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Meet Author Maureen Moss

Posted on: April 18, 2017

Today I am featuring Maureen Moss, author of More To Life. Maureen has written an entertaining travel adventure for adults, a grown up version of Amanda’s travels in a way. Here is more about Maureen and her wonderful book.

More To Life, by Maureen Moss

Divorce. Career kaput. A house move. Three of life’s scariest situations all hit Rachael as she’s entering her forties. This is definitely not the future she signed up for. What’s a girl to do? Run away, of course. Flinging off convention, she plans a wild, exciting and challenging adventure, heading to the East in the hope of finding some meaning in her life. To leave her three teenage children behind is unthinkable. However, any decisions regarding their place in the picture are not hers alone to make: her ex has a few words to say about her plans. Could he scupper her dream? Come along for the ride with Rachael and her family as they stumble through weird encounters, meeting quirky, and often downright peculiar, characters on their travels. More to Life is a light-hearted look at family relationships when tested in unfamiliar environments.

Thanks for joining us, Maureen. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I grew up in Guernsey, Channel Islands. After graduating with honours in French from Reading University, I set up Personnel Appointments, a recruitment agency, married and had three children. I later went on to teach modern languages at local schools. After getting divorced, I sold the family home and embarked on a family adventure that reinforced my wanderlust, and after a few years I was lucky enough to get a job as an adventure travel tour leader, a job that took me all over the world.

I now live in Spain, from where I host my website www.tourguidecourse.com, offering a course leading to a qualification for other would-be tour leaders.

More to Life is my first novel. It’s available from www.amazon.com, www.amazon.ca, www.amazon.co.uk and www.amazon.es, also from the publisher Acclaimed Books’ website. I also contribute to Independent Traveller Mag Facebook page

What made you decide to be a writer?
As I’m a lousy photographer I wanted to record my travels for my own enjoyment in the future. Then I got hooked on the writing process, joined a writers’ group and started ‘having a go’ at fiction.

How many books have you written?
Two: one with a friend who did the design, and More to Life. The collaborative one was a collection of my travel writing about the life of a tour guide. The Tour Guide Life It could be Yours
I’ve also written many travel articles, some of which have won prizes.

Where do you get your ideas?
From real life and my imagination

Are your characters based on real people?
Very often, yes. Occasionally just invented

Who are your favourite authors?
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Barbara Kingsolver, Jodi Picoult, Donna Tartt, Margaret Attwood, Tim Winton. And I can’t let this opportunity go by without mentioning one of my favourite books: Keri Hulme’s The Bone People

If you could be a character in any book you have read.. Who would it be and why?
I’d love to act the part of Shakespeare’s Cleopatra, especially when Anthony dies:
CLEOPATRA Noblest of men, woo’t die?

Hast thou no care of me? shall I abide

In this dull world, which in thy absence is

No better than a sty? O, see, my women,

The crown o’ the earth doth melt. My lord! 75

O, wither’d is the garland of the war,

The soldier’s pole is fall’n: young boys and girls

Are level now with men; the odds is gone,

And there is nothing left remarkable

Beneath the visiting moon.

What are you reading right now?
Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

Are you currently working on another book? Can you tell us about it?
Yes, I’m working on the sequel to More to Life! The second book starts with Rachael and Sophie travelling around Australia. I don’t yet know where the story goes from there…apart from the physical locations.

Do you consider yourself a panster or a plotter?

I’m what is apparently called a ‘planster’: a little of both, and I didn’t know what I was until you asked!

What do you enjoy the most about writing and what don’t you like about writing?
I love crafting language to recreate locations and situations. I like creating characters. I quite like planning but enjoy deviating from plans at will. I don’t like rewriting, and when I deviate from the plan that’s what I end up having to do!

What advice would you give anyone who wants to write a book?
Stick with it; don’t lose confidence; join a supportive group; have plenty of wine and chocolate to hand!

Fun questions
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Dogs, definitely: mine are my pals
Tea or coffee?
Rooibos and Honeybush tea
Sweet or savoury?
Savoury: I’ve never liked sugar, even as a child. Put a bowl of salted peanuts in front of me, however…….

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My review of More to Life

This was a great read! I thoroughly enjoyed following Rachel, along with her two young adult children, as she travels the world. The vivid descriptions of the places they visit are cleverly woven between the actions and emotions of a family travelling together. Throughout the trip, Rachel is plagued with self-doubt. She questions herself every step of the way. Is she a good mother? Is she doing the right thing? This is a story, not just about travelling, but of self-discovery as well as family bonding. Other interesting characters are thrown into the mix and things get even more exciting with many laugh-out-loud moments. Can Rachel forgive herself for leaving her youngest child back home with her ex-husband and putting her son and daughter in potential danger? I was sorry to see the story end and would love to see a sequel.

Thanks so much Maureen for being a guest on my blog. I am so happy to hear there is a sequel in the works. I can’t wait!! Being Cleopatra would be fascinating, except for the snake part at the end. 

35 Responses to "Meet Author Maureen Moss"

Great post and always enjoy meeting a new author…well done to both of you!!

Hi Maureen and Darlene. Really enjoyed the interview. Sounds like More to Life is right “up my alley!”

It is a book you would enjoy, Christa.

Appreciate the introduction. Sounds like an excellent read!

A great book for those who like to travel and have a good laugh, like you.

It’s interesting. I often find comfort in having a plan, but simultaneously knowing that I’m free to wander off course. Often I find a plan is helpful because it’s a starting point. If/when it doesn’t work, you can go a little bit further to the right or left, whereas a completely blank page has no point of reference. I think that’s also why I’m a fan of “just start writing and figure out the rest later.”

Sounds like quite an adventure.
Thank you for sharing.

So true, Adam. A bit of a plan helps but I feel too constricted if it is a detailed plan. I follow the “Just start writing…. ” plan.

Nice to meet Maureen. Thanks for sharing, her book sounds like a must-read!

It is an entertaining read, while you learn about interesting places at the same time.

I’m very taken with the premise of this book and the reviews and one I’ll definitely add to my extensive tbr pile! Lovely interview with Maureen and interesting to learn a little about her. The Cleopatra quote takes me back to school and was one of my favourites we had to learn.

You will enjoy it. That Cleopatra quote is great!! Thanks for commenting.

Hello Darlene and Maureen, I’ve read every word of this interview and loved all of it. The wine and chocolate advice is excellent would it be OK to follow it as I write my blog do you think? I feel sure I would enjoy More to life, and the sequel in Australia will be something to look forward to.

I think wine and chocolates would be perfect while you write your blog. I too wait in anticipation for the sequel in Australia.

I like how Maureen’s books serve as a segue from your own, Darlene. As it happens, I have just read Mary Ann Shaffer’s The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Otherwise, I would know little about this fascinating channel island. And now you live in Spain just like Darlene.

I loved Mary Ann Shalford book. It was the first time I learned about Guernsey as well. Everyone I have met from there has been very pleasant.

Sounds like my kind of read, I will definitely get a copy. It is always lovely to get a recommendation 😄

If I like a book, I love to tell everyone about it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I love Maureen’s spunk for life. Enjoyed the interview. I love stories about self-discovery — this is more than just a travel story! Also read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society — what a fascinating place to grow up.

Glad you enjoyed the interview. Maureen does have a zest for life and it comes through in her writing.

Terrific interview and review Darlene and Maureen… have put in the Blogger Daily tomorrow. thanks Sally

That must be what every author wants to hear, that the reader doesn’t want the book to end and is looking forward to a sequel. Interesting interview, and nice to meet Maureen and find out about her writing and travel adventures.

I was happy to learn she is writing a sequel!

Oh, Maureen, what a tale and what a brave courageous woman to ditch the ‘normal’ and explore with teenage children. Excellent book review, Darlene. Makes us all want to read the book. xo

Thanks! I love stories about courageous women who defy convention. I hope many people read the book.

Jumped over from the Senior Salon
I always find reading interviews of the folks who write the books we put on our ever lengthening TBR lists fascinating – and this was no exception. I’m sure the divorce was a tough time, but the silver lining was that she had a family home to sell to fund the adventures to come. How brave to DO it, and especially to write about it!

Great collaboration – and both books sound like they are ones I would adore.

(Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
“It takes a village to transform a world!”

It takes a courageous soul to pick up and travel the world with two teenagers! I love learning about other authors as well.

I would love to read the memoirs of the teens! Wouldn’t that be a fascinating 3-POV story (or maybe a mini-series lol)

This looks like a wonderfully interesting book. When my kids were little I definitely had fantasies about running off to India with no trace. In fact, one of my mom’s friends did do just that, years back!! As teens I enjoyed life with them more and waited until they finished high school before indulging the fantasy!

Terrific interview and overall post. Definitely incentive to read the book!


Thanks! I think we all have had the desire to just disappear at one time or other. That is probably why this book has such appeal. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Thanks Darlene for the introduction to Maureen and visiting the Salon.

It is my pleasure. I would like as many people as possible to get to know Maureen and her marvellous book.

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