

I so agree Darlene. It is often the best of the travel experience to find the unexpected and lesser known gems. It looks like you had many!

I tend to wander off at times and always find something interesting!

Love the knockers, and those cats; the whitish one with the orange striped tail has an interesting colour design.

That one was my favourite. The feral cats of Malta are quite famous and they even sell calendars and fridge magnets featuring them. Besides the cat cafe, we saw people from restaurants feeding them scraps. So they seem to be well looked after.

Well this was certainly a delightful read, Darlene. I’ve always wanted to visit Malta, and even more so now that I know they care so well for their stray cats. I have a feeling I’ll be counting ricotta turnovers when falling asleep tonight. Looks so yummy 🙂

Tina, I hope you get to Malta one day as you would love it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Welcome, Darlene. And thanks for the good wishes ❤

Going to a cat cafe is on my wishlist. There was a lovely cat rescue centre near the hotel I stayed in on my last visit to Malta. I am an ardent animal lover. 😊

Malta is a great place for animal lovers. The cat cafe was cute. Little houses with dishes of cat food in them.

As always, I learn so much from your posts, Darlene. A cat café, indeed. And, um, may I have a piece of that Ricotta turnover? Ohhh my. 🙂

I´m glad you find my posts informative. That turnover was so good and so big we couldn´t even finish it.

Ack, you ARE a tease!! 😆

I’m always looking at doors too, as well as windows, roofs, shop window surrounds, odd vegetables in markets, the list is endless. All a part of mindful travel though!

Doors can be so intriguing and tell us a lot about the culture. I too love odd vegetables in the market. All these things make travel so much more memorable.Thanks for visiting my blog.

You’re welcome, it was an interesting post. We seem to be connected on Google+ now, so can you go to your site, click on people and find me, then tell me if you can see my Collections, if you can follow or add to them? B.

Yes, I found you on Google+ and your collections. I really do need to play around with it more but it seems to be working.

What a great post, so many wonderful finds. I’ve never seen anything like that cat café and the ricotta turnover looks magnificent. I hope I can visit Malta one day, this post has made me want to go all the more.

You would enjoy Malta. Lots of nice coffee shops and pastries. The ricotta turnover was my favourite.

Yes I remember going to Malta and seeing quite a few stray cats. We had a lovely holiday in Mellieha.

I´m glad you enjoyed Malta as well. The cats are still around and being looked after.

Love the quirky things you highlighted from your trip to Malta, Darlene. Those are some lucky cats. I like rabbit so the ravioli sounds good to me but the ricotta turnover looks divine! Such unique door knockers and the rusty car looks like my first car I drove back in the 70’s. Haha!

Glad you enjoyed the fun things we found on our trip. Your first car must have been a hoot!

I admit it…I am a cat person who is without a cat. I enjoyed your post about your discoveries in Malta.

Thanks, John. I do hope you get a cat soon. I am sure you could find one in Malta!

I’m sure I would love Malta and its people – taking such good care of stray cats is simply an amazing show of kindness. Then there’s their eye for beautiful details – and let’s not forget about the food! Thanks so much for making me aware of the culture in that part of the world.
(Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
“It takes a village to educate a world!”

You would love Malta. The history is fascinating and the people are wonderful. A unique part of the world. Thanks for visiting my blog!

You are most welcome, Darlene.

Hi there 🙂 Enjoyed the knockers very much, last time I saw such variety of those was in Morocco. Wish to visit Malta sometime.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I do hope you get to Malta as it is amazing!

I love the idea of a cat cafe! (Though my cats at home would probably be jealous. )

I won´t tell them! Thanks for stopping by.

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