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Special Guest Linda Cassidy Lewis

Posted on: February 28, 2017

Today I am pleased to introduce an author who I have been following for quite some time. She started writing seriously around the same time I did and was one of the first authors I met through blogging. I have read most of her books and thoroughly enjoyed every one. I consider her a hardworking, talented and diverse author. Here is my interview with Linda Cassidy Lewis.


  1. Tell us a bit about you and your books I live in central California, just about midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco and an hour closer to the Sierras than the Pacific Ocean. This year my high school sweetheart and I will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary—yes, we married very young. We have four grown sons and seven grandchildren. I got a late start on writing seriously, but now I have four novels with a fifth to be released soon. I write women’s fiction, humorous romance, and, occasionally, darker fiction.
  1. What made you decide to be a writer? Reading. I’ve been an avid reader all my life. And I never really outgrew the “make believe” stage. To entertain myself while doing mundane tasks like housework—that is, when I couldn’t have a book in my hand—I would make up my own stories, sometimes carrying on the same characters for years. Often I would write these as short stories, or even start a novel, but I never shared them with anyone. A few years ago, I decided it was time to write and finish a novel, aiming at publication. So I did.
  1. Where do you get your ideas? Occasionally, the ideas are sparked by real life events, sometimes by a dream, but more often I just “hear” a character talking, telling me their story. Usually, I get a mental picture along with the dialogue, like a movie playing in my head. So I start jotting down bits of dialogue and description. Sometimes that’s all I get, and I file it away to consider in the future, but other times, the story keeps flowing and results in a completed work.
  1. Are your characters based on real people? I usually visualize a particular actor as a character, but since I don’t actually know that person, I have to invent my character’s personality. Those personalities are a mixture of traits from people I know or have known. And, consciously or subconsciously, there’s a bit of me in them all.
  1. You have written in a variety of genres. Is it difficult to switch from one to another? Not so much. Before I write a new book in one of my series, I have to reread at least parts of the previous book to “get back into character” so to speak. Writing the humorous romance is hardest for me because I tend to darker thoughts, which I suppose is why I should write humorous romance.
  1. Of your published books, which is your favourite and why? Well, I’ll always have a soft spot for The Brevity of Roses because it was my first novel published. But I can’t write what I don’t love—or I can’t complete a story I’m not in love with, at least. So I’d have to say that each of my books is a fave for some reason.brevfront2017_sm
  1. What are you reading right now? Sophie Kinsella’s My Not So Perfect Life. 
  1. What can we expect from the pen of Linda Cassidy Lewis next? Well, I’ve written two romances back to back, which are “dessert” books for me, and right now, I’m craving some meat and potatoes, so next I’ll be working on another women’s fiction novel in The Bay of Dreams Series. However, I’m going to try writing the next in the High Tea & Flip-Flops Series at the same time.


  1. Are you a panster or a plotter? I used to say pantser because I don’t write an outline, but then I realized that by working out a book mentally for months, or even years, before I sit down to write it, I’m plotting in a different way. Now, I call myself a plotser.
  1. What advice would you give anyone who wants to write a book? If you have a story calling to you, write it! And give it all you’ve got. Whether you fear it won’t be good enough for publication shouldn’t stop you. A book, or short story or poem, can always be edited and revised, but not until you have a draft to work with.



Fun questions

Do you prefer cats or dogs?  I like both, but at the moment, I have only a dog, a white, part Schnauzer, called Maggie.

Coffee or tea?  Tea! I can’t stand even the smell of coffee.

Sweet or savoury?  I’m a savory person all the way. I’m always up for pizza.


Thank you so much, Linda, for answering my questions. I love the word plotster and may use it!  I wish you continued success with your writing endeavours and look forward to reading more of your amazing novels.

Connect with Linda on her social media sites.


Amazon author page 



Buy the books

Here is my review of High Tea and Flip Flops

“A delightful read with many laugh-out-loud moments. A contemporary Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, complete with misunderstandings and miscommunications. Chelsea and Jeremy are worlds apart and speak two different languages – Britsh English and American English. When they meet, sparks fly but can this cross-cultural relationship work? Can Chelsea, a modern American surfer girl trying to get her life on track and Jeremy, an upper-class Britsh lawyer attempting to establish himself as a writer find anything in common? I have enjoyed all of this author’s work and this fun romantic comedy proves her versatility as an author. I look forward to the next book featuring these very real and entertaining characters.”







48 Responses to "Special Guest Linda Cassidy Lewis"

A wonderful interview with Linda Cassidy Lewis, Darlene. Nice to meet you, Linda. More yummy reading. *Sigh* We need more t.i.m.e. 😀

You would enjoy her books!

Thank you for reading it. 🙂

I enjoyed the interview! Sounds like I write along similar lines. Fun!

Glad you enjoyed the interview.

Thank you. Best of luck with your writing. 🙂

I am happy to meet this plotser with the 50-year marriage and such a young face – wow! The book covers are, well, winsome to say the least!

She is such a lovely person and it comes through in her writing. The covers are great, aren’t they?

Thank you, Marian. My hair is grey, but I was blessed with good skin genes. 🙂

Thank you for having me, Darlene. I enjoyed answering your questions. 🙂

It is fun to have you here on my blog. I can’t wait for the next book!!

I enjoyed this interview, Linda and Darlene. I could certainly relate to what you said, Linda, about not growing out of the “make believe” stage. I made up stories for years before I decided to get serious and start writing them down. It took me quite awhile to realize these stories meant I was a writer and not just weird. 😀 Congratulations, Linda, on all your success. You’re a talented writer!

Thanks Laura. I believe you introduced Linda to me through your blog. What a wonderful journey we have all had together.

Thank you, Laura. And I can certainly relate to what you said about realizing you were a writer and not just weird! 🙂 Best of luck with your writing.

Nice meeting and learning about you, Linda. I haven’t grown out of the “make-believe” stage either and don’t ever intend to!

Here´s to staying in the “make-believe stage” forever.

I hope you never “grow up” either, Claudine. 🙂

Thank you for the introduction Darlene. I loved the description of books as dessert or meat and potatoes. Makes me curious for at least an appetizer. 🙂

It was a great description, wasn´t it! Glad to introduce you to another writer.

Sue, I hope you enjoy a great “buffet”. 🙂

Jumped over from the Senior Salon
FIRST I have to say an early Happy Anniversary and congrats — 50 years with the same partner! Amazing, especially in my field, where relationships are frequent casualties of mental health challenges (ADD/EFD and comorbids)

I loved the interview – especially reading that someone besides me makes up stories in her head. Although my writing centers on brain-based self-help (non-fiction, of course), maybe I might try my hand at a bit of fiction when life slows to a reasonable roar.

Meanwhile, my hobby seems to be maintaining a long list of books I want to read whenever I can afford a break. Reading this post, it just got longer. lol
(Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
“It takes a village to educate a world!”

50 years is a long time in today´s world. Thanks for commenting and adding Linda´s books to your growing list. You will enjoy them.

It’s a long time in any “day’s” world. Impressive!
xx, mgh

Thank you, Madelyn. I cherish the great man I have, and he feels the same about me. 🙂 I do hope you get a chance to write your stories. It sounds like it might be a mental “dessert” for you.

I always enjoy your interviews, thanks for introducing me to Linda Cassidy Lewis in this one. Many congratulations to Linda on her growing number of publications, as well as that big wedding anniversary.

Glad you enjoyed the interview. Linda has done well. She is another hard worker who I have much respect for.

Thank you very much, Lorna. 🙂

who was it

Great interview Darlene…thanks for the introduction! Love hearing how writers create and develop their characters!!

It is interesting, isn’t it. Glad you enjoyed the interview. Linda is so talented.

I’ve just discovered your wonderful blog! Great interview. It’s lovely to learn more about Linda and her writing.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you enjoyed the interview.

Thank you for reading, Lizzie. 🙂

great interview, I now have so many books to read from an ever lengthening list of talented bloggers.

I know the feeling. Hope you get a chance to read some of Linda´s books. Thanks for popping by.

So many books, so little time, right? 🙂

A great interview Darlene, I will check Linda’s website and books. I think she lives near me in California.

Please do check out her books. You may very well be neighbours.

Thank you, Gerlinde. Do you live in the San Joaquin Valley?

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Good advise. I am amazed at how many books you’ve done. You must be oh so organized and structured. In a good way.

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