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Ghosts and Spooky Things

Posted on: March 16, 2017

During my visit to York, I went on a ghost walk. A city with such a long and rich history is bound to have ghosts lurking about. In fact, York is known as the most haunted city in England. Our excellent guide took us to places where ghosts sightings and paranormal activity have been reported. We began the tour at the York Minster on a chilly misty evening.

One of many Ghost Walks available in York.

The York Minster looking spooky at night.

Our knowledgeable and entertaining guide.

I expected to an apparition to appear at any moment.


Some say the face of a young girl appears at the small window in this house. This ghostly child starved to death after her entire family died from the plague as no one was willing to go into the house to get her. Sad times.

Working in the cellar of the Treasure’s House in 1953, plumber Harry Martindale was terrified when a group of Roman soldiers walked past him. He noted that the figures disappeared into the floor at knee height. Later investigation revealed a roman road half a metre under the basement.

York is the birthplace of Guy Fawkes and is also where he is buried. Unfortunately, his head was buried in one place and his body in another. Apparently, he wanders the Shambles at night looking for his head. I didn’t encounter him, although I did find an inn named after him.

The ghost of Guy Fawkes is supposed to wander the Shambles at night looking for his severed head.

Mysterious splashes have been heard late at night at the site of the ancient Roman baths.

During a daytime walk around town, we found these guys hanging about.

The sign says, Here lies Fat Ken, our original shop skeleton who fell to bits because people loved him too much. Please be kind.

So why all the interest in ghosts, skeletons and creepy things? Probably because I´ve been busy doing final edits on Amanda’s next adventure, Amanda in New Mexico – Ghosts in the Wind. You guessed it, there will be ghosts in this story. What do you think of the fabulous cover my publisher created?

Amanda in New Mexico-Ghosts in the Wind is available on all Amazon sites, Kobo, Indigo and Barnes and Noble

I´ve been on a number of ghost walks. They can be good fun and the guides are usually very entertaining.

Have you ever been on a ghost walk? Do you enjoy hearing or reading about ghostly encounters?


66 Responses to "Ghosts and Spooky Things"

Wow! I love the new cover Darlene. I also love York but have never been on one of the ghost walks, but seeing all your photos I now feel as though I have.
I could easily imagine Guy Fawkes wending his way through The Shambles at night, in fact, if I look at your photo and squint a little …

I love your imagination, Barbara! Glad you like the latest cover.

Woooo – scary! Love the cover, Darlene.

Well, it was fun scary. Nothing too heavy.So pleased you like the cover, Marian.

Ah, research sounds like a great way to scare yourself! Loved the tour. It looked like you had fun. Amanda and ghosts — great! Loved your photos. You really take excellent photos.

Thank you, Patricia. It is more luck than anything else when it comes to my pictures. Research is a great way to get the feeling right and fun too!

That sounds like a very amusing thing to do when in Yorkshire and I bet you had a fabulous time. I work (and lived for 3 years) in a stately house which is supposed to be haunted and, although I never saw anything paranormal, I never enjoyed walking through it in the middle of the night. A student of mine who is a member of a local book club is organising a ghost walk in Chichester in the summer and I’m very tempted to go.
I love the cover of Amanda in New Mexico: I bet it will be a great success. 👍

Thanks so much. Glad you like the cover. I am sure the ghost walk in Chichester will be fun. The stately house sounds very spooky!

I love the cover Darlene and if I ever end up in York I will go on a ghost walk.

You must do it, you will love it. Pleased you like the new cover.

Ooh you’re brave, that does look spooky. I didn’t know about Guy Fawkes and his head, but I wouldn’t fancy wandering the Shambles alone on a dark foggy night. The cover looks great by the way, and another Amanda book already?! You’re so prolific and full of ideas, it seems no time since the Danube book came out. I’ve only been on one ghost tour, of an underground street in Edinburgh’s Old Town called Mary King’s Close. It’s quite amazing, there’s a warren of old streets sitting underneath today’s streets. The ghost of a young girl who died down there has been seen and people leave toys for her. It’s a bit creepy.

I would love to do the underground ghost walk in Edinburgh one day. I think I have heard about it. Maybe you did a blog on it? Glad you like the cover of the next book. This one will be out in September so it will be a year apart. There is a huge lag time in between completing a book and publishing, so in that time I work on another one. It keeps the momentum going.

It was before I started blogging that I went and I don’t remember taking any pictures. If I went again I would certainly remedy that. You’re very good at cracking on with new projects, I really admire your productivity.

Ghost walks are great fun and you had the perfect evening for it, very atmospheric. I like your book cover a lot 😄👻

Thanks, Gilda. Pleased you like the cover. It was a perfect evening, even though it was a bit cold. I bundled up.

Wow your new book sounds scary. Hubby and I visited York many years ago and I remember the shambles and the story of Guy Fawkes as we celebrate him here. But I would not go on any spooky ghost walks. Someone would only have to say “Boo” and I would be out of there like a shot… lol. Love the cover Darlene.
(Just a note: we are heading to Eastern Europe in August for a two week tour ending in Austria for a week before flying home.)

The new book has ghosts but it isn’t overly scary. The shambles are so cool and really haven’t changed. You upcoming trip sounds fabulous. Enjoy!

Great post, Darlene. I love the story of the plumber and the Roman soldiers marching past him. Seeing a ghost solidifies believing. I have never been on a ghost walk, but I saw a ghost, an angel, as a child. No one in my family would believe me. Here is the story that I will never forget: I’m driving along the highway in Virginia Beach, Virginia with family and a new grandchild, less than a year old. We stop at a traffic light. The child’s car seat is on the far right, and directly across the road is a cemetery. The calm child suddenly jumped with excitement, staring out the window at the cemetery. She chatted away, full of enthusiasm, clearly talking to someone or some people in the cemetery. As soon as the light turned green and we were on our way, she returned to her normal self. Everyone in the car was speechless. I have heard that young children can often see ghosts. I was a witness. It was incredible.

Wow! What a cool story. A young girl in my next book does claim to see ghosts but not everyone belives her. Thanks for sharing your experience.

My pleasure! 🙂

I love the cover! Fantastic Darlene. I have never been on a ghost walk but can see it would be a great way to learn more history of an area with or without ghosts.

So glad you love the cover. Yes, it is a good way to learn some history while being entertained.

This ghost walk looks fascinating, great pictures! Best of luck with Amanda in New Mexico!

Thanks, it was a terrific experience.

I love ghost walks. On the Isle of Wight we’ve been to some where the guide gets ‘gremlins’ to jump out at you in the dark!

Now, that would be fun. The Isle of Wight would be a perfect place for a ghost walk.

It is. The chap’s name is Marc Tuckey, and he has a website. I think we’ve done all his ghost walks at one time or another.

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

Okay, I’m officially green with envy.
BTW, maybe we are distant relations. My mother’s maiden name was Foster – she grew up in Lincolnshire and came to Canada as a war bride.

You never know. Foster is my married name. My husbands family is from York, England. He came to Canada when he was in the British army. Loved it, met me and returned to live there for the next 40 years. I love the war bride stories.

Wally & I did a Ghost Tour for Halloween last fall. My favourite is the legend of Simon Hirschberg. Fraser St was originally known as Cemetary Rd. In 1887, Mountain View Cemetary was a “clearing” in the forest. Simon was owner of the Leland hotel. He was found in the attic, suicicide by poison. He was robe the 1st to be buried in the Cemetary. However, weighing 300 pounds, and a muddy road made transport a challenge. Winter rains , a broken carriage wheel, worsening roads…he was buried at the intersection of what is now 33rd
Ave & Fraser! So when we cross the
intersection, we yell Hello Simon!
Looking forward to Amanda’s new adventure! Awesome cover👻

What a great story, Shannon. Thanks for sharing. I never did a ghost tour in Vancouver. I hear there are some good ones in Victoria too.

I love York , been on several occasions and it never fails to inspire. Love the cover of your new book .

Thanks, Cherry. York is a fascinating city. Pleased you like the cover. Xo

Again, that’s a brilliant cover of your Amanda series, Darlene. I’m excited for you! I’ve heard of ghost mansion tours and Jack the Ripper tours. Guy Fawkes looking for his head . . . hmmmmh interesting story idea, isn’t it?

I am delighted with the cover of my next book. So many great story ideas in these historic places. Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

We did a ghost tour in downtown Seattle one year…great guide and the entire group had a great time!! Love the cover design for your new book…

Seattle would be a great place for a ghost tour. Glad you like the cover.

Jumped over from the Senior Salon
I stopped visiting the links page very early Thursday AM because I thought the Salon closed at the end of the day on Wednesday. I went back only to grab a link – and saw your post among several who posted subsequently.

I was aware of Ghost Walks only through a few television mystery shows where they figured into the plot – but I was previously unaware that they were actually conducted. I wonder if they do them anywhere near me here in America? They sound like great spooky fun. Super photos, btw.

I think your book cover is wonderful – from the colorway right down to your name, blown by the wind. Thanks for sharing.

(Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
“It takes a village to transform a world!”

I was away and posted late, hoping it would be OK. It looks like it was. I am sure they have ghost walks near you, especially if you live near a historical area. I know they do them in Seattle, Washington. They are so much fun! I am so pleased you like the cover of my next book!!

Clive replied that Bernadette actually keeps each linkup open for some time afterwards. Who knew?

I’ll have to check it out online to see if there are any ghost walks near Cincinnati. Sounds like great fun. Best wishes for the success of your book.

I worked in York for six months getting one of the shops I was responsible back in shape.. I used to walk through an alley back to my B&B where I was staying and I swear the hairs on the back of my neck used to rise everytime.. after a few experiences I took the long way home! Great post Darlene and in the Blogger this evening.. hugs xx

York can be a very spooky place so I am not surprised at your experience. Thanks for sharing the post. Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. xo

Lovely cover. I have never been to New York but the ghost walk sounds terrific.

Thanks, pleased you like the cover! It was a visit to old York (in England) where I went on the ghost walk but I bet they do them in New York as well. XO

The ghost walk looks like such fun and kind of creepy. The cover looks great, Darlene. Good luck with the book!

Thank you for stopping in and commenting. It was so much fun. Glad you like the cover.

Thanks for the tour Darlene. I think I may be afraid to take the tour, lol. But I do love the cover of your new book. 🙂

So pleased you like the cover. Sounds like you had a spooky experience as well in Arizona!

Lol, well, my spooky wasn’t as scary as yours. 🙂

The bit about the Roman soldiers really makes you wonder… The cover is fabulous. Best of luck with the book.

Thank you, Bernadette! I am so happy you like the cover.

I never have been on a ghost walk but it sounds like fun. 🙂 — Suzanne

You should try it, it is lots of fun! Thanks for visiting my blog.

I’ve never been on a ghost walk. Great cover art!

Ghost walks are fun. It may be a fun thing to do with a grandchild or two. Pleased you like the cover of the next book.

I definitely need to go on a ghost walk! There are some great ones in Charleston and Wilmington and we have never done them. Love Fat Ken and that cover is spectacular!

You would love a ghost walk! Pleased you like the cover. I think it is the best one yet!

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