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Schools, Libraries and Bookshops – A Few of My Favourite Places

Posted on: January 18, 2017

When I went back to Canada at the end of last year, I was pleased to be able to spend time at my favourite places – schools, libraries and bookstores, where I read from my latest book and spoke about my writing. It was a busy time but also a lot of fun. Here are a few pictures of my events and presentations.

I held the launch of Amanda on the Danube – The Sounds of Music at Albany Books in Tsawwassen, BC. Ruth and the staff at this cosy, well-stocked bookstore have been so supportive of my books over the years. I was pleased to be back and to see so many of Amanda´s fans attend.


My daughter at the book launch as well as a dear friend.


Book launch at Albany Books, November 19 2016


With Suzanne de Montigny, another author, who I featured here on my blog

I visited a number of schools in the Vancouver area where I showed a PowerPoint presentation I created, read from the book and answered questions about the book, me and my writing. The children were so attentive and asked amazing questions. One girl asked if she could take notes!


At Charles Dickens Elementary


The children liked the visuals I created from my own photographs in the PowerPoint presentation.


Answering questions at Holly Elementary in Surrey, BC


I thought this was such a funny poster in the library.

I also visited Webster Niblock School in Medicine Hat, Alberta, my hometown.  I read to the grade one and two classes in the library and then to the grade three to six classes in the gym. It was the largest group I have ever spoken to.


The students loved the pictures of my dog Dot.



Lots of questions from the crowd.



The special thing about this visit was that it is the school my great granddaughter, Emma attends.

In Calgary, I spent a morning with the students at Red Deer Lake School in their magical library.




Because I was travelling, I couldn´t bring my props with me. Fortunately, friends lent me appropriate things for my displays, including a nutcracker, which is featured in the book.




I just love these school libraries.


The most special event for me was a presentation at The Medicine Hat Library. Although the original library  I visited as a child is no longer there, it was still a very nostalgic time for me. I took my children to this library and now my grandchildren and great grandchildren frequent it. Many friends, family and fans attended, some travelling long distances, which warmed my heart.


Six-year-old great granddaughter attending my presentation at the local library. Who would have thought this would ever happen??






Friends and family travelled far to attend my presentation.



It was a dream come true for me! Yes, you can go home again. Everyone made me feel so special. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

And thank you for travelling with me on my book tour.










71 Responses to "Schools, Libraries and Bookshops – A Few of My Favourite Places"

It all sounds wonderful and exciting, Darlene. How marvellous to go back you your old haunts and even your grandaughter’s school. These children were very lucky to mave met you to explain things about Amanda in person. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. 👍

Thanks. This is the reward for all the hard work of writing and publishing a book (not to mention marketing it!). I just love the interaction with the young people.

Hello Darlene, I’m so pleased your tour went well. I’m in awe of the way you stand up and talk in front of so many people. That takes real courage and you don’t look nervous at all, just very, very happy, which is wonderful.

I love doing it! I don´t mind talking in front of a group as long as it is about something I am passionate about, like my writing. Kids make a great audience too.

wow, you were busy! That was a whirlwind visit and looks like you had accomplished everything you wanted to do. How did Paul and Dot make out on their own? What are you up to now? Don’t you love Albany Books! Adventure on! Robin is working on his PHD now through Walden University, Good winter project!

Paul and Dot managed OK but apparently Dot missed me and kept looking for me in the house. I missed her too. It was so busy, 7 schools, a library and a couple of bookstores but worth it. We are off to Malta in March. After spending half a day there on our cruise, we decided we needed to see more of it. Good for Robin. Important to keep the brain active!

Darlene how fantastic to be able to go back home, make your family and friends so proud of you and to inspire the next generation of writers? Sounds like you had an amazing time? I bet your great granddaughter loved having you at her School? You are one cool great grandmother and far too young to be a great granny….seriously? 🙂

Thanks, Gilda. It is fun to be a young great grandmother and be able to be active in their lives. Emma was very pleased to have me at her school. Later I found out the grandson of a former school friend was in attendance as well. How cool is that!

You’re so brave, Darlene, doing all those talks and visits. It looks as if it was a really busy time, but how lovely to see members of your family while you were working. I’m sure you will have inspired some of those youngsters.

I certainly hope so. Some of the questions they asked were so well thought out for their age. It was a bit of a stretch but I am so glad I did it. There was a lot of driving involved and a couple of flights, so it was tiring but also exciting. Seeing family members and friends was the icing on the cake!

Wonderful, Darlene! Schools, libraries and bookstores are my top three as well. Glad the tour went well.

Look at those eager faces and listening ears. Oh, my what fun you create and deliver to all these children. You have a fantastic job, Darlene, and it’s obvious you’re superb at it. You Go, Girl. ❤ ❤ ❤

It is such a privilege to spend time with these amazing children, so eager and ready to learn. I love my job!!

what a fabulous and meaningful trip back home to promote your book. I love how you documented every thing you did — great memories to celebrate. And, it was lovely that your family were there to support you. Your daughter is beautiful and your great granddaughter a charmer. Can tell by the big smile on your face, you had a ball!

It was a magical time for sure. I created some wonderful memories. I guess you can tell I loved every minute of it.

How exciting! And to go back,to your roots frosting on the cake!

It was perfect to be able to go back to my hometown and share my stories. Exciting indeed.

I loved following you here as you spoke at these schools and libraries. You are inspiring me to do the same when my children’s book comes out. Did you have to bring the books with you from Spain? Did you order them and have them waiting for you when you reached Canada? How magnificent, to ‘go home again’ and to have your ‘greats’ there too – I’m sure they are extremely proud of you.

I ordered the books and had them delivered to places in Canada so they were there when I got there. It worked out well. Just a bit of forward planning was all that was required. It was so special to have all four generations at my presentation in Medicine Hat. Cousins I hadn´t seen for many years came as well as a former sister-in-law. I was on the verge of tears at one point but managed to keep it together. You must plan on visiting schools when your book is published!

This is very helpful. Planning a must – not sure I could have help back the tears! xo

Darekene you worked hard, you are very conscientious and I am so happy you came home to launch Amanda on the Danube…lucky you getting to see your family and to motivate all those future writers:)

Awe thanks, Jayne. It was also great to see you as well.

You look like you had a wonderful time.I had a beautiful holiday in Calgary 32 years ago, and I have been back to Canada twice since then.

Calgary is a great place. I lived there for 6 years. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Darlene, thanks for sharing these terrific pics with us! What a happy “book” life you are leading! 😀

It is indeed a dream come true life!! Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Everything sounds fabulous, Darlene. All those school presentations! You looked happy and relaxed and the kids were all so engaged. (I’d have loved to attend a Charles Dickens Elementary School, by the way.) The thing I’m caught off-guard is learning you’re a great-grandmom! It’s such a special feeling to have your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren go to the library you used to visit.

It was fabulous, especially having my family there. I am blessed to have so many generations in my family. Thanks Claudine!

I so wish i could have seen this in person but I shall be on the watch for another North American tour in the future Darlene! How fun to come home and share your books and stories with so many children! Congratulations on all of your success and best wishes for more in the future.

I am sure we will meet one day soon. Thanks so much for your best wishes. It was a lot of fun. I feel so energized by the children.

[Jumped over from Senior Salon]

Congrats on your book launch, and thanks for sharing so many photos of the fun. Since I don’t write children’s books, I had no idea how curious and supportive kids could be. I’ll bet they loved meeting and learning a bit about “a real live author” too. And what fun for your great-granddaughter to see you in the spotlight.

A bit like many kids who have never been to a farm and have no idea how the food they eat gets to their tables, I’m sure few children think about the writers behind the books they love.

Thanks for sharing, here – and especially – there.
(Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
– ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
“It takes a village to educate a world!”

How wonderful to have you visit my blog. Thanks for your kind comments. The children do seem to be in awe and I am always so impressed by the questions they ask. I am so pleased to be part of the Senior Salon.

I’m new there, but already have been introduced to quite a few interesting blogs and bloggers I might never have been aware of otherwise. Most days I only have the time to visit a few, and I’m glad yours was one of the ones I choose this week. (library geek here!)

I love seeing other authors do booksignings and school visits. They’re so fun! Scary for me because I’m shy, but I’m always so happy once I’ve done them.

I find these visits so rewarding. I’m glad you make yourself do them as they are fun. I know I would have loved to meet a published author when I was in elementary school.

Lovely post, I enjoyed seeing your interaction with the children.

Thanks, it’s great to have you visit my blog.

Hi Darlene, Heartening to see how successful you have been and are…The best of luck for the future. Best wishes. Joy

Thank you so much Joy!

How wonderful Darlene. Love hearing great success stories about fellow authors. Wishing you continued success. 🙂

Thanks so much. It has been hard work but it is all worth it!!

I can’t help but think you’ve inspired a new generation of writers. 😀 Nice work, Darlene.

Thanks, Patti. I am sure the young girl taking notes will be a writer one day!!

What a wonderful visit!

It was truly amazing!

Yay! That sounds like a bunch of fun times! 😀

Fun times for sure. I am so lucky!!

I would think the schools would be especially fun to visit…I know you had a great time.

Schools are always a treat to visit. Just love the kids!

How awesome for you!! My 89 year step mother is also an author. She was just here visiting us and talked about her book readings at schools and libraries, etc…I loved to see the discussion light up her face…I was thinking of you and your Canadian Book tour at the end of the year and now I get to see it…my best to you!! Well deserved and looked like a great time!!!

How wonderful that your step mother gets the same enjoyment out of reading at schools and libraries as I do. When did she start to write? Does she still write? It was indeed a great time.

She started writing in her lates 70’s….she grew up in Nazi Germany…..married an American GI at end of war and moved to Iowa. Her book is her teenage life during WWII and ends with her moving to America. She is currently writing her next book..that picks up from there…she has had a very interesting life and her book has been very well received. I admire you writers and love to see your works well received!!

That is so great that she started writing at a later age and is still writing. I am so impressed. Her life sounds very interesting. Glad she is sharing it with the world, especially children.

WOW, you have been very busy. It must have been very special to be a visiting author at your great granddaughter’s school. You must have been a child bride. Thanks for pasting at the Salon.

It was busy but I like it that way. It was incredibly special to be at Emma´s school. We all seem to have children very young in our family, which is great as we have five generations living right now. I love the Salon! What a fab idea.

It looks that you had nice and productive time, even quite busy 🙂

It was a wonderful time. Thanks for visiting my blog.

It’s great to read that you had wonderfull time. I also just had great time – in my trip to Italy. I’ve menage to publish first post from there and wanna write more.

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Congratulations on your book and touring the schools: it is always nice to have a writer come and answer the chldren’s questons 🙂

The children seemed to really enjoy it, even the very young students. They asked amazing questions too.

This is wonderful, Darlene. Loved seeing the pictures and reading about your visits. 😀

Thanks Laura. It was so much fun

What a great experience. I love Canada

It is a great place! I had a wonderful time and was treated very well. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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