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York Revisted

Posted on: February 12, 2017

Forty years ago, this farm girl took her first ever trip on an airplane to York, England, where I married my dear hubby. We recently celebrated our ruby anniversary by returning to York. We had a marvellous time retracing our steps in his hometown, enjoying the history, walking the cobblestone streets, relaxing in the many teashops and visiting relatives we hadn’t seen for some time. We’ve been back a few times since January 1977 but it had been awhile since our last visit. I fell in love with the city all over again.

The Dean Court Hotel

The Dean Court Hotel


The York Minster

We stayed at the Dean Court Hotel overlooking York  Minster, in the very centre of the city. The Hotel was originally built in 1865 to house the Clergy of the Minster and is situated on the corner of the main Roman road that ran through the city. Waking up to the lovely bells of the cathedral was such a treat.



I love the old Tudor buildings scattered throughout the downtown. We had lunch in one of them called Gert and Henry’s.



The Shambles, once the street of butcher shops



Gargoyles are everywhere


Clifford’s Tower

Clifford’s tower is the largest remaining part of York Castle, once the centre of government for the north of England. Although there has been a tower on the site since William the Conquerer the present 13th-century stone tower was probably used as a treasury and later as a prison.


Tons of book shops to explore




The original Roman walls, still intact. They built things to last in those days.


I walked the Roman walls as I did the very first time I visited this city.  Eboracum was the name the Romans called the city, the capital of England 2000 years ago.


York was later a Viking town called Jorvik and I encountered a number of Vikings while there.


You never know who you will meet in the towers. Richard III was eager to tell his side of the story.


The Teddy Bear Tea Shop. How cute is that?


I went on a ghost walk and encountered a few remains of the dead.dscn7395

We enjoyed a proper tea at Betty’s Cafe Teashop, the same place we bought our wedding cake all those years ago.


Wedding 1977 in York, England. The wedding cake was a Dougal the Dog cake.

It has been a great 40 years. Can’t believe he put up with me all these years! Looking forward to more adventures.

York is steeped in history and there is so much more I’d like to share but will leave it for another post.


88 Responses to "York Revisted"

Congratulations on 40 years! Love the photo of you two cutting the cake. It must have been great fun to return to York.

I am afraid my English in-laws thought I was quite crazy when I decided on a Dougal the Dog cake. But it was from Betty´s. It was a lot of fun to return to the scene of the crime!!

Happy Anniversary! Way to go!

Thanks you two!! It hasn´t been boring, that´s for sure.

Congratulations to you both . I love York been many times . Love York Minster . Did you go to any of the museums they are amazing

Thanks, Cherry! I have been to all the museums in York during past visits. I agree, they are outstanding. I especially love The Jorvik museum which was undergoing repairs right now after the devastating floods of Dec 2015. They assured me it will be even better when it reopens in April 2017.

nice photos!

Glad you like the photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Congratulations to you both. So glad to see you had such a wonderful time on your Anniversary trip! I bet even the dreadful English weather couldn’t dampen your spirits! 👍💗🍷

It wasn´t too bad. We were expecting rain and cooler weather but we got some sun. We loved every minute.

Happy Anniversary, Darlene! I love the English architecture and, of course, the landscape. And look at you too, so young and in love!

Thanks, Christa. We were young and foolish, now we are older and foolish. Some things never change!!

Great blog Darlene….makes me realize that while you were up in York getting hitched Bob and I were in Nottingham visiting family…..that same year..the year of H.M. Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee! Loved your photos.

We were destined to meet!! Glad you enjoyed the photos. xo

Lovely photos Darlene. Reminds me of our visit to York many years ago. Happy 40th Anniversary to the sweetest couple.

Thanks for the good wishes, Diane. York is very special and I was pleased to see it hadn´t changed much.

We loved York, especially the pleasant host who offered us coffee or tea and showed us to a charming room with a teeny, tiny trash can (by American standards). Happy Anniversary!

Sounds like you had a wonderful time as well. Thanks for the anniversary wishes.

Happy 40th Anniversary! Can just imagine the wonderful nostalgia of being in the place where you began your life as a married couple 4 decades ago, and yet your minds swirling with so many future plans!

Thanks, Irene. It was very special.


Thanks for visiting my blog, Jennie.

You are welcome, Darlene!

Dear Darlene, you’re one of the most effective virtual tour guides I know because every place you blog about, I really want to visit! The teashops, the bookshops, and the Tudor buildings and roman castle (was it a castle?). What definitely adds to the adventurous mood is the bright grin you wear, as if you’re in the thick of something fun all ~ the ~ time.

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! I think it’s very cool you even went back to the shop where you got your wedding cake.

Thank you so much for those kind words, Claudine. It was a lot of fun!!

Happy 40th anniversary! What a lovely idea to go back to York and walk down memory lane. Love the tudor house photos. Such a quaint city with beautiful cathedrals and unusual shops. I was in England in 1997, but can’t remember all of the places we visited. Love the wedding photo!

Not everyone gets to York, but it is worth a visit. The Tudor houses are so wonderful. Thanks for the good wishes.

Forty years is a wonderful achievement Darlene, Happy Anniversary and many congratulations to you both. Terry and I love York, but we’ve not visited for a few years so maybe it’s time for a holiday! Thank you for sharing all your lovely photos.

Thanks for the anniversary message. I think you will find York hasn´t changed much. The Dean Court Hotel was such a great place to stay too. Hope you make it there soon, before it gets too busy with tourists. The daffodils along the walls will be out soon, which are always a gorgeous sight.

I was thinking of trying a little gentle persuasion on Terry, but he has already booked a trip to London for our Anniversary, so I had probably better wait awhile. It is a shame though because this is definitely the best time of year to go. 🙂

It all looked great fun Darlene! We spent two enjoyable days in York on a mooch around the UK once, and really liked it. Congratulations on your Ruby wedding anniversary. Here’s to many, many more happy years together.

Everyone who visits York seems to enjoy it. I consider myself very lucky to have found my soul mate. Thanks for the good wishes.

The architecture is just beautiful!

It is even better in person. Amazing.

I love a romantic story. You look just like a young ‘honeymooner’ – so nice!

Thanks so much. It was the perfect thing to do for our 40th anniversary!

What a lovely post! Congratulations on your ruby anniversary. Indeed, York is a wonderful place to visit.

Thanks, Stevie! I look forward to returning soon.

Many congratulations on your Ruby Anniversary and may you enjoy many, many more. I loved this post – York is such a jewel and I found myself thinking wistfully of Betty’s Cakes which we used to sell in our cheese (yes you did read that right) shop not quite Ruby years ago but almost!

A cheese shop, how wonderful!! Betty´s cakes are fabulous. My husband enjoyed the fat rascal he had with his tea on our last visit.Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the anniversary wishes.

Congratulations! I love York too. We actually visited when they were excavating below where the Jorvik museum is now. People were allowed to walk along the scaffolding and look down into the excavation and watch them work. They had just found the remains of a Roman child. Later, the site became the museum and our children (now grown up wth children of their own) have loved visting several times.

Lucky you. That would have been fascinating to see. We visited soon after the museum opened and there were long line-ups to get in. I was sorry to hear about the damage from the flood but it will reopen soon and they told me it will be even better!. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Happy Anniversary Darlene.. wonderful photos.. York is a fabulous place. I lived there for 60 months back in the 1980s setting up a crystal shop.. Have put in the Blogger of course..hugs xx

Thanks so much Sally! I am sure you enjoyed your time in York.

Happy 40 years to the both of you!! Love the pictures…the town is filled with incredible buildings and steep in history!! My best to both of you!!

Thank you so much, Kirt. You would love to photograph and paint the buildings in York.

Congratulations – 40 years is wonderful and impressive. Stunning photos and thank you for sharing.

Thanks so much. It is hard for me to believe it has been 40 years. Time flys when you are having fun.

Congratulations! I am glad you had a nice trip! 🙂

Thank you!! It was great!!

What a wonderful thing to do. So lovely to revisit all the places you saw whilst on honeymoon all these years later.

It was the perfect thing to do! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Amazing story 🙂 Congratulations! I like all photos! Bye. Kamila

So pleased you liked the photos. I have so many it was hard to pick which ones to use on the blog!!

I don’t know how I missed this one in my Bloglovin feed but I am glad you shared it with me! Love the pictures and the fun travelogue. Thanks for the trip without having to travel there! Congrats on the anniversary as well. Didn’t we find the best guys in the world? 🙂

I don’t get all of yours either. Oh well, we find each other. Glad you enjoyed the post. We sure did find the best guys ever!!

Happy 40th Anniversary Darlene, It’s very cool that you were married in York. We did a weekender to York when we lived in London, and your photos are a great reminder. I seem to remember a kind of funky, underground museum of Roman ruins of some sort. Was this in York? ~James

Thanks for the best wishes. The underground museum is The Jorvik Viking Centre.A Viking settlement was discovered when excavating to build a shopping centre in York. The shopping center was built on top of the museum. It is one of the coolest museums I have ever visited. Sadly it was damaged during the floods in December 2015. It has been repaired and will open to the public again soon. There are a couple of other great museums in York as well. I am glad this post brought back some good memories.

Do they still grow such lovely hubbies in York? Joke aside, what wonderful stories and pictures. York has gone right to the top of my must see list.

It is an amazing place that you would just love. I guess I was lucky to get my guy from there!! LOL

Many hearty congratulations on your ruby wedding anniversary, Darlene. York looks beautiful, I’d love to visit some day. What a lovely place to get married and to revisit for more happy memories. It was nice to see the wedding photo too. Was the cake modelled on Dougal from the Magic Roundabout?

Thanks for the good wishes. Yes, it was a Dougal the dog from the magic roundabout cake!! You are the only one who noticed that. I do hope you get to York as you will love it. Especially all the wonderful tea shops!

What a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary. Enjoyed the visit to york…thanks.

Glad you enjoyed the visit. Thanks for the best wishes!

Lovely photos, Darlene! You captured the most beautiful places from York!

So pleased you liked the photos. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

Congratulations, Darlene! Forty years is a long time in this day and age. I enjoyed the photos immensely and how lovely that you got to revisit such a special place. Here’s to 40 more!

Thanks so much Laura. It is a long time and I do look forward to more fun years ahead of us.

Happy Anniversary and what a wonderful place to revisit and celebrate. Thanks for sharing at the Senior Salon.

Thanks, Bernadette. I love the Senior Salon.

I’d like to visit that Teddy Bear tea shop. 😀 Thanks for the tour!

You sure don’t let any grass grow under your feet do you….what an adventurous life you two lead…happy anniversary quite belated! And
Happy Birthday. xxoo Linda

Thanks Linda. Yup, I keep going while the going is good. Always great to hear from you.

Congratulations on your 40th Wedding Anniversary!! You bring York wonderfully to life for us all and reading this was like chatting with a close friend – I love the city and have been there so many times. Thank you for letting us travel along with you and your special celebration! 😀❤️

So pleased you enjoyed it. I am always astounded everytime I visit this wonderful city.

I miss it so … Many of my Christmas presents were bought from the shops along the Shambles!

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