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Posted on: February 25, 2017

I spent some fabulous days with my talented daughter when I was back in Canada last fall. I´ve written about her and her pottery here and here. She is doing well and has recently had her pottery on display at numerous galleries in Vancouver. Here is one piece that was on display and sold. Isn’t it adorable? You can see more of her one of a kind pottery on her website which she updates regularly. She also ships all over the world.


She asked me to deliver some pottery ordered by a friend in Calgary since I was going there. She mentioned my Christmas gift would be waiting for me when I got there. I transported the package from Vancouver to Medicine Hat and then on to Calgary with the same care I would give a newborn. I´m happy to report it arrived safely and the owner of the pottery was very pleased with her purchase. This is what was in the box.


A goddess incense burner and covered mug.


Note the goddess handle on the mug.

Her friend then handed me my package. In it was a Creative Goddess, made by my daughter’s friend.


Along with it came a scroll with these words-

Creative Goddess was lovingly created specially for you. She has an uplifting energy, that encourages creativity and a calm mind. She is associated with the Crown Chakra, representing pure thought and connection with infinite consciousness. Deep Spiritual Understanding. She is connected to mother goddess, fertility and womb. Representing the way the universe would evolve and constantly change. bringing an awareness of being a part of a whole. She also helps one on their spiritual journey, direction and progress. She is adorned with a Clear Quartz Crystal. This special stone is the supreme gift of Mother Earth. Clear Quartz also amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed into it. This may accelerate the fulfillment of one’s prayer, intensify healing, spiritual growth and manifestation of a goal.

What a special Christmas gift! I love my Creative Goddess and am happy she is here with me in Spain.


The Creative Goddess with pieces of Marcelle’s pottery


It just so happens that my daughter’s childhood friend, Gillian, is the daughter of my good friend. I have known Gill since she was six and have watched her grow into a special woman and an exceptional mother. Here are some samples of her awesome felt work.




Check out Gill’s website for more about her and the amazing work she does.

Follow both artists on Instagram

gillianwhite11 Magick Weaver • Soul Worker • Healer • Priestess • Fiber Artist • Ritualist • Intuitive www.gillian-white.com


madmudslinger  Ceramic creations from a quiet place in the forest. Shop the online gallery www.madmudslinger.com


I am proud of these young women who follow their passion, embrace a peaceful life and create from the heart. I consider myself lucky to have these creative goddesses in my life. 

34 Responses to "Creative Goddesses"

Your daughter creates such beautiful works and so does her friend. What talented, gorgeous young women!

It is nice to see them excel at their artwork. They are beautiful inside and out!

Outstanding. Your daughter’s pieces are divine. These young ladies have passion. Fabulous work and designs. Love more than like. 😀 ❤

Thanks, Tess. The world needs people like this in it.

Truly talented! I love all the pieces in the array of photos, and especially the cat with the big personality!

That cat is something else. I love it too and am happy it is now in a friend’s house and I can visit it from time to time.

Such talent! Love the photos!
FYI the bookstore called to let me know that my copy of Amanda on the Danube is in. Looking forward to reading it! ❤

I look forward to hearing what you think of this adventure. Thanks so much!!

Wow! That’s talent! Lovely ladies whose passion shows in their work.

Thanks, Diane. They are indeed talented.

Wow such beautiful work. I can hardly believe it’s pottery! Wonderful to see such creativity. Congratulations to these two successful artists.

My daughter´s pottery has evolved over time and just gets better and better. The figures Gillian makes out of felt and other fibers are also amazing. I am so impressed with the work these two produce and happy to own some pieces!!

These goddesses have found another way to speak passionately to the world. I see you in your daughter’s smile and talent.

Thanks, Marian. I consider that a very nice compliment.

Wow, what a lot of talent. The pottery as well as the felt work is gorgeous!

Thanks, Marcia. I thought you would like this whimsical artwork.

I always have an admiration for those who make beautiful pottery. I love the pieces you’ve shown of her work. What a lovely gift to have!

She does some wonderful work and I am so pleased to have a nice collection. She showed signs of becoming a potter from a very young age. I encouraged her to follow her passion.

Darlene we are exceptionally lucky in our daughters.

We certainly are, Sheila. Couldn´t have asked for better.

Your daughter is so creative, and her work is beautiful as is her friends. You are blessed indeed to know such talented, caring women.

They are both very special. I am so glad they decided to follow their passion.

Darlene, I’ve always had a weakness for pottery, and these two ladies do an excellent job. Years ago, during my corporate days, I searched for a stress-relieving hobby. I tried a few things, but pottery is the only one that stuck. Working with clay is such a tactile experience, and it was perfect thing to take my mind off work. Of course, my skill level wouldn’t even put me in the same building with your daughter, but at the time, it was more about the experience than the product. ~James

I believe I started writing for the same reason. Now 6 books later I can’t seem to stop. My daughter, on the other hand, was born a potter. She was creating things from play dough and modeling clay as a toddler. Do you still play with clay from time to time?

Darlene, after a few years of pottery, I had given every friend and family member more pottery than they wanted, and our mobile lifestyle made lugging a bunch of heavy, fragile pottery impossible. So alas, I gave it up for meditation. 🙂 ~James

How nice that friends and family members have pieces of your pottery! Meditation is much more portable.

What talented ladies they are! My father-in-law law is a potter, so I know how much work and thought goes into their creations. Love the cat!

It´s always great to have a potter in the family, isn´t it?

A nice post created by one creative goddess (you) appreciating the creativity of her fellow goddesses. It’s uplifting to see things made with passion like that. Your daughter’s cup with the goddess handle is an impressive piece of work.

Awe, thanks, that is so very kind of you to say. I am always so impressed with my daughter´s abilities. She works hard at her craft.

That’s really cool! 😀

Glad you liked this post!!

It seems that creativity surrounds you wherever you happen to be. Isn’t it nice having works from both your daughter and her friend to enjoy.

It is wonderful to have these pieces here with me so I can am reminded of these special woman whenever I look at them.

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